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2011 Show Archive

October 16, 2011 - Just Another Night...

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Pile of Heads "War"
Lethargy "Humor Me"
Sulaco "On the Fence"
Volumes "Wormholes"
Maax "Fight with Fire"

Imperial Vengeance "Veiled Threats Over Cocktails"
Giant Squid "Mating Scars (Isurus Metridium)"
Only Flesh "My Favorite Shade of Grey"
Thousand Year War "No Gods, No Masters"
Cradle of Filth "Summer Dying Fast ('Midnight in The Labyrinth' breadcrumb trail)"
Ana Kefr "Bathos and the Iconoclast / The Zephirius Circus / Jeremiad"
Cryptic Reality "When the Towers Decay"
Earthbound "Heather"
Lord Volture "Celestial Bodies Fall"
Slow Burning Car "Call My Bluff"

Chains of Honor "Territories"
Tony Goldmark "Burn"
Dub Trio "Swarm"
Animals as Leaders "Isolated Incidents"
Kimberly Freeman "Enchantment"

Borderline Suicide "Take It All Away"
Mastodon "Stargasm" (R)
The Dillenger Escape Plan "Territorial Pissings"
Hammers of Misfortune "The Day the City Died"
To the Deep "What the Sun Created"

Loudness "Come Alive Again"
Immolation "Illumination"
Generation Kill "Walking Dead"
Fuck the Facts "Lifeless"
Serious Problems "Please Find a Reason"

Psychopath "OMFG"
Ana Kefr "Monody"
Suffokate "Always Hopeless"
Seplophile "Planetary Disfigurement"
Immortal Souls "Nuclear Winter"

TV's Kyle "Banana Bunch"
Hundredth "We Can take them All"
Graveworm "The World Will Die in Flames"
Old Silver Key "What Once was and will Never Happen Again / November Nights Insomnia"
Soulfly "Born Again Anarchist" (R)

The Elves "Four Day Creep"
Cage "Flying Fortress"
Charetta "Distraction"
Chris Ousey "Give Me Shelter"
Confused Little Girls "Honestly, Who Gives their Genitals Pet Names?"

Nuclear Torment "Sniper Zombie Rape Abortion"

Bulletboys "Balls to the Wall"
Eye Empire "Idiot"
Nile "Surrounded by Fright"
Derek Sherinian "Mercury 7"

This is Hell "Black Mass"
Dead Nation "Looking Through Ya Window"
Jonestown "Bloodless"
The Devil Wears Prada "Mammoth"
The Lobster Quadrille "Evil Bones - Live"

Ookla the Mok "The Other Side"
Kyng "Bleed Easy"
Hull "A Light that Shone from Aside the Sea"
Vader "Only Hell Knows"

** Old-School Hour **
Loudness "Gotta Fight"
Savatage "Rage"
Queensryche "Queen of the Reich"
Black Ice "US Metal"
Flotsam and Jetsam "She Took an Axe"

Rough Cutt "Try a Little Harder"
Sons of Angels "Cowgirl" (R)
Tora Tora "Guilty" (R)

Anacrusis "Sound the Alarm"
Hades "Leaders?"
Sweet Cheater "Tear Out Your Heart"

VoiVod "This is Not an Exercise"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Someone named Chad was there, but Azkath kept calling him Kyle, so he told him he had re named him, that his name was Kyle now. Just Joe got his birthday slaps a week late. They had some fun with the new Bullet Boys CD, which is all covers of songs from artists like Motley Crue, Journey, Elton John, Mr. Mister, Eddie Money, Bon Jovi, and many more. Azkath would play a bit of the song and see if Just Joe new the title and artist. He new a lot of them, and so did I, being the '80's pop and glam loving poser that I am. There were a couple segments of discussions of the paranormal, and programs that cover the subject matter. There were some segments of Movie Time, Just Joe had finally seen some movies to review, and Foul Mouth Girl participated in one segment. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...

October 23, 2011 - Ana Kefr Visit

Ana Kefr are with us most of the night...
Liege Lord "Master Control"
Imperial Vengeance "The Voice of Thelema"
Illnath "Fall of Giants"
Ana Kefr "Thamatrope / Bathos and the Iconoclast"
Charetta "Lights Out"
Slow Burning Car "Adama"
Maax "Rot and Roll"
Satan's Host "Nightside of Eden"
Ana Kefr "In the House of Distorted Mirrors"
Lance King "Manifest Destiny"
The Lobster Quadrille "Descendit Ad Invferos"
Nekrogoblikon "A Feast"
Tony Goldmark "Burn"
Ana Kefr "Emago"
Careless "Bondaries"
Tetrafusion "The Deserter"
Mill Bastards "Trephornicate" (R)
Thousand Year War "The Storm I Ride"
Ana Kefr "Monody"
Andromeda "Survival of the Richest"
Black Tusk "Set the Dial to your Doom"
Iced Earth "Anthem"
Ana Kefr "Ash-Shahid"
Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord "Bard's Tale"
Trillium "Scream It"
Immolation "What They Bring"
Sulaco "It's Over Johnny"
Ana Kefr "The Blackening"
Mr. Bungle "Ma Meeshka Now Skyoz"
Hate "Threnody"
Earthbound "I Declare War"
Amity in Fame "Good Night and Shut Up"
Ana Kefr "The Collector"
Mastodon "Black Tongue"
Hundreth "Weathered Town"
Arch / Matheos "On the Fence"
Elimination "Echoes of an Unclear Past"
Ire Clad "Hazard"
Solsafir "Aera"
Drained "Fresh Blood"
Melt Banana "Stick Out / Mind Thief"
** Old School Hour **
Liege Lord "Rapture"
7 Seconds "Regress No Way"
Abattoir "Bring on the Damned"
Purgatory "Night Crawler Bitch"
Vow Wow "Mask of Flesh (Masqurade)"
Manowar "Hail and Kill" (R)
Death Angel "Seemingly Endless Time" (R)
Prototype "Shine"
Hurricane "I'm on to You" (R)
Boiler "Hit the Ground"
Blood for Blood "Eulogy for a Dream"
Dio "Rainbow in the Dark - Live"
Negative Approach "Why Be Something that You're Not"
Bruce Dickinson "Tears of the Dragon"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
The band Ana Kefr, who were all the way up from LA, and who had just performed the night before at a The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show, were there for most of the night, 'til 4:00. They were interviewed, and a bunch of the songs from their new CD were played. They are an awesome band is their website. They talked about a lot of interesting things, like one band member's three years living in Egypt, among other things. Azkath gave them records, and they all broke them over each other's heads. They all got hugged by Just Joe when his Hugging Music played. And more... A few years ago Just Joe was hypnotized so that whenever he hears a particular piece of porn music, he thinks he is a porn star, and is in a movie right then, then, when he is brought out of it, he never has any memory of it's having happened, or why he is naked and molesting people. That music was played... And Just Joe got naked and rubbed himself all over the band, first just Shane, the band member he had been hanging onto when his Hugging Music stopped (he always continues to hold onto whoever is the one to be unlucky enough to be the one he is hugging when his music stops), and then all of them were treated to the experience of what it would be like to star in a porn flick with Just Joe. It was really disturbing! When Just Joe came out of the hypnotism, he, as always, had no idea why he was naked, and why he was getting it on with the band. The band remembered it very well however, I'm sure that is something they will NEVER forget! There were two segments of Movie Time, with the band contributing to the first one, and Azkath having to do the second one on his own, because, once again, Just Joe had seen no movies this week, partly because he has been watching the entire series "Lost" for the past few weeks, and also partly because he sucks and is often bad at preparing for what he is supposed to do. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...

October 30, 2011 - Halloween...

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The Commander-in-Chief interview is at 2am, File 3.

Hallows Eve "Hallows Eve"
Nekrogoblikon "Prince of the Land of Stench"
Denial Fiend "After Party Massacre"

Ghost "Ritual"
Testament "The Ritual"
Behemoth "Goat with a Thousand Young / Bless Thee for Granting Me Pain"
Ghost Thrower "I Never Damned You"

Ministry "Every Day is Halloween"
Jonestown "Burn the Page"
Satan's Host "For the Love of Satan"
Dead Kennedy's "Halloween"

Imperial Vengeance "The Ghost Light"
Sanjuro Fields "Rudy Can't Fail"
To the Deep "Capsized"
Steel Panther "That's What Girls are For"

Dead Horse "What a Beautiful Day"
MX Machine "Fuck the Neighbors"
Cradle of Filth "Thank Your Lucky Scars"
Alice Cooper "Keepin' Halloween Alive"
The Misfits "Curse of the Mummy's Hand"

The Misfits "Halloween / Astro Zombies / Last Caress"
The Commander-in-Chief "Great Expectations"

The Commander-in-Chief "Paranoid"
Charetta "Fighting Blind"
Earthbound "The Slave"
Edge of Darkness "We Breathe"

Mercia "March of the Dinosaurs"

Drop Head "Inside My Head"
Sixx: AM "Life is Beautiful"
Seplophile "Lambs"
Cryptic Reality "When the Towers Decay"
White Chapel "Strength Beyond Strength"
Slow Burning Car "Ghola"

Black Tusk "Bring Me Darkness"
The Devil's Blood "Die the Death"
Helloween "Halloween"

Mercyful Fate "A Corpse Without Soul"
Iced Earth "Anthem"
Morning Sidekick "I Will Dismember You"
Samhain "To Walk the Night"
Venom "Witching Hour"

Jonathan Coulton "RE: Your Brains"
Voltaire "Brains!"
Sinergy "Gallowmere"
Slayer "Dead Skin Mask"
The Lobster Quadrille "Descendit Ad Invferos - Live"

Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 "The Last Halloween-The Story of Trick or Treat Pete"
Rough Angel "Let It Burn"
Mortal Sin "Doomed to Annihilation"
King Diamond "Dressed in White"
The Clan Destined "Devil for a Day"

Anathema "Sleepless"
Only Flesh "Glamputation"
Thousand Year War "The Storm I Ride"

Pretty Maids "Shelly the Maid"
Sulaco "Dingy Metropolis"
Skinny Puppy "Vyrisus"
Wizard "Heart Eater"
Sanjuro Fields "To the End of the World"

Pandora's Toybox "Misbegotten Candy"
Manowar "Each Dawn I Die" (R)
King Diamond "Halloween"


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Halloween fell on Monday, the day after this LE, so it was a pseudo Halloween program. There was lots of Halloween themed music played, comedy songs, and lots of metal about Halloween, or subjects that go with Halloween. Rick and Kal were there. They both scared Just Joe when they arrived, which is understandable with Rick, but with Kal? Really Just Joe! Just Joe said Kal had screamed when he arrived, and that had scared him. So he hid under the table. Again, Really, Just Joe? There was a Halloween contest. Azkath would ask them each questions, and the one who answered the fewest right, would be the loser, and would have to endure something scary. Kal lost the first round, so he got put on the barbed wire board, and stepped on and jumped on, just to make it extra scary. And probably the most scary part of all, Just Joe's butt fell on top of him! Just Joe lost a round, so he was put in a cabinet full of spiders for an entire set of music. He was quite traumatized by that. Rick's scary thing would have been to be forced to listen to Justin Beeber, Niel Diamond, and, the worst horror of all, Metallica with Lou Reed, for an entire set of music, but Rick didn't lose a round, so he never had to have a scary event. The Commander In Chief called in at 2:00 for an extended interview, book ended by two of her songs. She is a very cool musician, is her website, and she is also on facebook, youtube, and twitter. There were two segments of Movie Time, Just Joe had actually seen a couple movies this week, and Rick participated in one segment, as did Mark Anbinder, a long time WVBR personality. Someone was there in the last hour who had not been there in a very long while. No, once again, if you said Dave, you would be wrong, he is still living up to his very well deserved title of worst co-host in the world, and was yet again not there. It was Gorgar! Just Joe was so excited to see Gorgar that he screamed out his greeting very loudly, and very long. It had been Gorgar's birthday that past Tuesday, October 25th, Happy Birthday, Gorgar! Just Joe screeched, err, I mean, sang a little bit of "Happy Birthday To You" to him, before Gorgar said that was enough of the song. Just Joe said he had a birthday present for Gorgar. He stripped down. His present to Gorgar was that he had on Iron Man underwear, he told Gorgar he had gotten him Iron Man. Gorgar, for some reason, didn't seem too thrilled with his gift, and told Just Joe to get away from him, and to pull his pants up! There is just no pleasing some people!

November 6, 2011 - Tribute to the Past Show...

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This is our Tribute to the Past Show. We did play a few sets of new music, but much of the 7 hours here contains old school metal...

GWAR "Salamanizer / Time for Death / Eat Steel"

Fear Factory "Self Immolation (Vein Tap Mix)"
King Diamond "Into the Convent"
Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone "I Don't Wanna Know"
Savatage "Holocaust"
Twilight Odyssey "The Endless Days of a Stranger"

Ludichrist "Most People are Dicks"
Jorn "Fool for Your Loving"
Bent Peg "Problems"
Hexen "Blast Radius"
Grey Skies Fallen "The Essence of Motion"

Gloominous Doom "Knuckle Sammich"
Carifex "Dead but Dreaming"
Firewolfe "Unholy"
Sarah Jezebel Deva "The World Won't Hold Your Hand"
Circus Grenade "Exit"
Devo Spice "How to Sing"

Sacrifice "Forever Enslaved"
Fates Warning "Silent Cries"
Dream into Dust "Wrong Side of the Glass"
White Lion "All Burn in Hell"
Slayer "God Send Death"

Oxymor "Mise en Ebime"
Hellion "Break the Spell"
Argyle Park "Leave Me Alone"
Orphaned Land "The Truth Within"
Lizzy Borden "Abnormal"

Leatherwolf "The Calling"
Hatesphere "Bark at the Moon"
Queensryche "Warning"
Anthrax "Got the Time"

Midnight Chaser "Awesome Party"
Rob Mancini "Rock and Roll Circus"
Infernal Legion "The Immaculate Deception"
Elimination "Eyes of Madness"
Tornado "Massive Extinction Impact"

Hypercenter "Show Us Your Fist"
Artillery "At War with Science"
At the Gates "Kingdom Gone"
Rage "Death in the Afternoon"
Sanctuary "Eden Lies Obscured"

Dokken "Hit 'n Run"
Merycful Fate "Walking Back to Hell - Live"
Savatage "One Child"
Saxon "Princess of the Night"
Schoolyard Heroes "Bury the Tooth of the Hydra and a Skeleton Army will Arise"

GWAR "Sick of U / Je M'Appelle J. Cousteau / Horror of Yig"
Kreator "Endless Pain" (R)
Venom "Blackened are the Priests" (R)

Sick of It All "Injustice System"
Vallenfyre "As the World Collapses"
Loom "Asphalt"
Set It Off "Horrible Kids"
Consortium Project "Evilworld"

Ramallah "Kill a Celebrity"
Blood for Blood "Anywhere But Here"
108 "God Talk" (R)
Circle Jerks "Beat Me Senseless"
Cro-Mags "Days of COnfusion"
Crumbsuckers "Life of Dreams"

Skin chamber "Mind Grinder"
Helloween "Savage"
Sheer Terror "Love Songs for the Unloved" (R)
He is Legend "Eating a Book" (R)
Lethargy "Among"

Motley Crue "Merry Go Round - Live" (R)
Flotsam and Jetsam "N.E. Terror" (R)
Malice "Captive of Light" (R)
Malign "Skin and Lye"
The Fabulous Dung Beatles "Jason Ate Bad chicken"

Thought Industry "Jack Frost Junior"
Vampiria "The Hand of Death"
Paragon "Deny the Cross"
Warlord "Aliens"
Mutha's Day Out "Locked"

Nashville Pussy "Atlanta's Still Burning" (R)
Fight "Little Crazy" (R)
Motorhead "I Ain't No Nice Guy" (R)
Anvil "Metal on Metal" (R)

Edge of Paradise "Walk the Line" (R)
Armageddon Monks "Pope-Action Shotgun"
Scorcher "More Whiskey"
Saint Chaos "Living in this Misery"

Manowar "Death Tone" (R)
Anathema "Eternal Rise of the Sun"
GWAR "The Road Behind"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
This LE was the first one in November, which meant it was the night we go off Daylight Savings Time, and go back onto Standard Time, we set the clocks back an hour, thus gaining an hour, and making it the only seven hour LE of the year. This show is traditionally a Tribute To The Past Show, as it was tonight, playing mostly all old music, some of it rare and obscure. There were a couple sets of new music, and occasionally a new song to fill a request, we always please our listeners, but mostly old school music. Adam and Little Gorgar were there. Russian Roulette was played. If a bullet, I.E., a cheesy glam hair band, or any overplayed song, or two covers played, if it played on an odd numbered song, Adam would take the penalty, if on an even number, Just Joe would. The first set, no bullet. The second set, there was, and it should have been Adam's, but he left just as the second cover started to play. So Just Joe had to take it. He had a choice. He could either have firecrackers put down the back of his pants and lit, or he could be put down stairs, in the sound proof production room, and listen to a particular CD. Just Joe chose the CD. It was the Lulu, AKA the Metallica with Lou Reed CD. Just Joe actually got left down there listening for two music sets, it had been supposed to be only one. Just Joe came back acting quite shaken, he tried to say he had liked it, but he wasn't believable, and when Azkath told him there was another whole CD of it he could listen to if he liked it so much, he started crying, a lot. He tried to say they were tears of joy. When told, if he liked it, he could hear more of it, if not, he didn't have to, he wailed that that had been the most horrible experience he had ever had, worse than barbed wire, worse than being set on fire. I wonder if it was worse than a cabinet really full of spiders? Just Joe said the next time Russian Roulette was played, he wanted the firecrackers, he didn't have to ponder the choice for even a second, definitely no more Lulu! So I guess that CD really isn't very good, go figure. There was another round of Russian Roulette. No bullet. There were Two segments of Movie Time. Just Joe had only seen one movie this week, and Adam and Little Gorgar hadn't seen any...

November 13, 2011

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Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord "Ante Bellum Overture / Blood of the Prophets"
Diamond Plate "Casualty of War"
Golden Ressurection "See My Commands"
Gypsyhawk "The Rabble and the Rule"

Megadeth "Sudden Death"
Divine Ascension "Guided by Osiris"
Iced Earth "Anguish of Youth"
Lance King "Infinity Divine"
Vellenfyre "The Divine Have Fled"

Chains of Honor "A Giant John Wilkes Booth"
Vektor "Dying World"
Tornado "Ignorance is Thy Name"
Weedeater "Jason... The Dragon"
Imperial Venegance "Veiled Threats Over Cocktails"

Slow Burning Car "Sirens"
Serious Problems "Apathy"
Supreme Pain "The Dark Army"
Sarah Jezebel Deva "Zombie"
Divot "Arms to Row"

The Supersuckers "Born with a Tail"
Charetta "Bully"
Gloominous Doom "Totally Awesome Definitely"
Undergang "Table Scraps"
Enfuneration "Stygian Darkness"

To the Deep "What the Sun Created"
Nekrogoblikon "Bears"
Earthbound "Victim of a Madman"
Old Silver Key "Star Catcher"
Skinny Puppy "Icktums"

Sanjuro Fields "Under the Floor - Live"
Heresiarch "Carnivore"
FireWolfe "Armed Forces"
Six Hour Sundown "Jekyll & Hide"
TV's Kyle "We're Gonna Hurt Them"

Rammstein "Mein Land"
Scholar "Pants on Fire"
Armed with Valor "I Killed the Peeping Tom"
Circus Grenade "Exit"
Wizard "Heart Eater" (R)

Hate Machine "PB" (R)
Masakari "Pain Concieved as a Tool"
Ion Vein "Enough"
Sekond Skyn "Souls of Lead"
Neige et Noirceur "Hymne-4"

The Clan Destined "Swinging Like Judas"
Mortal Sin "Burned Into Your Soul"
J.B.O. "Raining Blood"
Edge of Paradise "We Breathe"
Wolves in the Throne Room "Woodland Cathedral"

Careless "Out of Control"
Counterparts "The Constant"
Tetrafusion "Last Chance"
Generation Kill "Hate"

Hull Just a Trace of Early Dawn"
Loom! "Frozen"
The Dogs Divine "I'm In Love with My Car"
Only Flesh "Crucivixen"
B.M.L. "A Song that Goes Like This"

DOPE "Falling Away" (R)
D.A.D "Sleeping My Day Away"
Twisted Sister "Under the Blade"
Slayer "God Send Death"
Possessed "Confessions"

Meanstreak "Time Bomb"
Mammoth "All the Days" (R)
Motorhead "March or Die" (R)
Dream Theater "Pull Me Under" (R)

Murdercar "Mirage of Blood"
Nuclear Assault "Brainwashed"
Evildead "Annihilation of Civilizaton"
Manowar "Guyana (Cult of the Damned)"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Just Joe was there. There was Movie Time, but it was done a little differently tonight. Just Joe, for once, had actually managed to see TWO whole movies this week, and Azkath had seen about four, so, throughout the night, Just Joe, or Azkath, would review only one of their movies at a time, with Azkath going first, and last, since he had seen twice as many as Just Joe. There was a segment where some paranormal topics were discussed, with names of good on-line radio programs to listen to for that subject matter. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...

November 20, 2011 - Just a Memory Visit...

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Just a Memory were there for the first 2 hours, and were interviewed and played some live acoustic material.

The Objex "Fingered / R.S.V.P."
Imperial Vengeance "The Voice of Thelema"
Nekrogoblikon "Army of Goblins"
Chains of Honor "Neighbs"
Gypsyhawk "Blackhaven"

Just a Memory "Battlefield"

Just a Memory "No Turning Back - Acoustic Live"

Just a Memory "For the Love of Pity"
Vektor "Tetrastructural Minds"
Firewolfe "FireWolfe"
JBO "Ace of Spades"

Just a Memory "All Right / Runaway - Live Acoustic"

Slow Burning Car "In the Trees"
Giant Squid "Figura Serpentina"
Thousand Year War "Open Casket"
Drop Head "Fighting for Air"
Static People "The Late Projectionist"

Just a Memory "I Hate You - Live Acoustic"

Armed with Valor "What All the Kids are Craving"
Supreme Pain "The Dark Army"

Edge of Paradise "Mask" (R)
Arryan Path "77 Days Till Doomsday"
Sober Truth "Leave Me Alone"
Sick of It All "Sanctuary"
Cirque Du So What? "My Chinese, Me Play Joke"

Undergang "old Man"
Consortium Project "Pandora's Box"
Wreak Havoc "Hopelessly, I Hope"
Amoral "Wrapped in Barbed Wire"
Careless "Song 9"

The Objex "Squeeze"
Charetta "Lights Out"
Serious Problems "Leaky Information"
Vader "Don't Rip the Beast's Heart Out"
EdGuy "Two Out of Seven"

Die Hard Till Death "Weak are the Cruel"
Orphaned Land "Bereft in the Abyss - Live"
Chris Connely "Classically Wounded"
Trigger the Bloodshed "Devouring all that is Kind"
Andra Dare "Dacryphilia"

Fastway "Deliver Me"
Outrage "Pact of the Wicked"
Pain of Salvation "To the Shoreline"
Battlerage "Warlock's Epitaph"
Tornado "3 of 8"

Sanjuro Fields "Angry Annette? - Live"
Earthbound "Heather"
The Lobster Quadrille "7 Reasons to Die - Live"
Sulaco "Magee"
The Amity Affliction "Anchors"

Bang Tango "Dick in the System"
The Slot "Dead Stars"
Nabaath "War Blasphemy!"
Steve Goodie "If You Want to Say Fuck, Say Fuck"
Gloominous Doom "Trannysylvania"

Nemesea "Afterlife"
Skinny Puppy "Gambatte"
Hundredth "Carry On"
Amon Amarth "...and Soon the World Will Cease to Be" (R)

Dimmu Borgir "Puritania" (R)
Carnifex "Until I Feel Nothing"
Vallenfyre "Ravenous Whore"
Heresiarch "Thunorrad"

Nevermore "Inside Four Walls" (R)
Suicidal Tendencies "Waking the Dead" (R)
Skydancer "Windcurves"
King Diamond "Abagail" (R)

Mercyful Fate "Black Masses - Live"
Ulver "Wolf & Fear" (R)
Aesma Daeva "Downvain"
Mortal Sin "Liar"
GWAR "The Song of Words"

Saxon "Play It Loud" (R)
Reverend "The World Won't Miss You"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
The band Just A Memory was there for the first couple hours. They were interviewed, and they played some of their songs live and acoustic on the air. Tracks from their EP were played as well. They are a cool band, is the website where they can be found. There were four segments of Movie Time, Just Joe really sucks and had seen no movies this week, not even any kid ones that he watched with his spawn. He is still working his way through the television series "Lost". So Azkath had to do Movie Time by himself, spacing his four movies out, one at a time, throughout the night. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...

November 27, 2011 - Stone Soul Foundation Visit

Listen to the Show


Stone Soul Foundation are on the first half of the show, being interviewed and playing some live acoustic songs...

Ana Kefr "Ash-Shahid"
Vader "The Black Eye"
Dream Theater "Bridges in the Sky"

The Objex "Art Official"
Volumes "Affirmation of Ascension"
Careless "Blackened Walls of Freedom"
Clandestine "Philistine"
Earthbound "The Slave"

Stone Soul Foundation "Sidewalker"
Panzie "All American"
Million Miles to Broadway "Death Rattle"
Azaghal "The Pit of Shoggoths"
Faster Pussycat "Bathroom Wall - Rerecorded"

Stone Soul Foundation "Song about You - Live Acoustic"

Stone Soul Foundation "Song about You"
Maax "Rot and Roll"
Amoral "This Never Ending Game"
Requiem "Symbol of Nine"
Divine Ascension "Unscathed"

Stone Soul Foundation "Dead Awake - Live Acoustic"

Stone Soul Foundation "Christian"
Lance King "Kibou"
Tornado "Ignorance is Thy Name"

Stone Soul Foundation "Mountain of Time"
Vektor "Dark Creations, Dead Creations"
Pain of Salvation "1979"
Pandora's Toybox "Sir Reberal Cortex"
Golden Ressurection "Golden Times"

In the Midst of Lions "False Idols"
Coalesce "Cut to Length"
Pact "Litany to Satan"
Volturyon "Euphoria through Execution"

Brand New Sin "Know Yourself"
Generation Kill "Let Me Die"
Deceased "The Traumatic"
Deadfall "In Death's Path"
Gary Barden "Blackmail"

Ire Clad "In Your Face"
Midas Fate "History Repeats Itself"
Redemption "Blink of an Eye"
Drop Head "What Am I Doing Here?"
Gypsyhawk "Planet Former"
One Eyed Doll "Murder Suicide"

Abagail Williams "Ascension Sickness"
Paradise Lost "Forever Failure - Live"
Lee Small "Walk the Plank"
The Browning "Standing on the Edge"
Riot "Echoes"

Golden Ressurection "See My Commands" (R)
Sirenia "The End of It All"
Visions of Atlantis "Maria Magdelena"
Tormented "Tomb of Coprses"
Sick of it All "Sanctuary"

Asshole "Pieces from the Diary of My Deaths"
The Boneless Ones "Rock and Roll Slob"
Bloodgood "Alone in Suicide"
Black Sabbath "Paranoid - Live"

Venom "Witching Hour"
Obituary "Don't Care" (R)
Morgoth "Female Infanticide / The Art of Sinking"
Malevolent Creation "Monster"

Hexx "A Time of War"
Lone Rager "Metal Rap"
Shotgun Messiah "Jihad" (R)
Dio "Don't Talk to Strangers" (R)

Pyogenesis "In the End"
Zno White "Thunderdome"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
The band Stone Soul Foundation was there for about the first half of the program. They were interviewed, told us about themselves. They played a couple songs live and acoustic on the air, and lots of their music was played from CD as well. They are awesome, is their website. Just Joe was not there, and no one knew where he was, no one had heard from, or was able to get in touch with him. Kal was there. Azkath asked Kal if he had had anything to do with Just Joe's mysterious absence? Kal said he had done nothing to Just Joe, or, at least he was pretty sure he hadn't. He did mention that he had heard of this guy who had been going around super gluing people's windows and doors shut so they couldn't get out of their houses. He speculated that perhaps something like that had happened to Just Joe. Azkath asked him if HE had done that to Just Joe, Kal said he was pretty sure he had not. Azkath decided to call Just Joe, on the air, to see if he could reach him, and maybe get to the bottom of this... When he called Just Joe's cell phone, it rang, on Kal! Kal obviously had Just Joe's cell phone in his possession! Kal immediately said that he had to go, and ran out. Azkath chased after him to make him explain himself, and what he had done to Just Joe, but Kal escaped. Since Azkath had the rest of the show to run, he couldn't follow Kal any further, but he did say that, after the show, he was going to check on Just Joe's house and see if he was super glued in there. BAD BAD KAL!! There was one segment of Movie Time, with Kal participating in it before he got caught and ran off. Just Joe probably hadn't seen any movies to contribute anyways. Maybe, with two weeks time, and a lot of that time probably having been spent super glued into his house, thanks to Kal, he will have been watching some, after all, if you can't leave your house, you will have a lot of time to fill. The last hour of the program was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...

December 4, 2011 - Bryan and Keith

Listen to the Show

Stone Soul Foundation "Mountain of Time"
Careless "Blackened Walls of Freedom"
Sulaco "Dingy Metropolis"

The Isotopes "Galactic Canabalism"
Suffokate "Always Hopeless"
The Objex "Criminal State"
Tornado "Hate Worldwide"
Griffar "The Demented God"

Drop Head "Come Back to Me"
Kamelot "Nothing Ever Dies"
Laibach "Life is Life"
Cynic "The Space for This"
Sonata Arctica "Full Moon"

Sorrow of Batavia "A Descent Charred and Blackened"
Chains of Honor "Last Chance"
Pazz Kluger "I Hate My Life, I Love My Lie"
Panzerbastard "B.L.O.D."
Circle Jerks "World Up My Ass / Beat Me Senseless" (R)

Drop Head "Inside My Head"
Sepultura "Biotech is Godzilla" (R)
Cradle of Filth "Thirteen Autumns and a Widow (Red October Mix)" (R)
Amity in Fame "The Kraken"
Crotchduster "Mammal Sauce"

Drop Head "Fake Reality"
Charetta "Distraction"
Xenomorph "The Keep"
Panzie "Rock and Roll Hammer"
Kruds "Advantage - Harlot"

Drop Head "Reality"
Die Hard Till Death "Hell is Afraid"
Theocracy "Altar to the Unknown God"
Vektor "Venus Project"
Faster Pussycat "Wonderwall"

Drop Head "Metal Gods"
Nekrogoblikon "No One Survives"
Imperial Vengeance "The Ghost Light"
Earthbound "Evil Under the Sun"
Circus of Dead Squirrels "Brutalized / Bible Thumpers"

Drop Head "Fighting for Air"
DieMonsterDie "Deep Space Isolation Psychosis"
Crisis "Nomad"
Cosmic Sea "March for Flames"
Jonestown "Bloodless"

Hibria "Tiger Punch"
Worm Quartet "A Worm Quartet Christmas"
Austrain Death Machine "Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies"
Paradise Lost "Shades of God - Live"
Golden Dawn "Nameless"

Drop Head "Drop Dead"
Gypsyhawk "The Bokor's Procession"
Arryan Path "Lost Ithaca"
Cosortuim of Genius "Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue"
The Commander-In-Chief "Battle of the Mind"

Pyogenesis "Sacrificious Profanity"
Reckless "Feel the Fire"
Queensryche "Queen of the Reich - Live"
Oz "Turn the Cross Upside Down"
Axel Rudi Pell "Wanted Man"

Masada "The Bitter End"
Iced Earth "Slave to the Dark" (R)
Motorhead "I Ain't No Nice Guy"(R)
Slayer "Captor of Sin" (R)

Banshee "Fight"
TKO "Below the Belt"
Tygers of Pan Tang "Gangland"

Engine "Falling Star"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; 
Just Joe was absent for the second week in a row, and no one had seen or heard from him. Kal was back this week. Now, last week, Azkath had become suspicious that Kal might be responsible for Just Joe's not being there, especially after Kal said that he had heard about someone going around super gluing people's windows and doors shut, trapping them in their houses, and then Azkath had tried to call Just Joe's cell phone, and it had rang, on Kal. Azkath told Kal that he had checked on Just Joe's house, and the windows and doors had all indeed been super glued shut, but there was a tunnel. He said he wasn't going through a tunnel in Just Joe's house. He also said that he had been able to break through the super glue easily, so he didn't know why that should have kept Just Joe from being at LE, but, it is Just Joe we are talking about here, after all, he is not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Anyways, it is highly likely that Kal is responsible for there being no Just Joe. Naughty Kal! There were members of two bands present. Bryan, from Sorrow Of Batavia, was there for a while. He updated us on what has been, and is, going on with his band, which is a very cool band. Keith, from the band Drop Head, was there for most of the night, until 5:00. He updated us on the goings on with his band, and a lot of his band's music was played from CD. They rock, is their website. There were a couple segments of Movie Time, with Keith and Bryan participating in them. Well, Bryan in some, Keith in all, Kal had not seen any movies this week, probably because he's been too busy making it so that Just Joe is not here. I certainly hope Just Joe has been using his time away, which is now been at least three weeks, doing something really productive, like watching movies, he should have been able to watch a lot of movies in all that time, so that for once he will actually have something to contribute to Movie Time, as he has been really sucking at that lately. The last hour of the program was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...

December 11, 2011 - Ire Clad Visit...

Listen to the Show


Ire Clad are on the first half of this show...

Tornado "A Bold Statement / Hate Worldwide"
Vulture Industries "The Crunbling Realm"
Slow Burning Car "Adama"
Charetta "Lights Out"

Oz "Turn the Cross Upside Down"
So Much for Nothing "Perfect"
Topper "Stop the World"
Dungeon "Insanity's Fall"
Ghoul "Blood Feast"
Ignitor "Reinheitsgebot"

Ire Clad "Say This Not to Me"

Ire Clad "Hazard / Side Step - Live Acoustic"

Careless "Blackened Walls of Freedom"
Earthbound "I Declare War"

Ire Clad "Empower" - Live Acoustic

Amoral "Wastelands"
Mortal Sin "Doomed to Annihilation"

Ire Clad "Dead Alive" - Live Acoustic

Embrace the Massacre "Exsangionation"
Demolition "Maniac"
Horrendous "Fatal Dreams"
Consortium Project "Intrusions of Madness"
Cirith Ungol "Frost and Fire"

Ire Clad "Little Middle Man"

Ire Clad "Force It Down"
Hellcannon "Chainsaw Ripping Death"
Majestic Downfall "Dimension Plague"
Panzie "Jezebel"
Vektor "Tetrastructural Minds"

Tornado "Massive Extinction Impact"
JBO "Another Brick in the Wall"
The Objex "Social Disease"
Supreme Pain "Damned Creation"
The Isotopes "Nuclear Overreactor"
Cirque Du So What "Stupid Cowboy Thing"

Worm Quartet and TV's Kyle "A Song for Worm Quartet to Sing with TV's Kyle"
Blood Mortalized "Bestial"
Divot "Arms to Row"
Kroda "Schwarzpfad I: First Snow"Dies Irae "Sex"

Lamb of God "Ghost Walking"
We Die Tonight "Best Dressed in Blasphemy"
Metalian "Sonic Attack"
House of Shakira "Voice in the Void"
Psychostick "Sadface :(" (R)
Forgotten Tomb "Joyless"

Stone Soul Foundation "Song About You"
Ebola "Cult of Death"
Excruciator "Skulls of the Abyss"
Oriz "Captured"
Skinny Puppy "Icktums"

Bashee "Running Wild"
Eternal Sadness "Black Magic"
Artillery "In the Trash"
Black Label Society "Peddler's of Death" (R)
The Beast "Randall Flag"

Special Unit 2 "Don't Waste My Time"
Oz "Black Candles"
Masada "Malfunction"
Machine Head "A Thousand Lies"
Mama's Boys "Needle in the Groove"

Indestroy "USSA"
Vio-lence "Bodies on Bodies"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Just Joe was finally back, after two weeks absence. He said he hadn't been there because he had been on vacation, and then, when he got back, he found a tunnel in his house, the tunnel Azkath had mentioned seeing the week before, when he went to check on Just Joe's house, because he suspected that Kal had super glued his windows and doors, which, someone had, and we suspect it was Kal, no matter how much he denies it. The band Ire Clad was there for about the first three hours. They were interviewed, and they played some songs live and acoustic on the air. Many songs from their CD were played as well. They are cool. They can be found on facebook and twitter. Tim was there. So was Kal, and his friend Shawn. The day before this LE, Saturday, December 10th, had been Kal's birthday, he turned 18, so he is now legal! Happy Birthday, Kal, and congratulations! It was also the birthday of a member of Ire Clad, Eric, so Happy Birthday, Eric! Just Joe Screeched, err, I mean, sang "Happy Birthday To You", with the band joining in. Azkath told Just Joe to go find something to give Kal his birthday spankings with. Just Joe came back with a cookie sheet. Azkath told Just Joe to hit Kal in the head with it. Just Joe gave Kal two shots to the head with it, then gave him his birthday spankings with it, then some more shots to the head. Now, Tim likes a lot of things that put his manhood in serious question, he LOVES the TV show "Dawson's Creek", loves the TV show, and the movie, "Glee", and has a lot of music on his MP3 player that men just shouldn't like, especially not a man on a metal show. And now, Tim kept his manhood in question by saying that the new "Twilight" movie had been really good. Azkath told Just Joe to hit Tim with the cookie sheet. Which Just Joe did. Then, later, everyone got hit with the cookie sheet. Azkath told Just Joe to hit Kal with it, to remember that Kal had stolen all his buttons a few weeks back, and that now he had super glued his house, and dug a tunnel there. Kal started fighting back, and he and Just Joe wound up on the floor together, hitting each other with the cookie sheet. During this struggle, Kal wound up with Just Joe's ass on his face. Tim got hit with the cookie sheet. He took it, and used it as a shield, then said he would hang onto it. Azkath got it back from him, and hit Kal, and Just Joe with it. Quite a lot. There was a segment of Movie Time, with Kal, and Tim participating. Tim did actually have another movie to talk about besides "Twilight". And, Just Joe, after three weeks away, did finally have some movies to talk about, despite having spent that time on vacation, and having all those problems at his house. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour.

December 18, 2011 - Final Pre-Anniversary End of the World Show...

Listen to the Show

This show is where we celebrate our final pre-anniversary end of the world show. Chains of Honor join us for the first few hours...

Neurosis "Theshold"
Mastermind "The End of the World"

HPLHS "The World in Terror and Madness Lies"
Carnivore "Armageddon"
Fields of the Nephilim "Chord of Souls"
My Dying Bride "Apocalypse Woman"
Tornado "Massive Extinction Impact"

Chains of Honor "Neighbs"
The Nefilim "Chaocracy"
IXXI "Armageddon Nobility"
Ecthition "Warmageddon"
Anvil " I Dreamed It was the End of the World"

Chains of Honor "Last Chance"
Don't Go Into the Woods "Take the Head to the Tarpit - Live"

Worm Quartet "A Worm Quartet Christmas"
Dimmu Borgir "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse - Live"
Cradle of Filth "Thank God for the Suffering"
Skuzo "Dance to the Apocalypse"

Chains of Honor "A Giant John Wilkes Booth"
The Wizzard "Doomsday Radio"
At the Gates "The Flames of End"
Bad Religion "Fuck Armageddon... This is Hell"
Bathory "Armageddon"

Chains of Honor "Territories"
Embrace the Massacre "Half Dead"
Jonestown "Burn the Page"
HPLHS "The Carol of the Olde Ones"
Anacrusis "Apocalypse"
Atreyu "Doomsday"
Black Sabbath "Hand of Doom'

Chains of Honor "Altitudes"
Black Tusk "End of Days"
Harter Attack "Death Bells of the Apocalypse"
Nightwish "End of All Hope"
HPLHS "It's the Most Horrible Time of the Year"
Engine "Falling Star'

Deadlock "The End of the World"
Destruction "Armageddonizer"
Jeff Walker Und Die Fluffers "The End of the World"

Harley Poe "It's Only the End of the World"

Hypocrisy "Apocalypse (Re-Recorded)"
HPLHS "Death May Die"
Iperyt "A Pocket Sized Armageddon"
Holyhell "Apocalypse"
Incubus "The Battle of Armageddon"

Therion "Quetzalcoatl"
The Nefilim "Pazuzu (Black Rain)"
What's He Building in There "Armageddon"
Amphionelle "Apocalypse"
Thrall "Mass Extinction"

Syphilitic Vagina's "Armgeddon Buttfuck"
Shadowgarden "Slowmotion Apocalypse"
Anathema "Alternative 4"
Pyogenesis "In the End"
Sacrifice "Flames of Armageddon"

Venom "Black Xmas" (R)
Feilds of the Nephilim "Psychonaut Lib III"
Psyche Corporation "End of the World"
Bob Wayne "2012"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
It was The Final Pre Anniversary Count Down One Year To The End Of The World Show, where scenarios would be run through as to how the world would end, and what to do. The band Chains Of Honor was there, as were Tim, and Rick. The first scenario was that the moon would come out of it's orbit, and crash into the earth. What they did in this scenario was to all scream really loud, and then, stop, meaning it was all over. Then, because we are certain the apocalypse will involve zombies, there was a scenario involving them. Now, last year, that did not go too well, because we had the wimpiest zombies ever known, none of them wanted to go outside because it was just too cold, poor babies! So this year it went differently. Another reason it hadn't gone so well last year was because Just Joe got too into it, and actually bit people. So, this year, Just Joe would be a humping zombie, and people would have to try and fend him off, if he humped them for five seconds, they would become zombies, too, and they would hump people. The goal was to get Just Joe outside, where he did not want to go because, again, it was cold outside, being mid to late December in central New York. Anyone who successfully fought off Just Joe was a survivor. Just Joe humped to his Hugging Music. Rick was the only survivor, so,when the apocalypse comes, you should stick close by Rick, and maybe you will survive. Then they ran a scenario with rival cults. Tim would be the leader of one cult, and a member of Chains Of Honor would be the leader of the other. They would see who could recruit the most members. The band member promised his cult members safety. Tim promised his members cheap women, and yogurt, and weapons. Almost everyone joined Tim's cult. Then the two cults were given weaponry, baking sheets, and told to battle it out until there was a winner. But, again, Rick had joined Tim's cult, so the other cult never had a shot at survival, but the battle with the cookie sheets was impressive. Now, as has been mentioned here, Tim's manhood has been seriously called into question, he loves "Dawson's Creek", "Glee", both the TV series, and the movie, the "Twilight" movies, and now, we find out, Janet Jackson! It was decided that another attempt should be made to make Tim into a man, that had been tried last year, and it had seemed to be working, but then he heard some Bon Jovi, and that turned him back into a girl again. So they had him watch a DVD entitled "Video Armageddon", it had lots of gore, boobs, asses, and asses on fire. Over the night, Tim did become more and more manly. Unfortunately, as was the case last time as well, the more manly he gets, the more of an obnoxious jerk he seems to become. He finally stormed out, after not liking two of the songs that were played. one was a cover of "The End Of The World", the pop song, which started his rant, and then a song about the end of the world, which was funny, and had cool lyrics, but was sung in a total country way, completely set him off, he said he was leaving, because he couldn't take this crap anymore. They were undecided as to whether they wanted to keep this obnoxious Tim, or try to change him. There was a final end of the world scenario, where they counted down the seconds... And nothing happened. The band Chains Of Honor was there for about the first half of the night, in addition to what I already said they did, they were interviewed, and all the songs from their CD were played. They rock, is the website where you can find them. Just Joe was asked, and didn't know, why Kal had had his cell phone when Just Joe was on vacation. Just Joe was apparently unaware that, in addition to super gluing the doors and windows on his house shut, and digging a tunnel there, Kal had stolen his cell phone. Just Joe denied having anything to do with why Kal was absent this week... As we were nearing Christmas, some Christmas music was played, but LE style Christmas music, of course, comedy songs, and parodies of Christmas songs with different lyrics... So, a very happy Pre Anniversary One Year Count Down To The End Of The World, everyone! If you have stuff you really want to get done, better get cracking!
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