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February 27, 2011 - Kal Sends Joe Away...


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard: Dave was there, wonder of all wonders! And, yet again, EVD was not there. It really is looking more and more all the time like the theory that they are the same person is indeed correct. Little Gorgar and Adam, the new Adam, since Rick killed the old one a while ago, were there. Just Joe was not there, and Kal was. They asked Kal what he had done with Just Joe. Kal said he thought he might have mailed him to Virginia. I'll bet the people of Virginia are just thrilled about that, I'm sure they would not be too happy with Kal. Kal said he had done this to get revenge on Just Joe for calling him a coward. But they were not happy with Kal, because we kinda need Just Joe. It was decided that Kal needed to be punished. They first had Dave strip and do a sexy dance for him. But Kal didn't seem traumatized enough, hard as that is to believe, Dave doing a naked sexy dance is quite frightening! So, for more punishment, Dave sicked Adam on Kal. They ran outside. Only Kal returned, and he said he had buried Adam in the snow, and good luck finding him. They told Dave to come up with some other punishment for Kal. Dave thought about it a while, and said he had the perfect plan... He was going to Virginia to get Just Joe. Now The people of Virginia have even more reason to be upset with Kal! Dave left, and so did Kal, saying that his work was done, although they said it was really because he was a girly coward. There were a few Movie Times throughout the night, with Dave, Kal, and Foul Mouth Girl participating in different ones. And, for the last few weeks, the last hour of the program has been a Tribute To The Past, with all old music. Well, it will soon be renamed The Rare, Obscure, And Classic Hour, the exact title is still being decided upon. And, to start out tonight's installment of this new feature, there was an old, extremely rare, Judas Priest song which had never been recorded anywhere, and had only been played live, decades ago. So that was a treat, and a cool inauguration for this new feature...

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(R) - Requested

Zimmers Hole "Anonymous Esophagus"
Horse the Band "Sex Raptor"
Raunchy "Somebody's Watching Me"
Rammstein "Keine Lust"
Worm Quartet "Eat Here and Die"

King Diamond and Black Rose "Kill for Fun"
Cauldron "All or Nothing"
Of Wrath and Ruin "Water of the Corrupt"
The One Through Tens "Eye for an Eye"
Benedictum "Bang"

Deicide "To Hell with God"
Scream Arena "House of Pain"
One-Eyed Doll "You're a Vampire"
Circus of Dead Squirrels "Familiarized / What We Deserve"
Slayer "Seasons in the Abyss" (R)

Affiance "Nostra Culpa"
Empire Auriga "Dreaming of Breath and Stars"
Withering Soul "Lifeless They Lie"
Cavalera Conspiracy "Thrasher"
Ektomorf "The One (featuring Danko Jones)"

The Bronx Casket Company "Bonesaw"
Cyclophonia "Retaliate"
Occult Detective Club "One to Ten"
Reism "This is All for You"

Born of Scars "Face"
Belphegor "Angeli Mortis De Profundis"
Symbol Six "Go"
Dino-Mike "Perfect Girl"

Judgement Day "Death March"
Shadyon "Strange Visions"
Kopiklanni "Ukon Wacka"
Razorwyre "Fuck You Tonight"
Betrayer F.T.M. "To Kill or Die"

Beltane "North Sun"
Dakrest Hour "Violent by Nature"
Colossus "Kill More Better"
Dawn of Ashes "God-Like Demon"
Cradle of Filth "The Persecution Song"

Dyonisis "We Are... / Of The Fear"
Amity in Fame "Relegate the Judge"
Shroud of Despondency "Flicker of the Ardent Light"
Dodsferd "The Hate Goes On"
Jolly "End Where It Starts"

Zombiefication "Cryptic Broadcast"
Mercyful Fate "A Corpse Without Soul" (R)
Omision "Won't Be Saved"
Feral "Behead the Crucifix"
Worm Quartet "Coffee"

Scholar "Everything is Backwards"
Comeback Kid "Crooked Floors"
The Warriors "Pit of Shame"
22nd Century "I Read It on the Radio"
MiRAMAR "We are the Future"

Requiem for Oblivion "God Builder"
Unveil the Strength "100 Hours"
Dream into Dust "Counterfeit"
Tetrafusion "Monologue"
Sodom "Nothing Counts More than Blood"

Judas Priest "Mother Sun - Live"
King Diamond with Black Rose "Disgrace"
Laibach "Angilia"
Skyclad "Land of the Rising Slum / The Antibody Politic"
Lazarus "The Edge of Forever"
EZO "Flashback, Heart Attack"
Last Chapter "2 Feet Tall"
Chastain "I Am the Rain"
Black Sabbath "Seventh Star"
Ultimatum "Puppet of Destruction"
Entombed "Supposed to Rot"
Fates Warning "Die Young - Live"
Lake of Tears "Planet of the Penguins"