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January 31 - Ask Just Joe...

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; The Enforcer, who hadn't been there for a while, was there for one talk break in the first hour. Lots of brand new music was played. For Just Joe's Corner, Just Joe answered questions from two listeners. He got a thumbs up for the first one, and a thumbs down on the second one. However, he was given a second chance to try again on that one. And got a thumbs down, but then he launched into a nonsequiter, and I guess the third time really is the charm, because he finally got a thumbs up... Actually, there was a question from a third listener, but Just Joe couldn't remember what the question had been. He tried to answer it anyways, and, once again, got two thumbs downs, then on the third try, got a thumbs up. And we learned that Just Joe really likes soup... And the word chunky...

Listen to the Show

Schoolyard Heroes "Dude, Where's My Skin"
Overkill "The Green and Black"
Clandestine "Disappear Into You"

Oxymor "Dialogue de Sourds"
Lethal Saint "Chains of the Devil"
Missing Tide "Push It to the Limit"
Orphaned Land "From Broken Vessels"
Bone Jar "Evolution"

Wrath and Rapture "The Dirge of Fallen Warriors"
Vendetta "The Space Between"
Through the Eyes of the Dead "Perpetual Defilement"
22nd Century "Nightmare of 6th Avenue"
Fozzy "Wormwood"

Devo Spice "I'm Not Your Personal IT Guy"
Troll "At the Gates of Hell"
Dream Evil "In the Fires of the Sun"
The Resurrection Sorrow "Plague of the Dying Sun"
The Waters Deep Here "Envy / Ira"

The Empire Shall Fall "Lords of War"
Illuminata "Stormy Sea"
Julian's Lullaby "Sand On Your Hands"
Turiya "Rising"
Schizoid Lloyd "Nothing Left"

Helloween "Eagle Fly Free"
inRed "Encounter with Infamy"
UneXpect "In Velvet Coffins We Slept"
Mater Dea "Fairy of the Moor"
Stever "Get Out of My Head"

One Eyed-Doll "Plumes of Death"
Kimberly Freeman "Learn to Fly"
Amoral "Random Words / Release"
Priestess "Raccoon Eyes"
Nova Orbis "Unstable Mind"

Twinspirits "Taste the Infinity"
Arryan Path "Ishtar"
Silent Fall "Play with Fire"
Infinity Overture "Wonderland"
Jingo De Lunch "Cowboy Song"

One-Eyed Doll "Black Forest / I Love My Little Bus"
The Gothsicles "Everyone Should Play VTES"
Two Ton Anvil "The Wicked"
Andra Dare "Cruel"
Evacuate Chicago "Nothing Like You"

Pistol Shot Gypsy "Trainwreck"
A Hero A Fake "Images"
Free Reign "Rise Up"
Living Sacrifice "Unfit to Live"
Brainstorm "Victim"

Mutiny Within "Awake"
Slik Helvetika "Burnt"
Freya "The Light that Rivaled the Sun"
Outbreak "Too Paranoid for Politics / I Don't Want to Fade (to Death) / Concealed"
Atreyu "Congregation of the Damned"

Myfare "Overrated"
Overkill "Bring Me the Night"
Clandestine "Dead to the World"
Ihsahn "Heaven's Black Sea"
WASP "Seas of Fire"

Orphaned Land "Va'Yehi Or / MI?"
Bruce Kulick "No Friend of Mine"
AM Conspiracy "Revolution"

Heathen "Bloodkult"
Schoolyard Heroes "Sincerely Yours, Jonathan Harker"