April 14, 2013 - Armand Rosamilia Interview

Listen to the Interview with Armand

Ancient VVisdom "Lost Civilization"
Rotting Christ "Grandis Spiritus Diavolos"
Anciients "Giants"
Mistress "Demon"
Raven Lord "Sun God"

Queensryche "Cold"
Joel Grind "Hell's Master of Hell"
Dragonsfire "Speed Demon"
Omega Reign "Doomsday"
Pessimist "Death from Above"
Ghoultown "Walkin' Through the Desert (with a Crow)"

Inviolate "Condemned"
Luna Sopor "Better"
Slap Betty "Backstabber Blues"
Death Tyrant "Baphomet"
Declarations "Harrow"

Sanjuro Fields "Under the Floor"
Kobra and the Lotus "Heaven's Veins"
Heavatar "Long Way Home"
Cold Steel "America Idle"

** Interview with Armand Rosamilia **
Overkill "Rotten to the Core"
Anthrax "A.I.R."
Bathory "Holocaust"
Cyclone Temple "Why?"

Human Remains "Chewed Up and Spit Out"
Cardinal's Folly "They Found Atlantis"
Halo "Wasted"
Karma to Burn "Fifty Three"

Enders Game "These Empty Fields"
Magister Templi "The Innsmouth Look"
Maiden United "Flight of Icarus"
Potential Threat SF "In for the Kill"
Giuntini Project "Born in the Underworld"

** Russian Roulette Set **
The Nefilim "Chaocracy"
Dr. Know "Plug-In Jesus"
Vio-Lence "Bodies on Bodies"
Steevi Jaimz's Tigertailz "She's Too Hot"
Project Hate MCMXCIX "Christianity Delete"

Ugly Kid Joe "You Make Me Sick"
The FuMP "This Is What Happens When Give Logan a Medley"
The Deluge "The Paradoxial Sphere"
Mustache "Never Too Late"

Millbastards "Power Struggle"
Bleed from Within "It Lives in Me"
Off with Their Heads "Start Walking"
Helloween "Years"
Birth A.D. "Popular War"

** Old School Hour **
Dirty Looks "Get Off"
Malign "Skin and Lye"
King Diamond "The Invisible Guests"
Schoolyard Heroes "Bury the Tooth of the Hydra and a Skeleton Army will Arise"

The Accused "Pounding Nails (Into the Lid of your Coffin)"
Scanner "Across the Universe"
XYZ "Face Down in the Gutter" (R)
The Pushrods "Old People 'R' a Pain in the Ass"

BulletBoys "Smooth Up in Ya"
Sanctuary "Long Since Dark"
Schubert "In the Name of Science"
Bullet La Volta "Ceiling Life"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Just Joe, James, and, Eric were there. At 2:00 Armand Rosamilia called in for an extended interview, he writes horror books, does stuff on zombies, as well as books on other things, and he is a big fan of old school metal, which was played before, after, and during the interview as breaks, and is also a wrestling fan, so there was a lot to talk about. It was an interesting interview. is his website, and you can also find him on facebook.  
Eric claims that no one can beat him at arm wrestling, and, if anyone ever does, he gets inconsolable. So Azkath told Just Joe and Eric to both try, and, if either of them won, they would have to take Eric into the basement, and console him. Which is a very disturbing thought, as Eric has been talking a lot lately about how much he needs to get laid, as it has been so long. Both of them lost. Eric went into the basement to sulk. Russian Roulette was played. If a bullet played, Just Joe would have to go down and console him. If no bullet, then James would have to do it, um, unfortunate choice of words there, given the circumstances! If what used to be called an EVD bullet, back in the day when he was a co-host, I.e., a bizarre thing like Shatner singing, then both of them would have to console Eric. TigerTailz, a definite bullet, despite what Gorgar would say, if he were there, which, he wasn't. Just Joe went to the basement... When he came back, he was acting like a real jerk, insulting Azkath and James, and hitting both of them. He was acting very unlike himself. They asked him where Eric was, and how the consoling had gone? He said he had no idea what they were talking about. Later, he suddenly snapped out of it, and was back to being himself again, and he asked when he was supposed to go comfort Eric? When they told him he had already done that, he said no he hadn't, and when they told him how he had been acting, he said he would never do such things, why were they lying? James said he had the same look in his eyes that he had had when he threw children at The Easter Bunny, which Just Joe also can't remember, and denies. Whatever Eric did to him, it really broke him, which is very understandable! Also, there could still be some lingering possession by Satan that Eric's exorcism didn't quite clear up. As for Eric, he was not seen again that night, so he could not be asked what happened. There were segments of Movie Time, with everyone there participating. The last hour was The Old School Hour...