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January 17, 2016 - Randy's 50th Birthday!

Randy's BirthdaySo this was Randy's 50th birthday, and I wanted to make it extra special for him. So I invited Sloth, Big Dave, and Just Joe, and boy was it special. Randy got lapdances from Dave and Sloth and Motorboated by Sloth, yet he didn't seem to like that as much as I expected. Sloth proclaimed that he wanted to wear Dave's Beard. Well, once he saw Dave's beard (which we ripped off about a year and half ago with duct tape), he changed his mind. Never have seen the Sloth so NOT want to do something...  He got it later though, while giving Randy a lapdance, I (Azkath) slipped up behind them and strapped it on Sloth's face. For some reason Sloth drugged Dave, and took him away. We have no idea why or what he did with him. Then came time for the mummification, since Randy was now old enough to be a mummy. Since we had no cloth, EVD took out his duct tape and went to work. Once Randy was mummified, hands to his side, we sat him down and I thrust Just at him crotch first. For some reason, Randy did not enjoy this game of crotch to face, so we tried with with Sloth. Still, no, Randy claimed to not be enjoying himself. Hard to please some people I guess. Ah, well, enjoy the show and videos...


December 13, 2015 - We Celebrate EVD's and Eric's Birthday

EveryonePresent were, EVD, Nathan, Justin, Eric, Bi-Coastal Tim, Dylan, and, three fifths of the band Undead Messengers. Both EVD and Eric had had Birthdays, EVD's on December 4th, and Eric on December 11th. Happy Birthday EVD and Eric. When asked where he had been last week, EVD kept insisting he had been here. But Ouija Beard was back, Tim rubbed it a couple times. A Gopro camera was put on Nathan, and he was bashed in the head with a baking sheet. Then Dylan actually wanted to get bashed in the head with it, so he wore the camera, and was clobbered in the head, many times, to no reaction, apparently he is a lot like Eric, he can't be hurt, and seems to like it. Although later her had quite the headache and had to lay down (which then ended up being a game of things on our Dylan - See Pics). A couple of sets of music were played comprised of some of what Azkath felt were from the best releases of the year which is rapidly coming to a close. There were also several sets of Christmas music, metal and comedy songs and sketches. There was a second installment of The World According To Eric, where Eric rambles on about stuff which is representative of no one's views, including Eric's. There were segments of Movie Time. The Old School Hour was at 2:00. And there was A Cover Set.

- Fire Eater Wizard


October 18, 2015 - Just Joe's Birthday

Joe and NathanPresent were, EVD, Just Joe, and, Nathan. It had been Just Joe's Birthday about a week and a half back, either on Tuesday, October 6th, or, on Wednesday, October 7th, he has said both dates at different times, I don't think he knows, so I don't either, Happy Birthday, Joe! So, this was kind of a celebration of that, although it was said that his real Birthday Show would be the following week, but he did get some presents this night, and got to pick some music he likes. His first present was from Arydaea, she gave him lip balm, made, apparently, out of all natural, organic, chicken poop, from free ranging chickens, there is even a web site for this, and probably other products made from chicken poop, just in case you're interested, it is, Then Azkath gave Just Joe a present, an empty can of Tab (Just Joe likes Tab). Azkath said that that had been a mistake, yeah, right, I'm suuure it was(!), that Just Joe's can of Tab was in the refrigerator, upstairs, and told Just Joe to go get it. He made it sound like something would probably happen to him, but nothing did, Just Joe came back, happy, with a full can of Tab. But then EVD, being the evil person that he is, his initials do stand for Evil Villainous Dude, after all, had some suggestions. There was a pack of twelve cans of Tab, Just Joe actually suggested that they might hide them around the building for him to find, then EVD suggested that, as he found them, he had to drink them right away, and that he couldn't go pee, 'til he had found, and drank, all twelve of them. Azkath, also being evil, liked those suggestions a lot, and told Just Joe that that was what was going to happen. As the night wore on, Just Joe became increasingly more and more uncomfortable, as he found and drank more cans. He also found several Tab keys on keyboards, and brought those, too, along with one thing that he tried to claim was also a Tab, but looked like nothing anyone had ever seen before, long and round, Azkath told him it was not a Tab. But cudos to Just Joe for thinking of that Tab key on the keyboard thing, quite clever, I didn't know he was that smart, I don't think I would have thought of that! By the time there were eleven empty Tab cans, Just Joe was about ready to burst, which was when, of course, Azkath gave him a beat down, for being too loud on the microphone. Just Joe stole Nathan's shoe, and was putting it over his, um, well, his penis, to help hold in all that Tab. Then Azkath asked him what was that behind his lap top? Was that an empty can of Tab? Was that the original one he had given him as a Birthday present? It was indeed, and Azkath told him that that one had counted as part of the twelve, so he had been looking for a twelfth hidden one, when, actually, only eleven had been hidden. Just Joe raced off to the bathroom, where he stayed for quite a while. Instead of there being one Old School Hour, at 2:00, there were two of them, from 2:00 to 4:00, because it was his Birthday night, Just Joe got to pick a lot of the songs in the first Old School Hour. He brought a CD, with Libach's cover of Europe's "The Final Countdown", and then got all giddy and ecstatic when Azkath played it. Azkath tried to explain to him that it wasn't really the song he wanted, because it wasn't Europe, but there was just no dampening Just Joe's happiness, apparently he no longer cares if Europe's version is played, as long as it is the song, he's happy. So, I guess if Azkath wants to torture him about that, he'll have to refuse to play any version of that song, as Just Joe can no longer distinguish. The Cover set was late, because of The Old School Hour actually being two hours long this time, but, when it happened, it was nine cover songs, in about ten minutes. There were segments of Movie Time.

- Fire Eater Wizard


September 20, 2015 - Azkath's Birthday Russian Roulette Show

IMG 8790IMG 8785The day after this LE, September 21st, would be Azkath's Birthday, Happy Birthday, Azkath(!), so this was a Russian Roulette Show, in honor of that, or rather a Spin The Wheel And see what horrible fate awaits you, which Azkath would get to pick. Present were, EVD, Just Joe, Nathan, Tim, Rob, R.J., Eric, James, the band Undead Messengers, and, Taylor, who is Tim's, the Undead Messengers Tim, sister. The results of the wheel spinning were, James had to break a record over R.J.'s head, then R.J. chased him into the bathroom, and, well, what went on in there, was so terrible that James didn't want to talk about it, just kept whimpering, among other things, it involved bad man smells. Tim, Nathan, Just Joe, and R.J., were in The Balloon Room, where people got molested with The Pooh Stick, and, somehow, Darksyde, wearing the same shirt as James was in there, and James was nowhere to be found, which was really bad news for Just Joe, as Darksyde really loves Just Joe a lot, unfortunately for Just Joe, Darksyde's way of expressing love is extremely violent, the more he loves you, the worse the beat down he gives you is. James got tasered by Azkath. Bicoastal Tim got thrown into a pile of mousetraps by Just Joe, which was, I guess, fitting, as, on Tim's Birthday, Just Joe had been tricked, being told he would get to throw Tim into a pile of mousetraps, for Tim's Birthday present, but it was really set up for Tim to throw Just Joe into them for his Birthday present. Undead Messengers Tim got a pie tin bashed over his head by Taylor, and he then fell into the mousetraps as well. Undead Messengers Tim and Olivia were put into The Balloon Room, where Just Joe tormented them with The Pooh Stick, and R.J. came up there to "Help". Olivia got shown Azkath's tentacles, in a closet, and was so traumatized that she whimpered that she was going home to Santa. EVD threw water ballons at R.J.. Somewhere during the night, Nathan got violated with The Pooh Stick, and had Just Joe play My Crotch Your Face with him. There were segments of Movie Time. At 2:00, The Old School Hour, and at 4:00, The Cover Set. And thus went the Spin The Wheel Apocalypse Show. 

- Fire Eater Wizard


January 18, 2015 - Wulfie's Birthday Show

2014 01 18 LEMO Randys Birthday

Listen to the Show


Craft of Unknown Origin "Chasing the Trickster"
Napalm Death "Metaphorically Screw You"
Aethyr "The Gnostic Mass"
Caelestia "Malleus Maleficarum "The Secret Cult""
One-Eyed Doll "Black in the Rye"
Divahar "Call of the Fire"
Acherontas "Ma IoN (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)"
Ne Obliviscaris "Pyrrhic"
Lich King "Hot for Teacher"
Undead Messengers "Never Fall - Live"
The Passion of Our Souls "Everything"
The Agonist "Faceless Messenger"
Iron Lamb "Backstabber"
One-Way Mirror "Neglected Skies"

December 7, 2014 - EVD's Birthday and Dimebag Darrell Tribute

Present were EVD, and Rob from the band Thirteen South, for a couple of talk breaks. The Thursday before this LE, December 4th, at 4:16 P.M., to be exact, and his is the most precise I can be with anybody's except for my own, was EVD's Birthday, Happy Birthday, EVD! Rob gave him Birthday spankings. It was disturbing, EVD enjoyed it waaay too much, EVD, you weirdo! Well, like we all didn't know that! There was a set of music by the band Pantera, in tribute to Dimebag Darrell, it was the anniversary of his death, when a deranged person murdered him. Topics were discussed, like the growing proliferation of the killing of black men by white cops, and then nothing happening to the cops, separation of church and state issues, conspiracy theories. There was a segment of Movie Time, and Azkath talked about two TV programs, and talked some more about that new Lucha Libre wrestling program he mentioned last week, recommending it. The final hour was The Old School Hour... And, once again, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO EVD!!!!!
- Fire Eater Wizard

October 10, 2010 - The Return of Erica

CollageIt had been Just Joe's birthday sometime in the week preceding this LE. Now, I always give the exact day, but, as of last year, some dispute has arisen about when the exact date is, as ridiculous as that sounds, but remember it's Just Joe we're talking about here. First facebook gave the wrong date, October 9th, then that confused Just Joe, I actually got into the dispute with him last year, he said his birthday was October 6th, but I told him he was wrong, it had always been on October 7th, ever since he's been here 'til last year, but he wouldn't believe me. I know it is his birthday, but he's dumb, and I have a super memory, where he has no memory, so I still say it's the 7th, he never said it was the 6th, 'til facebook screwed it up, and, this year, he didn't even give a date, just said it was sometime this past week, he wasn't sure when, so I am insisting on the 7th. Well, Happy Birthday Just Joe, whenever it was, or, I hope you had a happy day the 6th, 7th and, the 9th, all three dates, whichever is your birthday! Erica, a former host of Ithaska, the program which used to precede LE, but which has been gone for a long time now, was there for about the first hour. She hasn't been on the air here, for about eight years. They told Just Joe to take her down to the basement for his birthday. He tried, but she got away. Then she threw him down the stairs, twice, when they told her to. She was very good at it. Just Joe's Hugging Music played, and he hugged Erica, and EVD. Ian, from the band A'Rebours, was there for a couple hours. He updated us on things. Music from his CD was played. There were three segments of Adventures In Listening, and three segments of Movie Time, one of which, the second, Ian participated in as well. There was a segment of Anomaly Corner...

-Fire Eater Wizard

December 5, 2010 - EVD's Birthday

EVD was there 'til about 4:00. The day that had ended just as this LE had begun at midnight, December 4th, had been EVD's birthday. Happy Birthday, EVD! There were lots of segments of Movie Time throughout the night, and EVD actually had some movies to contribute to it. As Christmas was getting near, Christmas music, Last Exit style, of course, was scattered throughout the night. Just Joe was absent again, for the second time in three weeks. No one knew what had happened to him. They speculated that Kal had him, but he denied any knowledge of his whereabouts. So who knows. Perhaps we would find out next week, if Just Joe manages to return, and remembers whatever happened...
-Fire Eater Wizard