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January 9, 2005 - Others Perform Live

Others and Joe in the Snow

Just Joe was back and he did not deny Lance's claim that he had beaten JJ so severely that this was why he had been absent, so, it was true. Just Joe said that Lance had sneaked up on him and surprised him. It was one of those shows with a ton of people there, so let me see if I can take attendance and name them all. Just Joe as I said, Ian The Yeti, The Penguin, Alan (the new enforcer), Ritchie (vocalist and guitarist for the Pushrods), and the band Others. There! The band Others: Mark, Dano (also in Punch Drunk Monkeys), and Jessica were on to promote some upcoming concerts, to be interviewed, and to perform many of their songs live and acoustic on the air. They rocked and it was an awesome performance! They also promised while they were there that they would do something to take care of Just Joe. The time came for them to leave, and they had done nothing yet in this regard. As they were leaving, they said that they wanted to have their picture taken with Just Joe outside... Everyone went outside to arrange and witness this... And the band attacked Just Joe... They jumped him and kept putting their hands down his pants (well, unfortunately for Just Joe, only Mark and Dan-O did this, as Jessica sensibly ran away when she saw that this would involve putting hands down Just Joe's pants). Also unfortunately for Just Joe, they were putting their hands down his pants because they were putting snow down his pants, lots and lots of snow... They also dropped lots of snow down his shirt... They then double teamed him, shoving him into a large snow drift, and piling on top of him. The downside to all this was that when Just Joe finally got back inside, he took off his soaking wet pants, and then threatened to sit on people's laps, particularly poor Ian. Since the bands ambush of Just Joe had come as a total surprise, they wanted Ian to get Just Joe to go back outside and recreate the scene so that it could be documented this time. They told Just Joe to go outside with Ian. Just Joe was on to what they wanted to do and called them on it (he really does seem to be getting smarter about things like that). They of course denied it, saying that nothing like what had just happened with the band would happen again. Just Joe finally did go outside with Ian. And Just Joe and Ian had a brawl in the snow, mainly leaving Ian this time covered in snow. Ritchie performed some more Pushrods songs acoustically including a couple brand new ones which were hysterical. He then tried to perform their song "Girls In Vinyl Skirts", and, while he was attempting to do this, Just Joe was distracting him, dancing beside him, and doing a strip tease for him. Now of course having this going on from Just Joe while he was singing a song about girls in vinyl skirts and all the things he wants to do to and with them, very understandably made Ritchie very uncomfortable, and he kept cracking up so badly that he finally abandoned trying to get through the song, as he just couldn't do it. It was all very amusing. Just Joe and Azkath got into a brawl in which Azkath pile drove Just Joe onto a chair. And then toward the end of the night a very interesting development occurred... Just Joe was ranting on about a couple weeks back when they tricked him into going into the basement and locked him down there... He was talking about how he had escaped by finding Dr. Evil's cave and leaving through it. And apparently while he was in the cave he made an interesting find... A large, strange set of keys... Azkath told him to give him the keys, and then identified them... Now you will recall that Armageddon was supposed to fall on May 15th 2002, (almost three years ago now), and the big lead up to it only to have it not occur... And the reason it did not occur was because the late, not so great, and unlamented Zoltan had stolen the Keys to the Apocalypse and then refused to relinquish them... They had never been able to be successful in getting them back from him, and, after his demise, what had happened to the keys was never known. But, now they had turned up in Dr. Evil's cave. No one knew how or why they were down there, but here they were!! They were only for that particular Apocalypse, (which it was, of course, too late for), but Azkath said that he would try to combine them with the Wheel Of Satan (after working on the wheel to repair it, of course, as it is apparently broken even though Just Joe still insists that he fixed it when he made it play the Teletubbies), and see if he can engineer another Apocalypse. So, we shall all wait in breathless anticipation to see what this will yield! In the last portion of the show the recording of the band Other's performance from The Punch Drunk Monkey's 10th anniversary Extravaganza a couple months back was played in it's entirety. It sounded great and rocked! 

- Fire Eater Wizard