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January 17, 2010 - Ian of A'Rebours

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Ian, from the band A'Rebours, stopped by. They are awesome! Ian was interviewed, and lots of his band's songs were played. When asked if he could pick any song from like 20 years ago, he picked Motley Crue's "Girls Girls Girls"! Yes, he actually picked that(!), and it was played, but then he redeemed himself somewhat when given a second chance by picking Savatage's "Edge Of Thorns". Although, I love Savatage, I also love cheesy 80's stuff, so I really enjoyed both of his picks, unapologetically enjoyed both. I'm not proud, after all, so I readily admit to loving the kinds of songs that are the bullets in Russian Roulette Sets...

Listen to the Show

HPLHS "Tentacles"
Mastermind "No Answer"
Ihsahn "Frozen Lakes on Mars"

WASP "Crazy"
The Resurrection Sorrow "Buried Dreams"
Status Minor "Something More"
Gwen Stacy "Creation and How I See It"
Clandestine "Pretend"

Acacia Avenue "Don't Call Me Tonight"
Armageddon "Awakening / A Broken Spell"
Oxymor "Derniere Transe"
Angels Beneath me - Live
The Black Dahlia Murder "Statutory Ape" (R)

Freya "Labyrinths of the Ant People"
Acryptylyse "Fog Stalker"
The Zero Exact "Muted Mind Society"
Missing Tide "Follow the Dreamer"
Consortium of Genius "Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue"

Bruce Kulick "Ain't Gonna Die"
Mongrel "Beyond Repair"
Seven Year Existence "Death Roll"
Mutiny Within "Falling Forever"
Psyche Corporation "The Ceiling"

Infinity Overture "Millennia"
Rusty Eye "Those Who Flee from the Sun"
AM Conspiracy "Learn to Learn"
Slayer "Not of This God"
Xanima "Born into Skin - Soundfiction Remix"

A'Rebours "Claire's Ouija Board - Live"
Broken Melody "If You Want to Fly"
The Empire Shall Fall "Choir of Angels"
Don't Mention the War "Distract"
Raymond and Scum "Degrade Me, Marcia Brady"

A'Rebours "Necromance"
A Hero a Fake "Astronomical"
Mater Dea "Trip to Skye"
Theatres Des Vampires "La Danse du Vampire"
Noxious Corp. "Screaming Silently"

A'Rebours "Act IV Scene V - Live"
Psyche Corporation "Institute"
Twinspirits "The Forbidden City"
Sax Myle "iypb"
LAW "Of Monkeys and Man"

A'Rebours "Cardiac Thanatosis"
Lemon Demon "Elvis Porn (Live)"
Borislav Mitic "The Absolute"
The Dreamside "When Starts Fall"
Vendetta "Powers that Be"

Motley Crue "Girls, Girls, Girls - Live"
Simone Fiorletta "Dance in the Cit"
Euphoreador "The Mush and the Might"
Julian's Lullabye "Sand on Your Hands"
TV's Kyle "Welcome Home, Frank"

Savatage "Edge of Thorns"
Worm Quartet "The Laundromat of Sin"
Counterfeit I "The Age of Machines"
22nd Century "Life in Space"
Troll "Alt for Satan"
Iron Mask "Ghost of the Tzar"

Kelly Simoz "Destiny"
Lion "Powerlove"
Orphaned Land "Sapari"
The Kandidate "In Hell"
Queensryche "Walk in the Shadows"

Psyche Corporation "The End of the World"
A'Rebours "The Wicked One"