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Full Concert Videos

These are shows we filmed throughout the Years. I have included here the full show where I can, plus any pictures. We booked a good deal of these shows. You can also find various videos on our Vimeo Channel.

Xtreme Soundscapes Vol II DVD Release Show at Castways, Ithaca, NY - June 4, 2005

If Man is FiveOn our Second Xtreme Soundscapes DVD Release Show we had Never the Sunshine (Sayre, PA), If Man is Five (Binghamton, NY), Elusive Travel (Ohio then, now Rochester, NY), Others (Binghamton, NY) and Punch Drunk Monkeys (Binghamton, NY). You can watch the Vol II DVD on our XS Vimeo Channel. All of these bands have broken up. Elusive Travel survive as a project, and If Man is Five is working on a version of their lineup. Enjoy some of the performances and pictures below. Pictures are by us and other people.


Xtreme Soundscapes Vol I DVD Release Show, Castways, Ithaca, NY - November 21, 2004

Divinity DestroyedWe did a DVD series for a few years called Xtreme Soundscapes. The idea was to feature live music from unsigned bands, and usually one big band, and explore awesome underground music. This was the first DVD release show. It was at Castways, Ithaca, NY on November 21, 2004. I do believe this was also the 2nd show we ever booked. You can watch and download all the Xtreme Soundscapes DVD's on Vimeo

The show consisted of a diverse line-up of Lotus Project (from the Ithaca area), Worm Quartet (from Rochester, NY), If Man is Five (from Binghamton, NY) doing an acoustic set, Divinity Destroyed (from Toms River, New Jersey), The Pushrods (from Elmira, NY), and The Wicthing (from Ithaca, NY). It was a pretty awesome show. All the bands have broken up aside from Worm Quartet, who is not as active as he once was. If Man is Five are attempting a comeback with a different lineup. There are pictures below, all from different sources. Here are some of the performances from that night...

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