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January 23, 2011 - Dave is Back

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Dave was there, and EVD was not, once again lending credence to the theory that they are indeed the same person, no matter how much both of them try to deny it. There were a few segments of Adventures In Listening, as Azkath had a ton of brand new music this week, and a few segments of Movie Time, with Dave participating in a couple of them before he left (he was there for about the first two hours). Which was Dave's first Movie Time, his virgin experience, if you will, as he, being the absolute worst co-host in the world, is never around enough to have participated in one, though it has been a feature for months and months now. 

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(R) = Requested

Background: Arnaud Conde' "Velvorn: The Bladed Druid"

The Bronx Casket Co. "Antihero"
Halford "Till the Day I Die"
Pasadena Napalm Division "Spell It Out"

22nd Century "Howie the Skid"
Ekotren "Dead Behind the Eyes"
Ill Nino "God is for the Dead"
VoiVod "Iron Gang"
Volbeat "Evelyn"

ReinXeed "Seep Under Sea"
Malison Rouge "Friend or Foe"
Moon & Sun "Where the Wild Things Are"
NO-SE "The Time of Explosions"
Images of Eden "Tribal Scars"

Millbastards "Mr. Hands - Live" (R)
Ruination "From the Bottom"
The Razor Skyline "This City Never Sleeps"
Department of Coreuption "Homeless"
Death Angel "Into the Arms of Righteous Anger"

Amity in Fame "Amity We Should Give"
Crow Black Sky "Dissension"
MiRAMAR "We Are the Future"
Extreme Neuron Noise "Interpreters of Conventional Reality"

Tuck from Hell "Death Before Disco"
Atomic Playground "Atomic Playground (Never Again)"
Madlife "Little Ray of Sunshine"
Farewell to Freeway "Dharma's a Bitch"
Madlife "Everyone"

Annihilator "Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade" (R)
Phantom Blue "Frantic Zone"
Pitch Shifter "Gritter"
Twinspirits "Slave to This World"
Vinder "Where Evil Dwells"
Reism "Let Me Go"

Lava Engine "Drain Your Soul"
Abysmal Dawn "In Service of Time"
Hardcore Circus "Queen of Dirt"
Shroud of Despondency "Homo Homini Lupus"
Appearance of Nothing "The Rise and Fall of Nothing"

Safe Mode "I'll Show You the Exit"
Sebastian "Remiel in Flames"
Tiberius "Entity"
Avian "Black Masquerade"
DyNAbyte "I'm Not Scared"

Seven Thorns "Countdown"
Praying Mantis "Children of the Earth 2010"
Pandora's Toybox "Slaves to the Sleigh"
Misery "I Hate Your Face"
Signum Regis "Oathbreaker"

Times of Grace "Fight for Life"
Soulspell "Dark Prince's Dawn"
Shaydon "Forgotten Nightmare"
Golden Resurrection "The Final Day"
Sixty Miles Down "Talking to a Dead Man"

Tetrafusion "Monologue"
Unveil the Strength "100 Hours"
Andra Dare "Horses"
Grand Magus "At Midnight They'll get Wise"
Mongrel "Houdini Act"
Wojcik "Off Your Meds"
Nothing but Enemies "Creepy Crawl"

Cyclophonia "Retaliate"
Andrew McKee of the Deluge "Hourglass"