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March 6, 2005 - New Pushrods CD and David's Last Stand

Just Joe was not there. They were not sure why this was, or where he was. It was eventually concluded that he may have attended the GWAR concert, and that, if so, GWAR had probably killed him. Crow from The Pushrods was there, so, once again, there was Pushrods representation on LE. However, there will not be for the next few weeks, as they are going on tour and, thus, will be elsewhere. Crow brought along their new CD, which is done and now available. It rocks, and the price is very reasonable. And, oh wonder of wonders!, guess who else was there for once?! No, not the person who would win the award for person with worst record of attendance, that would be, of course, Shoebox. No it was the person who would hands down be the runner up for worst co-host of all time... Yes, (drum roll) co-host David, bassist for the band Lotus Project, actually finally saw fit to put in an appearance after months of absence! And he informed us that he is cutting his hair short (on March 18th, mark that incredibly important date down!), leaving Lotus Project in three months, and moving to Florida. Well, it could be worse, at least it's not Jersey, where he has spent an ungodly amount of time for some unfathomable reason. I don't know how LE will manage to make it without him, after all, what will they ever do without all of the tireless, selfless, loyalty, dedication, hard work and long hours that he's put in as co-host!? I don't see how they can, but, I'm sure they will find a way to muddle through without him, somehow, extremely difficult though it will be, the show must go on, and thus, it will... Somehow. True to form, David left after a couple hours, nothing's changed there. Crow was there for most of the night, then left to rest up and get ready for their upcoming tour. We got to hear some of the tracks from the new CD played. It sounded great.

- Recap by Fire Eater Wizard