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January 16, 2011 - Randy's Birthday


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; The next day after this LE, Monday, January 17th, would be Randy's forty fifth birthday. Happy Birthday, Randy! So this LE was a Randy's Birthday Bash (with bash being quite literal, as there was lots of bashing going on, as I'll get to). It went like this... There was a bag of bullets, slips of paper with something written on them that would happen to someone. Every talk break, Randy would pick a person he wanted the bullet to be for, and then draw a bullet. Each person would have one chance to pass their bullet off to someone else. Bullets could be good or bad things, although it turned out no good bullets like money, or treats, were drawn. Or a bullet could be bad for the person receiving it, but good for the rest of us witnessing it. Present for this were, Randy, of course, his brother Bill, Bill's girlfriend Carissa, Rick from The Metallic Onslaught, Tim, Little Gorgar, Adam (a new Adam that she had found, as Rick had killed the old one a couple weeks back on our We Love Satan Show), EVD, and Keith Lame, who had not been there in a long while. And Gorgar, who also had not been there in quite a while, not as long as Keith, but a few months, was there for the last hour. Ok, so here are the results of all those bullets, there are a lot of them, as you can appreciate, with six hours of talk breaks, I'll try to get them all. Just Joe got to hug everyone. Bill got stabbed with forks by everyone. Keith got poked by everyone. EVD had to wear the P Prize around his neck, which had a penis on one side of it, and drain stop on the other. Just Joe got No Parking, which meant he was bashed repeatedly with a no parking sign. Adam got Screeched, err, I mean, sang to, by Just Joe. There was a Styrofoam orgy, where everyone went to war with big blocks of Styrofoam as weapons. Foul Mouth Girl threw Keith Lame in the snow. A bunch of people, as many as could fit, were shoved into the balloon room, the bathroom, filled with balloons, in there were, Bill, Carissa, Just Joe, EVD, Tim. Bill and Just Joe had a cardboard corners fight outside in the snow, Randy went to help his brother Bill, and he and Bill both wound up in the snow, so Just Joe won that one. Randy had to watch a porn movie with Tim, which was a total frustration for Randy, because Tim has no clue apparently what porn is supposed to be for, and kept fast forwarding through all the hot action parts looking for dialogue and plot. So that turned out to be a frustrating experience for both of them, for Randy because he didn't get to see a good porn flick, and for Tim, because he was apparently expecting a movie and was disappointed. Just Joe got his fingers shut in mousetraps. Tim got a puppet show put on for him by Just Joe and a couple of puppets, including Handy The Hand Puppet Of Doom. Keith Lame got chopped by Azkath. I think that covers all of them. So many balloons were blown up, that not only the bathroom, but the entire studio was completely filled with them, and they could be heard popping all night, and then, near the end of the night, they popped them all, so there was a few minutes of popping. The place was quite a mess, what with all the popped balloons, Styrofoam, cardboard, and probably some blood all over. There were two segments of Movie Time, with most everyone participating. So that was Randy's Birthday Bash. Literally. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RANDY!!

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(R) = Requested

22nd Century "I Read it on the Radio"
Killing Joke "Honour the Fire"
How Like a Winter "All the Seasons of Madness"
Bring Me the Horizon "Blessed with a Curse"

Emerald Sun "We Won't Fall"
Abacinate "Night of the Desirable Objects"
Avenged Sevenfold "Welcome to the Family" (R)
As They Sleep "The Offering"
The Bronx Casket Company "Bonesaw"

Ghost "Ritual"
Wojcik "I Can Change"
Dream into Dust "Counterfeit"
Department of Coreuption "Stupid Dumb"

Dimmu Borgir "The Insight and Catharsis"

Amity in Fame "Dinner for One"
Tetrafusion "Shadows"
Helstar "Bone Crusher"
Falkenbach "Runes Shall You Know"

Somnae "Forever More"

Most Precious Blood "Shut the Fuck Up, Jailbreak"
Unveil the Strength "Self Destruction"
Necrodemon "Black Hell Apocalypse"
Cyclophonia "Retaliate"

Athiest "Second to Sun"
Lux Carantes "Slumbering in the Arms of a Stone Giant"
DyNAbyte "Hereditary Neuronavigation"
TV's Kyle "Tulip and Turtle"

Ekotren "Blackened Sky"
Killing Addiction "Syndicate Empires"
Dawnbringer "Lake an Earthquake"
Silver Lake "Slave to the Grind"

Megadeth "The Conjuring"
Dream of Illusion "Spiked Rain"
Motorjesus "Fist of the Dragon"
Overcome "Body of Death"

Moments till Fall "Conscience Makes Cowards"
Toxaemia "World Graveyard"
Grand Magus "Mountains Be My Throne"
Ihresgleichen "Nimmerland"

Shooting Hemlock "Big Green Monster"
Shadows Grey "I Search for Your Hand"
The Razor Skyline "Sahara"

John Tapella "Metal Warrior"
Seven Thorns "Spread Your Wings"
Korpiklanni "Happy Little Boozer"
Spater "Mud and Nails"

Sepultura "Drug Me"
Reason "Before the Dawn"
Andrew McKee of The Deluge "Hourglass"
MiRAMAR "We are the Future"
Nothing but Enemies "Another Day of Nothing"
Mindflow "Thrust Into This Game"

Heaven Below "King of Nothing"
Athorn "The Ferryman"
Star One "Earth That Was"
Affiance "A Monster Fed"
Nuclear Bubble Wrap "Sharktopus"

Stratavarious "Darkest Hour"
Mongrel "I Refuse"
Judgement Day "Cobra Strike"

Sentinel Beast "Dogs of War"