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The Last Exit for the Lost Performance Studio



If you want to perform on the show, contact us at booking at We book on weekends usually in the evening. This is very flexible, and if you are a touring band coming through the area, we can work out exceptions.

We have professional lighting and sound. The space is 12x23 ft. We will live stream the performance on our YouTube channel, and record with 5-6 cameras. 

We currently record in 16 channels, have 4 monitors, plenty of mics and stands, DI boxes, and and 5 Vocal Mics. 

We will then master the audio and air it on a future edition of The Last Exit for the Lost.

You will get audio and video, in separate tracks if you wish, as well as photos. Multicamera video will eventually be edited with mastered audio and uploaded on the YT channel. We'll also get pictures as well.

You can bring banners, etc., to customize things however you want. Fog machines are also ok.

Unlike when we did this live on WVBR, you are allowed to swear in songs, you can bring alcoholic beverages, etc., just please don't get drunk and be respectful of the property and studio. Don't throw your garbage or cigarette butts on the ground.

You can play for however long you want, we will also do an interview while you are here.

It's a very relaxed and flexible setting. There is some room if you want to bring a few people with you, just check with us if you are bring more than 4-5 people. There is only limited viewing space.

The address is 7752 Rock River Road, Interlaken, NY 14847.

This is what you are looking for...





You will load in at the back of the Blue building. 

Any other questions, just ask!


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