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January 23, 2005 - A Rare Cancellation...

In a shocking turn of events, Just Joe beat down and totally incapacitated The Demon Azkath. Just Joe hosted the show for the night, and played all his favorites, Elf, Dio, Triumph, The Dave Mathews Band, and Travis Rocco (that last is a local soft rock/pop sounding band btw, as I doubt if many of you would know who they are, I do, but that is because, unfortunately for me, I have the misfortune of sharing a hometown with Just Joe!) Just Joe turned out to be extremely smart after all, and his feigned stupidity was just a clever disguise to lull everyone into a false sense of security. Yeah, I know what you're thinking... Nobody could be that good of an actor! But, that turned out to be just his evil brilliance. The Penguin and FMG talked on the air all night long as well. It was a very different show than it usually is! It rocked and I hope it will continue! PSYCH!!! Gotcha! Actually, for the first time in ten years, there was no LE of any kind (there was a recorded version, instead of a live show once when the station was transferring to a new location. There was almost a rerun of The classic Armageddon show last fall, when the crew had planned to take a rare and well deserved night off, but their plans fell through, and there was a live show after all that night. And there have been a couple of times when there were fill in hosts. But this was the first time that there was no show at all)... And this tragedy was due to the blizzard that hit the east coast which I'm sure (unless you live in a cave) you noticed or heard and saw a lot of coverage of. So, I made it all up for you! None of those travesties took place! Aren't you relieved?! What a nightmare! There was only a virtual show of sorts held in the chat room. Hmmm, I wonder if that severe weather might have been caused by the work that might have been going on trying to combine the Wheel Of Satan with The Keys To The Apocalypse to reek havoc?? A mini Apocalypse (possibly a preview of bigger and better things to come, perhaps??) Who Knows? Having no LE for a week, tragic though that is (and it most certainly is!), if it was in the cause of trying to engineer an Armageddon, well, every worthy cause requires great sacrifice. In any case, barring any more unforeseen freak events of nature, (or any other freak events of any sort) there will be a LE this week, so be sure to tune in for it!