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February 20, 2011 - A Quiet Show...

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; After two weeks of bad weather and transmitter problems which left The Last Exit For The Lost unable to be heard unless you lived very near the station, and bad, windy weather threatening on this day, LE was finally back for everyone to hear, the way it should be. There was a lot of cool new music, being as how there was the new stuff from this week, plus the stuff from the past two weeks of LE's near total absence. There were a few Movie Times throughout the night, although Just Joe's movie viewing has been cut down considerably since he lost his cable, and so a lot of his are kid's movies he watched with his ten month old spawn. Foul Mouth Girl also contributed on one Movie Time. TTTP/RR was played. If a bullet played, Just Joe would be made into a snowman. If no bullet, then he wouldn't be turned into a snowman. There are now about eleven thousand songs on the computer. No bullet. And, the last few weeks, the last hour is all old music, and it was tonight... Always a cool thing... 

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Background Music: Arnaud Conde "Veluorn: The Bladed Druid"

Disillusion "The Black Sea"
Belphegor "Impaled Upon the Tongue of Sathan"
Mongrel "Bound to Crash"

Fen "Soilbound"
Static X "Destroyer" (R)
Motorhead "Devils in My Head"
Of Wrath and Ruin "Forever Unseen"
Steve Goodie "What's in My Hotdog"

Cavalera Conspiracy "Warlord"
Empire Auriga "Time Expanding"
Cauldron "Frozen in Fire"
Divinefire "Unchain My Soul"
One-Eyed Doll "Battle On!"

Long Distance Calling "Into the Black Wide Open"
The One Through Tens "Run from your Master"
Roger Miret and the Disasters "Bare-Knuckle Brawler"
The Warriors "Seize the Fire"
Dreadnaughts "Sleep is for the Weak"

Crowbar "As I Become One"
Devildriver "Black Soul Choir"
Tankard "Brain Piercing of Death"
Gay for Johnny Depp "We are the World? Burn It Down!"
Malison Rogue "Scars"

Static People "Moonage Daydream"
Circus of Dead Squirrels "Tranquilized / Saturday Morning"
Andrew McKee of The Deluge "Hourglass"
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows "Sex Life"
TV's Kyle "Yellow Monster"

The Agonist "...and Their Eulogies Sang Me to Sleep / Memento Mori" (R)
Darkest Hour "The world Engulfed in Flames"
Shangren "Warriors of Devastation"
Accept "Princess of the Dawn - Live"

Scholar "Locke Syndrome"
Artas "The Day the Books will Burn Again"
Hiems "Race with the Devil"
Amity in Fame "Mirror of Humans"
Reason "Before the Dawn"

** Russian Roulette Set **
Nocturne "Shallow" (2005)
Becoming the Archetype "Evil Unseen" (2008)
Norther "We Rock" (2007)
Check Engine "Nothing" (2007)
Venom "1000 Days in Sodom" (198?)

Judgement Day "Klagenstuck"
The Project Hate MCMXCIX "A Revelation of Desecrated Heavens"
Occult Detective Club "Calling the Detectives"
Order of the Dead "More Bullets"
Monsterworks "God"

Withering Soul "Phantasmal Chaos Divinity"
Toxaemia "The Beginning of the End"
Turisas "Fear the Fear"
Architects UK "Delete, Rewind"
DyNAbyte "Wave'

De Arma "Crimson Waters Ebbing the Shore"
Emmure "Solar Flare Homicide"
Dr. Acula "Currently Sexting"
Ana Kefr "Takeover" (R)
Attackhead "Tazer"
Therapy? "I Told You I Was Ill"
One-Eyed Doll "Bumble Bee"

Nine Inch Nails "Head Like a Hole"
Acid Reign "Goddess"
Corrosion of Conformity "Vote with a Bullet"
Heathen "Set Me Free"
Brats "Leave My Soul Alone"

Gary Moore "Victims of the Future"
Kyuss "Odyssey"
Iron Maiden "Murders in the Rue Morgue - Live"
Ludichrist "And So It Goes"
Mean Streak "Searching Forever"

Obsession "Shadows of Steel"