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February 7 - A Shoggoth for Kal

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Continuing on with something that had started last week, all throughout the night, Just Joe would answer listener submitted questions of all types, on anything and everything. Azkath had also summoned a Shoggoth and taught it to say "Hi Kal". It was in the basement, and was so big it took up the entire basement. There was a microphone down there, so it could be coaxed to say Hi Kal. It did, and every time it did, Just Joe shrieked in terror. It kept saying Hi Kal, making the floor vibrate every time it spoke, and Just Joe kept screaming. Azkath told Just Joe that the only way to make the sound go away was to go down there and get the mic, which was a lie, as Azkath could have simply turned the mic off from upstairs. Just Joe however didn't know that of course. He didn't want to go near the Shoggoth, but he didn't want to keep hearing it talk either. And though I, and I think most people, would rather hear something horrible for a few hours and then you could just go home, than actually have to go confront it, where you'll still hear it but now also see, feel, smell, and likely taste it as well, well, let's just say that Just Joe is not most people, so he opted to go down there and try and retrieve the mic... There could be heard a lot of screaming from Just Joe, as well as the Shoggoth still saying Hi Kal. Finally Just Joe came back with the mic, he was covered in Shoggoth goo, and he was not at all happy. Later, Just Joe called in. He was outside, and he said the Shoggoth was breaking out of the basement, that their were tentacles coming out of the windows. Azkath told him to push them back in. Just Joe didn't want to do that, but suggested kicking it. Azkath encouraged him to try that, so Just Joe did, several times, and concluded that he definitely didn't think the Shoggoth liked that, it was clawing at him. Later, Just Joe asked Azkath why he had Shoggoth goo on him. Azkath said that he had gotten rid of the Shoggoth, which would be the start of a cool new game he had just invented, Hide the Shoggoth. He told Just Joe to guess where he had hidden the Shoggoth, then apologized, not very sincerely, for ruining his car. He told Just Joe next time it would be his turn to hide the Shoggoth. Just Joe didn't want to play Hide the Shoggoth. He was even less happy when he got a look at his car, it was completely enveloped in Shoggoth, there was not much car left. Gorgar arrived and Gorgar's Glam-o-rama occurred. His song this time was Lillian Axe's "Ghost Of Winter". Just Joe answered listener submitted questions all night long on stuff like aliens, zombies, robot slugs, flowers, and, well like I said at the beginning, anything and everything...

Listen to the Show

Fates Warning "Part of the Machine"
Slayer "Americon"
Living Sacrifice "The Reckoning"

Dark Fortress "As the World Keels Over"
Overkill "Ironbound"
Arkaik "Womb of Perception"
Clandestine "Philistine"

Karnivool "Goliath"
Andra Dare "Fury"
Canifex "Dead Archetype"
Wrath and Rapture "The Dirge of Fallen Warriors"

Atreyu "Bleeding is a Luxury"
Evacuate Chicago "Proof of Dark Matter"
Annotations of an Autopsy "In Snakes I Bathe"
Helloween "Future World"

Gwynbleidd "Egress / Thawing Innocence"
inRed "It Begins"
Black Sabbath "NIB - Live" (R)
Kimberly Freeman "Overdose"

Mongrel "Point a Finger"
Amoral "Sex N' Satan"
Orphaned Land "Disciples of the Sacred Oath 2"
Oxymor "Trouble Dedale"
Devolved "Hybrid"

Illuminate "A Frame of Beauty"
Arsis "From Souless to Shattered"
Iron Mask "We Will Meet Again"
Silent Fall "Haunted Sights"
Sorrow of Batavia "A Hollow So Vapid"

Stygian "Unstrung Hero"
Mastermind "Night Flier"
James Elsewhere "They Said a Storm was Coming"
Killcode "Devil Song"
Mater Dea "Trip to Skye"

One Eyed Doll "Hoochie Mamma"
Andra Dare "Ourania"
The Empire Shall Fall "Choir of Angels"
Noxious Corp "I Hate the World"
Requiem for Oblivion "Casting Shadows"

A Hero a Fake "Elk River Falls"
Euphoreador "Too Far to be Remembered"
Twinspirits "One of Us"
The Element "She's Made from Sand"
Devo Spice "I'm Not Your Personal IT Guy"

One-Eyed Doll "Be My Friend"
Counterfeit I "The Age of Machines"
Slik Helvetika "Misery"
Outbreak "A Sign of Things to Follow / Human Target / HL / Misdirected"
Freya "The End of the End"

Julian's Lullabye "Sand On Your Hands"
Zevlagh "SPQR"
Raven "Hell Patrol"
Potential Threat "Remember the Violence"
Darkness Remains "Heart of Nails"

NOFX "We Called it America / Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)"
Prime Evil "Kill for Me"
Icarus Witch "Draw Down the Moon"
Dreamscapes of the Perverse "Whilst Eternity Burns"
Rusty Eye "Mandragora Screams"

Lillian Axe "Ghost of Winter'
Close Your Eyes "Digging Graves"
22nd Century "Life in Space"
Ihsahn "Austere"

Tranquilatwist "Charade"
Fates Warning "Nothing Left to Say"