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January 9, 2011 - Steve Performs


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; This was a Tribute To The Past Show, no Russian roulette or bullets this time, but a straight Tribute To The Past night, like it used to be, but we haven't had one for a while. Which means of course, that the whole program was mostly old music, with lots of rare stuff, and songs you don't hear very often, and/or which you probably haven't heard in a long time. They were great to hear, and the opening theme to Tribute To The Past Shows was used to start the program. I say it was mostly old music because there were a couple of sets of new music, as Azkath said he had too much cool new stuff this week not to play any of it. EVD, Tim, Steve, and Rick from The Metallic Onslaught, were there. Steve brought his guitar and played Iron Maiden's "Children Of The Damned", very appropriate for a Tribute To The Past Show. Steve sang as well as played guitar. Steve has a band, Scholar. Azkath gave everyone a challenge, a Dave challenge (Dave, still really earning his title of Worst Co-Host Ever, was, once again, not present). They had to dance to a song especially picked for the occasion. Just Joe won. For his prize he got a bear hug from Rick. As soon as Just Joe found out what his prize was he didn't want it, but he got it anyways. Rick turned Just Joe around, so that he could hug Just Joe, but Just Joe couldn't hug him back. Then Rick threw Just Joe down the stairs. When asked how he liked his prize, Just Joe reported that his insides hurt. There were two segments of Movie Time, with Rick, Tim, Steve, and EVD participating in the first one, and Foul Mouth Girl participating in the second one...

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(R) = Requested

Iron Maiden "Wasted Years"
Ace Frehley "Into the Night"
Agent Steel "Never Surrender"
Anacrusis "Idle Hours"

Blood Feast "Blood Lust"
Blood for Blood "Livin' in Exile"
Kyuss "Green Machine" (R)
Blind Illusion "Death Noise"

Prong "Unconditional" (R)
Faith No More "Be Aggressive"
Saint Chaos "Don't Wanna Be Alone"
Vendetta "Go and Live... Stay and Die"
Lethargy "All Things End"

Keel "Speed Demon"
Disturbed "Indestructible" (R)
Y&T "Don't Stop Runnin' - Live"
Gary Moore "Out in the Fields"
Napalm Death "Self Betrayal"

22nd Century "California"
Cold Snap "Snap"
Stratovarius "Under Flaming Skies"
Cyclophonia "Retaliate"
TV's Kyle "Tulip and Turtle"

Carnivore "S.M.D."
DAD "Day of Wrong Moves"
Edge of Sanity "Black Tears"
Fear "I Don't Care About You"
King Missile "Tongue"
Therapy? "Stop It You're Killing Me"

Corrosion of Conformity "Damned for All Time"
Benediction "Painted Skulls" (R)
Paradise Lost "Falling Forever"
Pesitlence "Reduced to Ashes"

Steve Blaqart "Children of the Damned - Live in Studio"

Dead Horse "Aplo"
Phantom Blue "Going Mad"
Piece Dogs "Hxgh Anxety"
Piecemeal "With You There was Eden"
Dark Angel "Perish in Flames"
Scorcher "More Whiskey"

Carcass "Incarnated Solvent Abuse" (R)
Cancer "Die Die"
Death "Pull the Plug"
Racer-X "Gone to Far"
Ratt "Sweet Cheater"
Nuclear Assault "Vengeance"

Killing Addiction "Vita Adeus"
Avantasia "Death is Just a Feeling"
Seven Thorns "Fires and Storms"
Dawnbringer "You Know Me"
Andrew McKee "Hourglass"

Liege Lord "Master Control"
Motorhead "Iron Fist"
Murdercar "Mirage of Blood"
Obsession "Losing My Mind"
Oliver Magnum "Sister Cybele"

Onslaught "Shellshock"
Only Living Witness "Knew Her Gone"
Omen "Teeth of the Hydra"
Overkill "Elctro-Violence"
Paradox "Paradox"

Suicidal Tendencies "Possessed to Skate"
DRI "Commuter Man / Reaganomics"
NOFX "Reagan Sucks"
Dead Kennedys "Drug Me"
Negative Approach "Nothing"
TSOL "Abolish Government / Silent Majority"
Anthrax "All the Wars"
Anti-Nowhere League "(We Will Not) Remember You"

Nasty Savage "Abstract Reality"
Armored Saint "Long Before I Die"
Not Fragile "High Into Heaven"
Riot "Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart)"