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January 2, 2011 - Co-host Night

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; This LE began at midnight, January 2nd, so it started just as New Years Day was ending. The co-hosts were each allowed to pick sets of music. Just Joe, Foul Mouth Girl, and Tim got to play two sets of their picks. And Shane got to pick one set, because he kinda sucks, and left quite early. And Dave.... Well Dave didn't get to have any set, because he really sucks, sucks so much he was awarded the title of Worst Co-Host Ever, with a plaque and everything last year, and he really earns that title, and yet again, was not there. Around 4:00, Just Joe suddenly and without warning decided to get completely naked. This traumatized Tim so much he had to leave. And why you may ask was Just Joe naked? Well, it seems he was reading some comic strip on the Internet and it gave him the idea, by saying that we don't live in caveman days, when they needed to cover up to keep warm, we can just turn the heat up, and we don't need clothing. So that's exactly what he did, turned the heat way up, so everyone else was roasting, and took all his clothes off. He refused to put them back on no matter how they pleaded, saying it was a protest. Since Just Joe had also said his nakedness was to show how great technology was, they locked him in the freezer to show him how great some other technologies are, other than heat. When he was out of the freezer, Just Joe suddenly wanted to know, through shivering, where his clothes were. They told him they had thrown them away, since he had said he didn't need them any more. After whining from Just Joe, they told him they really hadn't thrown them away, they had put them in the trunk of his car. He started whining again, saying that he'd have to go outside for that, where it was cold, and besides, his trunk was locked. Azkath said he knew what would warm him up, and gave him lots of hard slaps to his back and chest. Just Joe said he was now cold and sore. By the last talk break of the night, Just Joe had managed to retrieve his clothes, and was feeling a little warmer, and a bit better. And everyone else was feeling a whole lot better! Their were two segments of Adventures In Listening, and a few segments of Movie Time, with Tim participating in a couple of them...

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(R) = Requested

Melechesh "Mystics of the Pillar"
Kylesa "Drop Out"
Sickhoose "TAF"

Warblade "I'm Coming Home"

Indestuctible Noise Command "God Loves Violence"
Symbol Six "Death Seed"
Setherial "The Mournful Sunset of the Forsaken"
Angels Beneath Me "Track 3"

Ana Kefr "Tonight We Watch the Children Fucking Burn"

Iwrestledabearonce "Danger in the Manger"
Arch Enemy "Night Falls Fast"
The Agonist "Waiting Out the Winter"
Pantera "Shattered"

Ruination "Death Letter"

Heaven Below "When Daylight Dies"
The Razor Skyline "Vittoria"
Devo Spice "Half Assed Rapper"
Helloween "Raise the Noise"

Super Junky Monkey "Popo Bar"

Schoolyard Heroes "Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame"
Divinity Destroyed "Threshold"
Lemon Demon "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny"
Lotus Project "Run to the Hills"

Times of Grace "Strength of Numbers"

Mindflow "Corrupted"
Immortal Dominion "Become Wise"
Centerpeace "Purify"
Shooting Hemlock "New Day Gone"

Stolen Babies "So Close"

Firewater "Dropping Like Flies"
Fluttr Effect "Don't Know What You're Living For"
Shotgun Messiah "Jihad"
Andra Date "The Evil Inside"

Amity in Fame "Haiku"

Zadoc and the Nightmare "Fire Walk with Me - Live on LE" (R)
Wojcik "Off Your Meds"
Blood of Martyrs "Praise Thee, Duende, Boundless Sea"
Max DeGroot "Census"

Arhitects UK "Learn to Live"

The Last Vegas "Whatever Gets You Off"
William Control "All Due Restaint"
Backyard Babies "Desiel and Power"
Witchcraft "If Crimson was Your Color"

Hellacopters "No Salvation"

New American Shame "American Shame"
Darkest Hour "Sanctuary"

Danzig "Devil's Plaything"

Pandora's Toybox "Down in the Mire"
VNV Nation "Standing"
Lake of Tears "Headstones"
Deadlock "Temple of Love"

Lobster Quadrille "Whore of Babylon - Live" (R)

Insane Ian "DiG DuG"
Toxaemia "Force of Plague"
The Red Shore "The Seed of Annihilation"
Inifinity Overture "Back from the Past"

Def Leppard "Rock Rock till You Drop"

Infinity Overture "Evernight"
Sodom "God Bless You"
Overdrive "Angelmaker"
Netherbird "White Noise Sky in Overdrive"

Triptykon "Shatter"

Bring Me they Horizon "Don't Go'
Dream into Dust "Counterfeit"

Judgement Day "Genosha"