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November 13, 2016 - Corrosive Impact and Prom Night Porn Star Live

Corrosive ImpactPresent were, EVD, Justin, Nathan, and Anna. Two bands performed live in The Performance Room, Corrosive Impact, who came recommended by R.J., and Azriel's new band, Prom Night Porn Star. Corrosive Impact went first, they played several songs. They rocked, you can find them on Facebook, with links to all the other sites where you can find them. After their performance, they were interviewed. Then Prom Night Porn Star played thirteen songs over several sets. They are cool. Corrosive Impact is a metal band, Prom Night Porn Star is a punk band. They don't have a facebook page yet, but should have one soon. After their performance, they were also interviewed. So, between the two bands, they were there for most of the program, Prom Night Porn Star left around 5:00. Between the bands's sets, sets of music alternated between new music, and sets of songs about war and soldiers, in honor of Veterans Day, which had been the Friday before this LE. There were segments of Movie Time, TV programs, Internet programs, and, books were talked about as well. We have decided that we are going to make a Muppet Puppet of Nathan, because he looks like a Muppet, with his flippy hair, and huge nose. Props to Anna for making things work, fixing technical problems, and even getting Prom Night Porn Star new guitar strings, she had to go out and get some when the band's broke. The program ended with two covers of Leonard Cohen songs, as a tribute to him, he died this week...

-Fire Eater Wizard