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February 28 - A Joeless Show

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Just Joe was not there, and was apparently refusing to be there again 'til they got the shoggoth off the roof. So Foul Mouth Girl would play the part of Just Joe for this night. Only she kept denying she was Just Joe all night. She didn't seem to want to be him, and, REALLY(!), who can blame her?! Who would ever want to be confused with having anything to do with being Just Joe?! It's bad enough when we all have to do it for National Joe Day, it takes your IQ forever to recover! So she didn't do a very good job of playing the part of Just Joe, but in this case, that would be considered a complement, if she, or anyone, did a really good job of being Just Joe, that would be a scary, horrible thing for them, and they should seek some professional help for that right away! The Enforcer was there for one talk break early in the night. He was informed that he was supposed to have beaten the crap out of James last week, for the sucky job he did, all the sucky music he played, when he was helping host the show last week 'til Azkath got there. The Enforcer was told, if he could go back in time and beat the crap out of James that would be good. Or, if he's there the next time James is there, that is if James ever dares to come back again, but, if he does, and The Enforcer is there, if I were James, I'd run away, as quickly as I possibly could. Just Joe, being played by Foul Mouth Girl, was told to take care of getting the shoggoth off the roof so Just Joe would come back. She, err, he said he could do that... Since everyone else likes the shoggoth, and no one likes Just Joe, you might ask, why not leave the shoggoth up there, it's doing two good things, keeping Just Joe away, and everyone but him likes it. Well, Just Joe is useful, and is entertaining, often accidentally, or to his harm, and does all the stuff no one else would do, mostly because he's the only one dumb enough to get talked into doing them... So we kinda need him around... So I guess the poor Shoggy's gotta go...

Listen to the Show

Living Sacrifice "Overkill Exposure"
Agoraphobic Nosebleed "Hung from the Rising Sun"
Slayer "Americon"
Hypocrisy "Sky is Falling Down"

Triptykon "A Thousand Lies"
High on Fire "Frost Hammer"
Carnifex "Angel of Death"
Mattsson "The Scream of My Soul"

Cirque du So What? "God Hates Comedy Musicians"
Bloodwritten "Bullet Overdose"
One-Eyed Doll "Meth Monster"
Requiem for Oblivion "Sorrow's Eve / Casting Shadows"

Dead Superstar "Cosmic Affair"
Acrassicauda "Garden of Stones"
Eluveitie "Everything Remains as It Never Was"
Cradle of Filth "Torture Soul Asylum"

Def Leppard "Get Your Rocks Off - Live"
Bruce Dickinson "Tatooed Millionaire - Live"
Black 'n Blue "Chains around Heaven - Live"
Skid Row "Sweet Little Sister - Live"

Abigor "Projekt Shadow"
Cauldron "Chained Up in Chains"
Made Out of Babies "Grimace"
The Lower Animals "Help! I'm Strangling Myself"
Rage "Lord of the Flies"

Karnivool "Goliath"
Tranquilatwist "Downhill"
Heathen "Undone"
Sovereign Strength "War on This World"

Desdemon "Aquiescence of Illusion"
Desolation of Eden "Desolation of Eden"
Slik Helvetika "Cadaver"
Andra Dare "The Evil Inside (with the Heavenly Creatures)"
Psyche Corporation "The Ceiling"

Iron Maiden "Caught Somewhere in Time"
Overkill "The Goal is your Soul"
Dark Tranqulity "At the Point of Ignition"
Slayer "Hate Worldwide" (R)

Suffokate "While They Sleep"
Droids Attack "Canadian Death Bus"
The Paper Sons "Blackout"
Devo Spice "I'm Not Your Personal IT Guy"
Gwynbleidd "Canvas for Departure"

Others "Comes the Darkness"
Wrath and Rapture "Disembodiment"
Mastermind "Meltdown"
Dark Fortress "Osiris"
Kimberly Freeman "Overdose"

LAW "Brick"
inRed "The Howling Caverns"
Broken Melody "Return Denied"
Pistol Shot Gypsy "The Showgun"
Beltane "North Sun"

The Waters Deep Here "Envy / Ira"
One-Eyed Doll "Suicidal Serenade"
Break of Reality "Parabolic Cosmos"

Goes Cube "Grinding the Knife Blade"
Arch Enemy "Savage Messiah / Scream of Anger" (R)
Job for a Cowboy "Lords of Chaos" (R)
Volumes "Through the Trees"
Sorrow of Batavia "Where Thy Heart Once Lain"

Illuminata "A Frame of Beauty"
Bone Jar "Quest of Fate"
Sickhoose "TAF"
Dreamscapes of the Perverse "Rise of Self"
Van Canto "One to Ten"

Mortemia "The Eye of the Storm"
Heidevolk "Walhalla Wacht"
Toxic Society "Human War"

Trouble "The Beginning of Sorrows"