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2011 Show Archive

January 2, 2011 - Co-host Night

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; This LE began at midnight, January 2nd, so it started just as New Years Day was ending. The co-hosts were each allowed to pick sets of music. Just Joe, Foul Mouth Girl, and Tim got to play two sets of their picks. And Shane got to pick one set, because he kinda sucks, and left quite early. And Dave.... Well Dave didn't get to have any set, because he really sucks, sucks so much he was awarded the title of Worst Co-Host Ever, with a plaque and everything last year, and he really earns that title, and yet again, was not there. Around 4:00, Just Joe suddenly and without warning decided to get completely naked. This traumatized Tim so much he had to leave. And why you may ask was Just Joe naked? Well, it seems he was reading some comic strip on the Internet and it gave him the idea, by saying that we don't live in caveman days, when they needed to cover up to keep warm, we can just turn the heat up, and we don't need clothing. So that's exactly what he did, turned the heat way up, so everyone else was roasting, and took all his clothes off. He refused to put them back on no matter how they pleaded, saying it was a protest. Since Just Joe had also said his nakedness was to show how great technology was, they locked him in the freezer to show him how great some other technologies are, other than heat. When he was out of the freezer, Just Joe suddenly wanted to know, through shivering, where his clothes were. They told him they had thrown them away, since he had said he didn't need them any more. After whining from Just Joe, they told him they really hadn't thrown them away, they had put them in the trunk of his car. He started whining again, saying that he'd have to go outside for that, where it was cold, and besides, his trunk was locked. Azkath said he knew what would warm him up, and gave him lots of hard slaps to his back and chest. Just Joe said he was now cold and sore. By the last talk break of the night, Just Joe had managed to retrieve his clothes, and was feeling a little warmer, and a bit better. And everyone else was feeling a whole lot better! Their were two segments of Adventures In Listening, and a few segments of Movie Time, with Tim participating in a couple of them...

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(R) = Requested

Melechesh "Mystics of the Pillar"
Kylesa "Drop Out"
Sickhoose "TAF"

Warblade "I'm Coming Home"

Indestuctible Noise Command "God Loves Violence"
Symbol Six "Death Seed"
Setherial "The Mournful Sunset of the Forsaken"
Angels Beneath Me "Track 3"

Ana Kefr "Tonight We Watch the Children Fucking Burn"

Iwrestledabearonce "Danger in the Manger"
Arch Enemy "Night Falls Fast"
The Agonist "Waiting Out the Winter"
Pantera "Shattered"

Ruination "Death Letter"

Heaven Below "When Daylight Dies"
The Razor Skyline "Vittoria"
Devo Spice "Half Assed Rapper"
Helloween "Raise the Noise"

Super Junky Monkey "Popo Bar"

Schoolyard Heroes "Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame"
Divinity Destroyed "Threshold"
Lemon Demon "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny"
Lotus Project "Run to the Hills"

Times of Grace "Strength of Numbers"

Mindflow "Corrupted"
Immortal Dominion "Become Wise"
Centerpeace "Purify"
Shooting Hemlock "New Day Gone"

Stolen Babies "So Close"

Firewater "Dropping Like Flies"
Fluttr Effect "Don't Know What You're Living For"
Shotgun Messiah "Jihad"
Andra Date "The Evil Inside"

Amity in Fame "Haiku"

Zadoc and the Nightmare "Fire Walk with Me - Live on LE" (R)
Wojcik "Off Your Meds"
Blood of Martyrs "Praise Thee, Duende, Boundless Sea"
Max DeGroot "Census"

Arhitects UK "Learn to Live"

The Last Vegas "Whatever Gets You Off"
William Control "All Due Restaint"
Backyard Babies "Desiel and Power"
Witchcraft "If Crimson was Your Color"

Hellacopters "No Salvation"

New American Shame "American Shame"
Darkest Hour "Sanctuary"

Danzig "Devil's Plaything"

Pandora's Toybox "Down in the Mire"
VNV Nation "Standing"
Lake of Tears "Headstones"
Deadlock "Temple of Love"

Lobster Quadrille "Whore of Babylon - Live" (R)

Insane Ian "DiG DuG"
Toxaemia "Force of Plague"
The Red Shore "The Seed of Annihilation"
Inifinity Overture "Back from the Past"

Def Leppard "Rock Rock till You Drop"

Infinity Overture "Evernight"
Sodom "God Bless You"
Overdrive "Angelmaker"
Netherbird "White Noise Sky in Overdrive"

Triptykon "Shatter"

Bring Me they Horizon "Don't Go'
Dream into Dust "Counterfeit"

Judgement Day "Genosha"


January 9, 2011 - Steve Performs


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; This was a Tribute To The Past Show, no Russian roulette or bullets this time, but a straight Tribute To The Past night, like it used to be, but we haven't had one for a while. Which means of course, that the whole program was mostly old music, with lots of rare stuff, and songs you don't hear very often, and/or which you probably haven't heard in a long time. They were great to hear, and the opening theme to Tribute To The Past Shows was used to start the program. I say it was mostly old music because there were a couple of sets of new music, as Azkath said he had too much cool new stuff this week not to play any of it. EVD, Tim, Steve, and Rick from The Metallic Onslaught, were there. Steve brought his guitar and played Iron Maiden's "Children Of The Damned", very appropriate for a Tribute To The Past Show. Steve sang as well as played guitar. Steve has a band, Scholar. Azkath gave everyone a challenge, a Dave challenge (Dave, still really earning his title of Worst Co-Host Ever, was, once again, not present). They had to dance to a song especially picked for the occasion. Just Joe won. For his prize he got a bear hug from Rick. As soon as Just Joe found out what his prize was he didn't want it, but he got it anyways. Rick turned Just Joe around, so that he could hug Just Joe, but Just Joe couldn't hug him back. Then Rick threw Just Joe down the stairs. When asked how he liked his prize, Just Joe reported that his insides hurt. There were two segments of Movie Time, with Rick, Tim, Steve, and EVD participating in the first one, and Foul Mouth Girl participating in the second one...

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(R) = Requested

Iron Maiden "Wasted Years"
Ace Frehley "Into the Night"
Agent Steel "Never Surrender"
Anacrusis "Idle Hours"

Blood Feast "Blood Lust"
Blood for Blood "Livin' in Exile"
Kyuss "Green Machine" (R)
Blind Illusion "Death Noise"

Prong "Unconditional" (R)
Faith No More "Be Aggressive"
Saint Chaos "Don't Wanna Be Alone"
Vendetta "Go and Live... Stay and Die"
Lethargy "All Things End"

Keel "Speed Demon"
Disturbed "Indestructible" (R)
Y&T "Don't Stop Runnin' - Live"
Gary Moore "Out in the Fields"
Napalm Death "Self Betrayal"

22nd Century "California"
Cold Snap "Snap"
Stratovarius "Under Flaming Skies"
Cyclophonia "Retaliate"
TV's Kyle "Tulip and Turtle"

Carnivore "S.M.D."
DAD "Day of Wrong Moves"
Edge of Sanity "Black Tears"
Fear "I Don't Care About You"
King Missile "Tongue"
Therapy? "Stop It You're Killing Me"

Corrosion of Conformity "Damned for All Time"
Benediction "Painted Skulls" (R)
Paradise Lost "Falling Forever"
Pesitlence "Reduced to Ashes"

Steve Blaqart "Children of the Damned - Live in Studio"

Dead Horse "Aplo"
Phantom Blue "Going Mad"
Piece Dogs "Hxgh Anxety"
Piecemeal "With You There was Eden"
Dark Angel "Perish in Flames"
Scorcher "More Whiskey"

Carcass "Incarnated Solvent Abuse" (R)
Cancer "Die Die"
Death "Pull the Plug"
Racer-X "Gone to Far"
Ratt "Sweet Cheater"
Nuclear Assault "Vengeance"

Killing Addiction "Vita Adeus"
Avantasia "Death is Just a Feeling"
Seven Thorns "Fires and Storms"
Dawnbringer "You Know Me"
Andrew McKee "Hourglass"

Liege Lord "Master Control"
Motorhead "Iron Fist"
Murdercar "Mirage of Blood"
Obsession "Losing My Mind"
Oliver Magnum "Sister Cybele"

Onslaught "Shellshock"
Only Living Witness "Knew Her Gone"
Omen "Teeth of the Hydra"
Overkill "Elctro-Violence"
Paradox "Paradox"

Suicidal Tendencies "Possessed to Skate"
DRI "Commuter Man / Reaganomics"
NOFX "Reagan Sucks"
Dead Kennedys "Drug Me"
Negative Approach "Nothing"
TSOL "Abolish Government / Silent Majority"
Anthrax "All the Wars"
Anti-Nowhere League "(We Will Not) Remember You"

Nasty Savage "Abstract Reality"
Armored Saint "Long Before I Die"
Not Fragile "High Into Heaven"
Riot "Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart)"

January 16, 2011 - Randy's Birthday


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; The next day after this LE, Monday, January 17th, would be Randy's forty fifth birthday. Happy Birthday, Randy! So this LE was a Randy's Birthday Bash (with bash being quite literal, as there was lots of bashing going on, as I'll get to). It went like this... There was a bag of bullets, slips of paper with something written on them that would happen to someone. Every talk break, Randy would pick a person he wanted the bullet to be for, and then draw a bullet. Each person would have one chance to pass their bullet off to someone else. Bullets could be good or bad things, although it turned out no good bullets like money, or treats, were drawn. Or a bullet could be bad for the person receiving it, but good for the rest of us witnessing it. Present for this were, Randy, of course, his brother Bill, Bill's girlfriend Carissa, Rick from The Metallic Onslaught, Tim, Little Gorgar, Adam (a new Adam that she had found, as Rick had killed the old one a couple weeks back on our We Love Satan Show), EVD, and Keith Lame, who had not been there in a long while. And Gorgar, who also had not been there in quite a while, not as long as Keith, but a few months, was there for the last hour. Ok, so here are the results of all those bullets, there are a lot of them, as you can appreciate, with six hours of talk breaks, I'll try to get them all. Just Joe got to hug everyone. Bill got stabbed with forks by everyone. Keith got poked by everyone. EVD had to wear the P Prize around his neck, which had a penis on one side of it, and drain stop on the other. Just Joe got No Parking, which meant he was bashed repeatedly with a no parking sign. Adam got Screeched, err, I mean, sang to, by Just Joe. There was a Styrofoam orgy, where everyone went to war with big blocks of Styrofoam as weapons. Foul Mouth Girl threw Keith Lame in the snow. A bunch of people, as many as could fit, were shoved into the balloon room, the bathroom, filled with balloons, in there were, Bill, Carissa, Just Joe, EVD, Tim. Bill and Just Joe had a cardboard corners fight outside in the snow, Randy went to help his brother Bill, and he and Bill both wound up in the snow, so Just Joe won that one. Randy had to watch a porn movie with Tim, which was a total frustration for Randy, because Tim has no clue apparently what porn is supposed to be for, and kept fast forwarding through all the hot action parts looking for dialogue and plot. So that turned out to be a frustrating experience for both of them, for Randy because he didn't get to see a good porn flick, and for Tim, because he was apparently expecting a movie and was disappointed. Just Joe got his fingers shut in mousetraps. Tim got a puppet show put on for him by Just Joe and a couple of puppets, including Handy The Hand Puppet Of Doom. Keith Lame got chopped by Azkath. I think that covers all of them. So many balloons were blown up, that not only the bathroom, but the entire studio was completely filled with them, and they could be heard popping all night, and then, near the end of the night, they popped them all, so there was a few minutes of popping. The place was quite a mess, what with all the popped balloons, Styrofoam, cardboard, and probably some blood all over. There were two segments of Movie Time, with most everyone participating. So that was Randy's Birthday Bash. Literally. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RANDY!!

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(R) = Requested

22nd Century "I Read it on the Radio"
Killing Joke "Honour the Fire"
How Like a Winter "All the Seasons of Madness"
Bring Me the Horizon "Blessed with a Curse"

Emerald Sun "We Won't Fall"
Abacinate "Night of the Desirable Objects"
Avenged Sevenfold "Welcome to the Family" (R)
As They Sleep "The Offering"
The Bronx Casket Company "Bonesaw"

Ghost "Ritual"
Wojcik "I Can Change"
Dream into Dust "Counterfeit"
Department of Coreuption "Stupid Dumb"

Dimmu Borgir "The Insight and Catharsis"

Amity in Fame "Dinner for One"
Tetrafusion "Shadows"
Helstar "Bone Crusher"
Falkenbach "Runes Shall You Know"

Somnae "Forever More"

Most Precious Blood "Shut the Fuck Up, Jailbreak"
Unveil the Strength "Self Destruction"
Necrodemon "Black Hell Apocalypse"
Cyclophonia "Retaliate"

Athiest "Second to Sun"
Lux Carantes "Slumbering in the Arms of a Stone Giant"
DyNAbyte "Hereditary Neuronavigation"
TV's Kyle "Tulip and Turtle"

Ekotren "Blackened Sky"
Killing Addiction "Syndicate Empires"
Dawnbringer "Lake an Earthquake"
Silver Lake "Slave to the Grind"

Megadeth "The Conjuring"
Dream of Illusion "Spiked Rain"
Motorjesus "Fist of the Dragon"
Overcome "Body of Death"

Moments till Fall "Conscience Makes Cowards"
Toxaemia "World Graveyard"
Grand Magus "Mountains Be My Throne"
Ihresgleichen "Nimmerland"

Shooting Hemlock "Big Green Monster"
Shadows Grey "I Search for Your Hand"
The Razor Skyline "Sahara"

John Tapella "Metal Warrior"
Seven Thorns "Spread Your Wings"
Korpiklanni "Happy Little Boozer"
Spater "Mud and Nails"

Sepultura "Drug Me"
Reason "Before the Dawn"
Andrew McKee of The Deluge "Hourglass"
MiRAMAR "We are the Future"
Nothing but Enemies "Another Day of Nothing"
Mindflow "Thrust Into This Game"

Heaven Below "King of Nothing"
Athorn "The Ferryman"
Star One "Earth That Was"
Affiance "A Monster Fed"
Nuclear Bubble Wrap "Sharktopus"

Stratavarious "Darkest Hour"
Mongrel "I Refuse"
Judgement Day "Cobra Strike"

Sentinel Beast "Dogs of War"


January 23, 2011 - Dave is Back

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Dave was there, and EVD was not, once again lending credence to the theory that they are indeed the same person, no matter how much both of them try to deny it. There were a few segments of Adventures In Listening, as Azkath had a ton of brand new music this week, and a few segments of Movie Time, with Dave participating in a couple of them before he left (he was there for about the first two hours). Which was Dave's first Movie Time, his virgin experience, if you will, as he, being the absolute worst co-host in the world, is never around enough to have participated in one, though it has been a feature for months and months now. 

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(R) = Requested

Background: Arnaud Conde' "Velvorn: The Bladed Druid"

The Bronx Casket Co. "Antihero"
Halford "Till the Day I Die"
Pasadena Napalm Division "Spell It Out"

22nd Century "Howie the Skid"
Ekotren "Dead Behind the Eyes"
Ill Nino "God is for the Dead"
VoiVod "Iron Gang"
Volbeat "Evelyn"

ReinXeed "Seep Under Sea"
Malison Rouge "Friend or Foe"
Moon & Sun "Where the Wild Things Are"
NO-SE "The Time of Explosions"
Images of Eden "Tribal Scars"

Millbastards "Mr. Hands - Live" (R)
Ruination "From the Bottom"
The Razor Skyline "This City Never Sleeps"
Department of Coreuption "Homeless"
Death Angel "Into the Arms of Righteous Anger"

Amity in Fame "Amity We Should Give"
Crow Black Sky "Dissension"
MiRAMAR "We Are the Future"
Extreme Neuron Noise "Interpreters of Conventional Reality"

Tuck from Hell "Death Before Disco"
Atomic Playground "Atomic Playground (Never Again)"
Madlife "Little Ray of Sunshine"
Farewell to Freeway "Dharma's a Bitch"
Madlife "Everyone"

Annihilator "Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade" (R)
Phantom Blue "Frantic Zone"
Pitch Shifter "Gritter"
Twinspirits "Slave to This World"
Vinder "Where Evil Dwells"
Reism "Let Me Go"

Lava Engine "Drain Your Soul"
Abysmal Dawn "In Service of Time"
Hardcore Circus "Queen of Dirt"
Shroud of Despondency "Homo Homini Lupus"
Appearance of Nothing "The Rise and Fall of Nothing"

Safe Mode "I'll Show You the Exit"
Sebastian "Remiel in Flames"
Tiberius "Entity"
Avian "Black Masquerade"
DyNAbyte "I'm Not Scared"

Seven Thorns "Countdown"
Praying Mantis "Children of the Earth 2010"
Pandora's Toybox "Slaves to the Sleigh"
Misery "I Hate Your Face"
Signum Regis "Oathbreaker"

Times of Grace "Fight for Life"
Soulspell "Dark Prince's Dawn"
Shaydon "Forgotten Nightmare"
Golden Resurrection "The Final Day"
Sixty Miles Down "Talking to a Dead Man"

Tetrafusion "Monologue"
Unveil the Strength "100 Hours"
Andra Dare "Horses"
Grand Magus "At Midnight They'll get Wise"
Mongrel "Houdini Act"
Wojcik "Off Your Meds"
Nothing but Enemies "Creepy Crawl"

Cyclophonia "Retaliate"
Andrew McKee of the Deluge "Hourglass"

January 30, 2011 - Sloth challenges Joe


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Shane was there, despite the fact that it was snowing out, and Shane is afraid of snow. But apparently he has now conquered that fear. Someone who was supposed to have been there two weeks ago, to help celebrate Randy's Birthday Bash, had finally made it there this night. Sloth, well, we all know how slow sloths are. He arrived just finishing up singing "Happy Birthday To You" to Randy, which he had begun singing two weeks ago. Sloth told Just Joe that he was the original co-host on this program, and that he was the best co-host, and that he was challenging Just Joe for his slot. Sloth and Just Joe competed in several contests to try and determine who would get this title. Sloth actually won the contest of who could be the louder, which was shocking given Just Joe's lungs and his ability to screech. Just Joe and Sloth both failed at reading Show Listings, Sloth, not surprisingly, because he read way too slow, and Just Joe, also not surprisingly, because he read the wrong set. Just Joe said he could be thrown down the stairs better. He was thrown down, and then Sloth said he would pass on that one letting Just Joe have that point. Then Sloth told Just Joe to hurry up and come upstairs, because they were going to have a getting thrown down the stairs contest, and Just Joe could go first. Again, not surprisingly, Just Joe agreed to this. He was thrown down the stairs by Shane, who had also thrown him down the first time, and, again, Sloth declined, saying no one could top that, and conceding the point to Just Joe. Sloth and Just Joe had a death match, with cardboard tubes, baking sheets, and other instruments of destruction. Just Joe won that, because Sloth can not fight well at all, and Just Joe is way more hard core. They competed at Jumping Off The Roof Super Happy Fun Time Show. Just Joe, when he jumped off the roof, burst into flames when he hit the ground. When he ran out into the snow to put it out, he got hit by an ice cream truck. He survived. Sloth just jumped off the roof, and, in what had to be the slowest, gravity defying fall in history, he landed on the ground about two minutes later. Just Joe won Falling Off The Roof Super Happy Fun Time. Azkath told them he would give them a question to answer. He asked them to give the reasons why they would be the better co-host. Neither one of them answered that satisfactorily, Just Joe rambled, not making any of the good points he could have, and Sloth didn't do any better. So Azkath asked them to answer another question. Why did the sun rise two days early in Greenland this year. Sloth said something about how he would time travel there and find out, he had said, earlier in the night, that Sloths could time travel. Just Joe launched into this long, shockingly good, explanation, involving how dinosaurs had not really died, but had evolved to become invisible, so we don't know they are there, and they evolved rays that devolved us, and that shifted the poles, causing them to revert back to themselves, or something like that, my brain isn't fast or good enough to keep up with the entire thing, but King Kupa, the leader of the dinosaurs, is responsible for the whole thing. We'll have to ask Gorgar about this, being a dinosaur, he might be able to shed some further insight on to the matter. Sloth told Just Joe that, if he would just shut up, he would concede that he had won. Just Joe went on talking, but Sloth had had enough, and said he gave up, for now, Just Joe had won, and he was leaving. But he said he would be back another day, better prepared, and would challenge Just Joe again, and this time he would win. Sloth left, very slowly, he's probably just about leaving the driveway as I write this several hours later. So Just Joe won. And here are a couple of results I didn't mention above. Just Joe, as I did say, was more hard core, but Sloth was funnier, doing a funny radio voice, and smarter, although that's not hard, to be smarter than Just Joe, almost everyone would have won that. Just Joe was handsomer, but Sloth was prettier. After Sloth had left, it was like something happened to Just Joe, and he became the exact opposite of Sloth, super fast and hyper, talking a mile a minute, the Anti Sloth, if you will. There were two segments of Movie Time... The last hour was all old school music, which was fun...

Listen to the Show

Dream into Dust "A Dream of Joy in a Sleep of Sorrow / Disconnected"
Amity in Fame "Letters to God"
Phantom Blue "Going Mad"

Malison Rogue "The Pain You Cause"

Reason "Before the Dawn"
Vinder "In My Head"
Battlelore "Iron of Death"
Lava Engine "Ctrl Z"

Static People "The Late Projectionist"

Onslaught "Born for War"
DyNAbyte "Artmix"
Pasadena Napalm Division "Non Ti Amo"
Power Salad "My Cat is Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner (Me First and the Gimme Gimme's Style)"

Atheist "Live and Live Again"

Flat Tires "Two out of Three"
Shroud of Despondency "Parting of the Ways"
7 Days "We Cry No More"

Cylophonia "Retaliate"

Reism "Sink In Deep (Dark Water)"
Kylesa "Distance Closing In"
Requiem for Oblivion "God Builder"
Unveil the Strength "Self Destruction"

Worm Quartet "R2D2 / Call Me Jennifer and Steal My Stapler"

The Commander-in-Chief "Paranoid"
Crimson Glory "Touch the Sun"
Lou Siffer and the Howling Demons "The Mosher"
Tetrafusion "Last Chance"

Devildriver "Hardened"

Tankard "Rules for Fools"
Kings Destroy "Dusty Mummy"
The One Through Tens "Fighting for a Golden Age"
Gorilla Biscuit "Start Today"
The Bronx Casket Co "I Didn't Love You Anyways"

Bring Me the Horizon "Crucify Me"

Dyonisis "Eve's Song"
Symbol Six "Shadows"
Sodom "Hellfire"

Shadyon "Into the Fire"

Twinspirits "Over and Over Again"
Royal Thunder "Mount of Fire"
Images of Eden "Native to His Land"
Circus of Dead Squirrels "What We Deserve"

22nd Century "Human Race"

Motherboar "Camel Puncher"
Helloween "If a Mountain Could Talk"
She Rides "Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride"
Symbolic "Scarvest"
Moon & Sun "Hunt"
Finally Deceased "Darkened Soul"

Coldspell "Heading for Tomorrow"

Betrayer FTM "No Life Till Fury"
CarpeDuke "Angeldust / Americana"
Death Angel "Truce"
Department of Coreuption "Homeless"

VoiVod "Blower"

Angkor Wat "The Search / Awake!"
Suicidal Tendencies "The Feeling's Back"
Phantom "Turbocharged"
Phantom Blue "Frantic Zone"

Vicious Rumors "Blitz the World"

Paradox "Mystery"
Hades "Diplomatic Immunity"
Hellion "Screams in the Night"

February 13, 2011 - Kal Returns

This show was quiet. The transmitter was down, so we broadcast to a very small local audience. We then published it ASAP on the site and facebook page so everyone could hear it. We played tons of new stuff, a Tribute to the Past for the Last Hour, and Kal made his on-air return to the show. Enjoy!

Listen to the Show

Affiance "Mad as Hell / Call to the Warrior / Nostra Culpa"
Shroud of Despondency "Homo Homini Lupus"
Beltane "Call the Ships to Port"

Crowbar "Liquid Sky and Cold Black Earth"
Circus of Dead Squirrels "Brutalized / Bible Thumpers"
Onslaught "The Sound of Violence"
Gay for Johnny Depp "No, I'm Married to Jesus. Now Keep Your Fucking Hands Off Him"

Protest the Hero "C'Est La Vie"
Monsterworks "Everything You Believe is a Lie"
Sirenia "This Darkness"
Korpiklaani "Paat Pois Tai Hirteen"
Static People "The Late Projectionist"

Fear Incorporated "The Land of the Dead"
Belphegor "Blood Magick Necromance"
Motorhead "Born to Lose"
Serenity "Heavenly Mission"

Gary Moore "Victims of the Future"
Pendulum "Self vs Self"
Worm Quartet (with Sudden Death) "Inner Voice"
Occult Detective Club "Up from the Underground"
Dr. Acula "Cocaine Avalanche"

Athiest "Ficticious Glide"
TV's Kyle "Yellow Monster"
Department of Coreuption "Runaround"
Grave Digger "Rebellion"
Oxymor "Douce Euphorie"
Check Engine "Counted"

Volturyon "Bloodsoaked Solution"
The One Through Tens "Religious Fervour"
Everygrey "Restoring the Loss"
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows "If You Think This Song is About You, It Probably Is"
Withering Soul "Phantasmal Chaos Divinity"

Sonic Shock "Elvis"
Ektomorf "God will Cut You Down"
DyNAbyte "Cold Wind of Fear"
Fireforce "Firestorm"
Kylesa "Crowded Road"

Circus of Dead Squirrels "E. Coli Surprise"
Azrael "Through the Eyes of the Black Hawk"
Panzie "Rock and Roll Hammer"
Dreadnaughts "Polka Never Dies"
Flat Tires "Don't Shake Me Lucifer"
Long Distance Calling "Middleville"

Malison Rogue "This Lonely Road"
Noisear "Information Highway to Hell"
Casey Jones "Butt Hash"
The Haunted "The Skull"
Curtis Plum "Bike Cop"

The Bronx Casket Co "Let Me Be Your Nightmare"
Steve Goodie "What's in My Hotdog"
Ekotren "A Road to Nowhere"
Roger Miret and the Disasters "We're Gonna Find a Way"
Legion of the Damned "The Hand of Darkness"
Amity in Fame "Touching Your Breath"

Malibu Barbi "When Lightning Strikes"
Chastain "We Must Carry On"
Cerebral Fix "Sphereborn"
Blood for Blood "Livin' in Exile"
Gary Moore "Over the Hills and Far Away'

Forward Now "Slow Like Sadness"
Rough Cutt "Cutt Your Heart Out"
Sacred Reich "Let's Have a War"
Sacrifice "Re-Animation"
VoiVod "Build Your Weapons"
Nuclear Assault "Technology"

Obsession "Bang Em Till They Bleed"

February 20, 2011 - A Quiet Show...

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; After two weeks of bad weather and transmitter problems which left The Last Exit For The Lost unable to be heard unless you lived very near the station, and bad, windy weather threatening on this day, LE was finally back for everyone to hear, the way it should be. There was a lot of cool new music, being as how there was the new stuff from this week, plus the stuff from the past two weeks of LE's near total absence. There were a few Movie Times throughout the night, although Just Joe's movie viewing has been cut down considerably since he lost his cable, and so a lot of his are kid's movies he watched with his ten month old spawn. Foul Mouth Girl also contributed on one Movie Time. TTTP/RR was played. If a bullet played, Just Joe would be made into a snowman. If no bullet, then he wouldn't be turned into a snowman. There are now about eleven thousand songs on the computer. No bullet. And, the last few weeks, the last hour is all old music, and it was tonight... Always a cool thing... 

Listen to the Show

Background Music: Arnaud Conde "Veluorn: The Bladed Druid"

Disillusion "The Black Sea"
Belphegor "Impaled Upon the Tongue of Sathan"
Mongrel "Bound to Crash"

Fen "Soilbound"
Static X "Destroyer" (R)
Motorhead "Devils in My Head"
Of Wrath and Ruin "Forever Unseen"
Steve Goodie "What's in My Hotdog"

Cavalera Conspiracy "Warlord"
Empire Auriga "Time Expanding"
Cauldron "Frozen in Fire"
Divinefire "Unchain My Soul"
One-Eyed Doll "Battle On!"

Long Distance Calling "Into the Black Wide Open"
The One Through Tens "Run from your Master"
Roger Miret and the Disasters "Bare-Knuckle Brawler"
The Warriors "Seize the Fire"
Dreadnaughts "Sleep is for the Weak"

Crowbar "As I Become One"
Devildriver "Black Soul Choir"
Tankard "Brain Piercing of Death"
Gay for Johnny Depp "We are the World? Burn It Down!"
Malison Rogue "Scars"

Static People "Moonage Daydream"
Circus of Dead Squirrels "Tranquilized / Saturday Morning"
Andrew McKee of The Deluge "Hourglass"
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows "Sex Life"
TV's Kyle "Yellow Monster"

The Agonist "...and Their Eulogies Sang Me to Sleep / Memento Mori" (R)
Darkest Hour "The world Engulfed in Flames"
Shangren "Warriors of Devastation"
Accept "Princess of the Dawn - Live"

Scholar "Locke Syndrome"
Artas "The Day the Books will Burn Again"
Hiems "Race with the Devil"
Amity in Fame "Mirror of Humans"
Reason "Before the Dawn"

** Russian Roulette Set **
Nocturne "Shallow" (2005)
Becoming the Archetype "Evil Unseen" (2008)
Norther "We Rock" (2007)
Check Engine "Nothing" (2007)
Venom "1000 Days in Sodom" (198?)

Judgement Day "Klagenstuck"
The Project Hate MCMXCIX "A Revelation of Desecrated Heavens"
Occult Detective Club "Calling the Detectives"
Order of the Dead "More Bullets"
Monsterworks "God"

Withering Soul "Phantasmal Chaos Divinity"
Toxaemia "The Beginning of the End"
Turisas "Fear the Fear"
Architects UK "Delete, Rewind"
DyNAbyte "Wave'

De Arma "Crimson Waters Ebbing the Shore"
Emmure "Solar Flare Homicide"
Dr. Acula "Currently Sexting"
Ana Kefr "Takeover" (R)
Attackhead "Tazer"
Therapy? "I Told You I Was Ill"
One-Eyed Doll "Bumble Bee"

Nine Inch Nails "Head Like a Hole"
Acid Reign "Goddess"
Corrosion of Conformity "Vote with a Bullet"
Heathen "Set Me Free"
Brats "Leave My Soul Alone"

Gary Moore "Victims of the Future"
Kyuss "Odyssey"
Iron Maiden "Murders in the Rue Morgue - Live"
Ludichrist "And So It Goes"
Mean Streak "Searching Forever"

Obsession "Shadows of Steel"


February 27, 2011 - Kal Sends Joe Away...


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard: Dave was there, wonder of all wonders! And, yet again, EVD was not there. It really is looking more and more all the time like the theory that they are the same person is indeed correct. Little Gorgar and Adam, the new Adam, since Rick killed the old one a while ago, were there. Just Joe was not there, and Kal was. They asked Kal what he had done with Just Joe. Kal said he thought he might have mailed him to Virginia. I'll bet the people of Virginia are just thrilled about that, I'm sure they would not be too happy with Kal. Kal said he had done this to get revenge on Just Joe for calling him a coward. But they were not happy with Kal, because we kinda need Just Joe. It was decided that Kal needed to be punished. They first had Dave strip and do a sexy dance for him. But Kal didn't seem traumatized enough, hard as that is to believe, Dave doing a naked sexy dance is quite frightening! So, for more punishment, Dave sicked Adam on Kal. They ran outside. Only Kal returned, and he said he had buried Adam in the snow, and good luck finding him. They told Dave to come up with some other punishment for Kal. Dave thought about it a while, and said he had the perfect plan... He was going to Virginia to get Just Joe. Now The people of Virginia have even more reason to be upset with Kal! Dave left, and so did Kal, saying that his work was done, although they said it was really because he was a girly coward. There were a few Movie Times throughout the night, with Dave, Kal, and Foul Mouth Girl participating in different ones. And, for the last few weeks, the last hour of the program has been a Tribute To The Past, with all old music. Well, it will soon be renamed The Rare, Obscure, And Classic Hour, the exact title is still being decided upon. And, to start out tonight's installment of this new feature, there was an old, extremely rare, Judas Priest song which had never been recorded anywhere, and had only been played live, decades ago. So that was a treat, and a cool inauguration for this new feature...

Listen to the Show
(R) - Requested

Zimmers Hole "Anonymous Esophagus"
Horse the Band "Sex Raptor"
Raunchy "Somebody's Watching Me"
Rammstein "Keine Lust"
Worm Quartet "Eat Here and Die"

King Diamond and Black Rose "Kill for Fun"
Cauldron "All or Nothing"
Of Wrath and Ruin "Water of the Corrupt"
The One Through Tens "Eye for an Eye"
Benedictum "Bang"

Deicide "To Hell with God"
Scream Arena "House of Pain"
One-Eyed Doll "You're a Vampire"
Circus of Dead Squirrels "Familiarized / What We Deserve"
Slayer "Seasons in the Abyss" (R)

Affiance "Nostra Culpa"
Empire Auriga "Dreaming of Breath and Stars"
Withering Soul "Lifeless They Lie"
Cavalera Conspiracy "Thrasher"
Ektomorf "The One (featuring Danko Jones)"

The Bronx Casket Company "Bonesaw"
Cyclophonia "Retaliate"
Occult Detective Club "One to Ten"
Reism "This is All for You"

Born of Scars "Face"
Belphegor "Angeli Mortis De Profundis"
Symbol Six "Go"
Dino-Mike "Perfect Girl"

Judgement Day "Death March"
Shadyon "Strange Visions"
Kopiklanni "Ukon Wacka"
Razorwyre "Fuck You Tonight"
Betrayer F.T.M. "To Kill or Die"

Beltane "North Sun"
Dakrest Hour "Violent by Nature"
Colossus "Kill More Better"
Dawn of Ashes "God-Like Demon"
Cradle of Filth "The Persecution Song"

Dyonisis "We Are... / Of The Fear"
Amity in Fame "Relegate the Judge"
Shroud of Despondency "Flicker of the Ardent Light"
Dodsferd "The Hate Goes On"
Jolly "End Where It Starts"

Zombiefication "Cryptic Broadcast"
Mercyful Fate "A Corpse Without Soul" (R)
Omision "Won't Be Saved"
Feral "Behead the Crucifix"
Worm Quartet "Coffee"

Scholar "Everything is Backwards"
Comeback Kid "Crooked Floors"
The Warriors "Pit of Shame"
22nd Century "I Read It on the Radio"
MiRAMAR "We are the Future"

Requiem for Oblivion "God Builder"
Unveil the Strength "100 Hours"
Dream into Dust "Counterfeit"
Tetrafusion "Monologue"
Sodom "Nothing Counts More than Blood"

Judas Priest "Mother Sun - Live"
King Diamond with Black Rose "Disgrace"
Laibach "Angilia"
Skyclad "Land of the Rising Slum / The Antibody Politic"
Lazarus "The Edge of Forever"
EZO "Flashback, Heart Attack"
Last Chapter "2 Feet Tall"
Chastain "I Am the Rain"
Black Sabbath "Seventh Star"
Ultimatum "Puppet of Destruction"
Entombed "Supposed to Rot"
Fates Warning "Die Young - Live"
Lake of Tears "Planet of the Penguins"

March 6, 2011 - Royal Dano

Listen to the Show - Playlist Below

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; The band Royal Dano was there for about almost half the program. They were interviewed, told us about themselves, and performed several songs live and acoustic. They rock. Tracks of theirs were played from CD as well. Also there was Dustin, from the band Sorrow Of Batavia. Dave was there, which is truly amazing, because this made it three or four weeks in a row! Shane was also there. And Dave had gone to Virginia, and retrieved Just Joe from where Kal had mailed him to the week before. Yes, Dave had returned with Just Joe, just as he had promised he would. Just Joe said they had a great time in Virginia, though, hanging out at the beach in their speedos. I'll bet the people of Virginia are SOOOO happy they are gone! After the band left, Tribute to the Past / Russian Roulette was played. If a bullet played, Shane would get to have a computer keyboard smashed over his head. If no bullet, then Just Joe would get to receive that honor. And, if an EVD song played, I.E., Shatner or Nimoy, or some other bizarre music like that played, which means EVD takes the penalty then, well, since EVD had left by then, Dustin would take it. Bullet. Shane got the laptop keyboard bashed repeatedly over his head by Just Joe, till all the keys were off of it, and it was all misshapen. Then Azkath took it and hit Shane some more with it, and then he hit other people as well. There were several Movie Times throughout the night, with Dave and Shane participating in some of them. Just Joe is still quite limited in this now, as he has been unable to pay his cable bill, it was turned off, and, now that has kinda cut down on his movie viewing. There was a whole lot of great new music this week, so the last hour, which has recently been all old music, soon to have a new title of it's own, was forgone this week, to play more of all that new stuff, plus the host wasn't feeling in an old school mood this night, and, since he's the host, he gets to decide these things...


Ana Kefr "Avenue of the Queen"
The Agonist "Business Suits and Combat Boots"
Sodom "Feigned Death Throes"
Devildriver "Hardened"

Sorrowseed "Seeding Dirge / Cancer of Blades"
Mongrel "Shut Up, Get Dead"
The One Through Tens "Fighting for a Golden Age"
Symbol Six "Death Seed"
Kvelertak "Blodtorst"

Royal Dano "Nothing Left to Relate"
Lou Siffer and the Howling Demons "Killing is Fun"
Benedictum "At the Gates"
Kampfar "Huldreland"
Lemmy, Ozzy, and Slash "I Ain't A Nice Guy Afterall" (R)

Royal Dano Live in Studio Acoustic "Just Like You / Royal C"

Sign of the Jackyl "Hellhounds"
Moonsorrow "Muinaiset"
Vindicator "The Antique Witcheries"
Cauldron "Radio City / Unchained Angel"
Amity in Fame "Dinner for One"

Vintersorg "kippor Och Skar"
Volture "Volture"
Mercenary "In Bloodred Shades"

Destruction "The Demon is God"
The Human Abstract "Complex Terms"
Feral "The Deathbog"
Zombiefication "Sleepless Mutter"
Sin-Atra "Fly Me to the Moon (feat Robin Zander)"

Whiplash "Power Thrashing Death"
Virgin Black "Museum of Iscariot"
Monster Magnet "Negasonic Teenage Warhead"
Forbidden "Through Eyes of Glass"
Therapy? "Isolation"

Of Wrath and Ruin "Shame is the End"
Long Distance Calling "The Figrin D'an Boogie"
Static People "Moonage Daydream"
Jag Panzer "Bringing the End"
Flat 29 "Cook Up a Little Bit of Love"

Ana Kefr "Thaumatrope"
Bone Jar "Quest of Fate" (R)
Clandestine "Philistine"
Cavalera Conspiracy "Target" (R)
Ken Mode "Obeying the Iron Will"

Assassin "Raise in the Dark"
Trap Them "Every Walk a Quarantine"
Within Temptation "Shot in the Dark"
Scholar "The Rift"
Occult Detective Club "Wear the Woodwork"
Speed\Kill/Hate "No Remorse"
Scream Arena "Goodnight LA"

Fen "Ageless Threnody"
Omision "Assault in the Vatican"
DyNAbyte "Normal"
Dreadnaughts "Goblin Humppa"
Roger Miret and the Disasters "Road to Nowhere"

Raven "Take Control" (R)
Colossus "The Mountain that Rides"
She Rides "Woah Dude!"
Hiems "Scum Destroyer"
The Coup De Grace "Burning with Optimism"

One Eyed Doll "Beautiful Freak"
The Gathering "Probably Built in the 50's"

March 13, 2011 - Hangman's Heart

Listen to the Show

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
The band Hangman's Heart was there for about the first couple hours of the program. They were interviewed, and they performed a couple of their songs live and acoustic. Tracks from their CD were played as well. Rick, Randy, and, BBBIIIIILLLLL!!!!, all from The Metallic Onslaught, were there. EVD was there, but, as he was there when the band was, and had left by the time the band had gone, he never said anything. This LE was one hour shorter than always, five hours instead of six, because it was the night that happens once every year, the night when we go back on Daylight Savings Time, when, at 2:00 A.M., we move ahead and it becomes 3:00 A.M.. Anyways, on this night, of course, every year, we pay tribute to glam, for the whole hour from 2:00 A.M. to 3:00 A.M., it is nothing but glam. Just Joe always gets soooo excited on this night, because he forgets every single year, that there is no 2:00 A.M. to 3:00 A.M., and thinks he's actually going to get to hear an entire hour of glam. So they told him to pick his first glam song. He picked White Lion's "When The Children Cry", of all things! Now, I love glam too, but let me just say that I am very disappointed in Just Joe here. While that song is pretty good, there are a lot of much better songs to pick from, even from White Lion, I personally would have gone with "Little Fighter", if I were going to pick something from them. After that was over, they showed Just Joe that it was already after 3:00 A.M., and that glam time was now over. Just Joe, as always, like every year, was extremely disappointed, and just couldn't figure out where his hour had gone, and why there was no more time for glam. And, next year, he'll be utterly disappointed all over again. Everyone else was quite sickened by having to endure "When The Children Cry". LE brought you a public service announcement this night, everyone acted out a part in a script on how you can be the first to be eaten when The Great Old Ones, chief among them The Great Cthulhu, awaken from their slumber beneath the ocean, and retake their place as ruler's of the world once again. You will of course want to be among the first to be eaten when this occurs, because, otherwise you will have to witness all the unspeakable horror that will ensue, much better to just be eaten right away, and get it over with quickly, probably extremely painfully but quickly at least, then to stick around longer and experience all the tortures and torments and unnameable things you will endure from the Shoggoths, and The Great Old Ones. And, we showed you how to do that, or if you are not eaten right away, you won't care anymore, because you will have gone completely insane, and will no longer be yourself, permanently and irretrievably. We showed you how to accomplish this when the time comes, which you would be extremely grateful for when it happens. That is, you would be extremely grateful, except you won't be then, because, thanks to us, you'll either have been eaten, or you'll be hopelessly insane. Either way, you won't be feeling anything at all. So you can thank us now for providing you this very important public service so you'll know what to do when the time comes. You're very welcome! Everyone took a part in the script, that is, except for Just Joe, who was supposed to provide the sound effects, but didn't participate at all, because he was too traumatized by all that talk of Shoggoths, and Great Old Ones, since he's seen them numerous times, when he was hypnotized and sent into the future. He went into a long, loud, rant about how the Shoggoth they had put on his roof kept stealing his pots and pans, when he was making grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup in them, and wearing them as hats. He later told us that the Shoggoth is finally off his roof, that all the snow froze it to the roof, and then all the rain melted that and washed the Shoggoth away. There were three segments of Movie Time, none of which Just Joe could contribute much to yet again, as he still has not been able to pay his cable bill, and has no TV, which makes it much harder for him to watch anything.


Grave Digger "Rebellion"
One Eyed Doll "Battle On!"
MiRAMAR "We are the Future"

Hangman's Heart "Among Thorns"
Cauldron "I Confess"
Motorhead "Waiting for the Snake"

Hangman's Heart "Downhearted"
Lekamen Illusionen Kallet "Death Breeder"
Black Flag "TV Party" (R)
Fear "I Don't Care About You" (R)
Circle Jerks "Don't Care" (R)

Hangman's Heart "Mary Elizabeth - Live Acoustic in Studio"

Hangman's Heart "Mary Elizabeth"
Sin-Atra "Love and Marriage - featuring Elias Soriano"
Sorrowseed "War to Feed the Ancients"
Circus of Dead Squirrels "Brutalized / Bible Thumpers"

Hangman's Heart "Verdad - Live Acoustic in Studio"

Hangman's Heart "Will It Bleed?"
Protest the Hero "Tapestry" (R)
Jag Panzer "The Setting of the Sun"
Blaspherian "Sworn to Death and Evil"
Benediction "Wrong Side of the Grave" (R)

HPLHS "Tentacles"
Burning Black "Hero of the Century"

White Lion "When the Children Cry"

G.B.H. "Am I Dead Yet?" (R)
The Exploited "Politicians" (R)
Circle Jerks "Beat Me Senseless"
The Dead Boys "Sonic Reducer"
Bad Religion "American Jesus" (R)
The Accused "War=Death '88 (and Beyond)"

Of Wrath and Ruin "To Walk Alone / Waters of the Corrupt"
Firewater "Man with the Blurry Face"
Cladestine "Disappear in You"

Infestus "Torn Observer"
Old Wainds "Gods Gazing from Beyond"
Scholar "Capture Release"
Salt the Wound "Why Don't You Have a Seat"

Ana Kefr "paedophilanthrope"
Wreck Havoc "kick Ass, Die Young"
Power Quest "Rising Anew"
BRASH "Antichrist"
Enbound "Combined the Souls"

Enrage "Rise Refuse"
Lost in Thought "Assimulate, Destroy"
Dreadnaughts "Black Sea Gale"
Rotten Sound "Choose"
Sacred Dawn "It Shall Be"

Iron Maiden "Ghengis Khan - Live"
Mercyful Fate "Gypsy - Live"
Forbidden "Chalice of Blood"
Static People "The Late Projectionist"
Wojcik "Off Your Meds"

Moore "Anymore"
Blut Aus Nord "Epitome III"
Vintersorg "Mork Nebulosa"
Sign of the Jackyl "Night of the Undead"
Volture "Night Walker"

Architects UK "Delete, Rewind"
Bob Wayne "2012"
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