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People on the Show

People on the Show

These are the people who you will hear on The Last Exit for the Lost. Some of them are there almost every week, some once every few months, but they are all part of the show...

Seriah Azkath - Your Host

394192 10100514521446695 414202 49461488 685848865 nSeriah took the reins of the show back in 1994. It was The Metal Cage when he took over, and he changed it to The Last Exit for the Lost within a year or two. He did that to make the name of the show better represent the diversity that he wanted to create on the show. Although the show will always have a Metal core, he said he wanted to have a show where he could play Mercyful Fate, Overkill, Laibach, The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, and whatever else he felt like throwing in, without seeming out of format. Seriah also hosts Where Did the Road Go?, co-hosts The Metallic Onslaught, , and every month or so, hosts a Dealer's Choice Show. He has a dry, if slapstickish sense of humor, like to prank his co-hosts and guests, loves the paranormal and occult, and tries to create a show that is unlike anything else on the air anywhere. Musically, he is partial to female fronted bands, thrash, old-school death metal, dark music, dissonence, and comedy music. He also loves just plain weird music sometimes. Seriah is also extremely supportive of underground and local bands. The name, The Last Exit for the Lost comes from one of his favorite bands, Fields of the Nephilim. It's the final song on their second album. You can find Seriah's Facebook here, feel free to follow or add him as a friend. 


EVDE.V.D., which stands for Evil Villainous Dude, or Electric Vodka Dude originally, or, really, whatever you want it to stand for. His first show with us was September 11, 2005. He took a break for a few years from around mid-2011 till mid-2014. Now he's back as one of our most regular co-hosts. EVD loves to torment some of our other co-hosts, Just Joe and Nathan in particular, and loves science. He is also rather fond of puns and bad jokes. Musically, his taste is all over the place. He's sort of the mad scientist of the show...


NathanNathan has only been with us since our We Love Satan Easter show 2015. The youngest regular member of The Last Exit, also revealed to be a Bronie. Despite this, Nathan has fit in quite nicely, he has a great range of tastes and interests, musically and otherwise. He is also adept at running a video camera and sound board and makes a fantastic addition to the show. He's also a fan of outdated technology, and seems to be rather witty...

Just Joe Wingdingboatbottom I

IMG_7013.jpgJust Joe has been a part of The Last Exit since November of 2003. Once a very regular co-host, due to other factors in his life, he is now there usually bi-monthly. Just Joe has been through a lot on the show. He is kind of the jack of all trades, and sometimes court jester. Joe is a fantastic camera man, and is Seriah's go-to guy. He also tends to have his crazy, or stupid, moments, and bad things happen. He's also very afraid of spiders... and jelly beans. Joe is also our resident monkey at times. The varied stuff that Joe has gone through on the show, both good and bad, is simply beyond the belief of anyone who has not been witness to it. Joe's musical taste is diverse, but he loves underground and local bands, and is fond of female fronted bands as well. 

You can see a compilation of Joe's best work in a film we complied a few years back called, The Best of Just Joe. Watch on YouTube for free.

Tim Binder

Tim2Tim is a regular on the show when he is in the area. He spends the better portion of the year in L.A. promoting bands, movies, and working in the entertainment industry in general. He has previously worked for Victory Records and Century Media Records and still hosts the Century Media Podcast. Beyond that, Tim LOVES romantic comedies, Glam, and Hard Rock. He despises action movies and Sci-Fi, but for some reason likes traditional slasher type horror movies.  He's a bit of a puzzle at times, but is a great addition to the show when he visits!

Justin (AKA 12 Inch)

JustinWe aquired Justin on April 12, 2015. He is a DJ at WVBR that Azkath ran into who happened to like Old School Metal, so he convinced him he should come out to The Last Exit. Although Justin likes a variety of Metal, he is especially partial to 70's and 80's Classic Rock and Metal. 

He got the nickname 12 Inch at some point because Nathan said he loves 12 Inch (referring to records) just as Justin walked into the studio, so we misunderstood that to mean Justin WAS 12 Inch. We have had fun with gentalia jokes ever since...

Randy (MetalWulf)

RandyOften are said the words, "Poor Randy." Randy is a regular co-host of The Metallic Onslaught who visits the Last Exit now and again, especially on certain shows. Bad things have a tendency to happen to him, but he comes back for more... He has died during We Love Satan shows, often gets possessed by Satan, has horrified us during the No Pants Day show, has been mummified for his 50th birthday, and much more. Randy has very diverse taste in Metal. At one point he also believed himself to be a Werewolf...


RickRick is a regular co-host for The Metallic Onslaught. He visits us now and again, and has also been used as an enforcer of sorts at times. Rick loves the heaviest of Metal!


SlothThe Sloth is one of the oldest co-hosts on The Last Exit for the Lost. He was first on air way back in 1994. One of the earliest shows we still have in the archive can be heard with Sloth. He has been with us off and on the whole time, but not frequently as he is slow. He's a funny guy, in a lot of ways. He's also a little disturbing. Sloth loves all kinds of Metal and more Gothic music.