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February 27, 2005 - Mr. Zaremba and The Wheel of Satan

ShirtFor the first time in about three or four months, there was absolutely no Pushrods representation whatsoever on the show. Yes, they were all absent. Just Joe was back. In the first part of the show, some guests were briefly there. Michelle, (she who had brought the phallic cigarette lighter and molested Just Joe with it a few weeks back), and Ken (who made Azkath a shirt, pictured to the right). They were there for a few minutes, talked a bit, and then said they had to be going. Unfortunately, The Punch Drunk Monkeys were unable to make it to the show. But Mr. Zaremba did call in to talk about their upcoming concert. Saturday, March 5th, they will be on a show with Alabama Thunder Pussy and Gwar! It's at The Magic City Music Hall in Johnson City and will be really something! I mean, Alabama Thunder Pussy, Gwar, and Punch Drunk Monkeys complete with Crappy The Clown! What more needs to be said!? For Just Joe's challenge that week... Azkath said that he had finally finished his work trying to combine The Wheel Of Satan with The Keys To The Apocalypse, and that he wanted Just Joe to plug it in as he was not sure what would happen when it was plugged in, and, thus, wanted Just Joe to do it in case it exploded or something. Since Just Joe is stupid, this deal was fine with him. He plugged it in... And a couple of things happened. First of all, there was a loud screech, then a weird distorted echo. Also, the thing started playing The Teletubbies again. The echo distorted everything, The Teletubbies, and everyone who was talking. Just Joe thought that The Teletubbies were fine and exactly what the wheel was supposed to do. He kept insisting this, in fact. But Azkath told him to kick the thing, and, although, he resisted, he finally did. And the thing started making the old familiar sound of The Wheel Of Satan, although, the echo was still there. Then, a count down display appeared, which appeared to be set for three weeks from then. So, who knows, apparently, according to this, something big should happen then. We shall all have to wait and see. In the meantime, the thing was consigned to the basement 'til the big day, so that the echo (which they could not get to stop) could not be heard. And so that was the show.

- Fire Eater Wizard