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January 10, 2010 - Black Friday and Sorrow of Batavia

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Two bands stopped by, Black Friday (well, three fourths of Black Friday, their drummer was absent), and Sorrow Of Batavia. They were interviewed, and their music was played. They both rock. Black Friday was in Just Joe's Corner. Just Joe answered their question, in a very long, roundabout way, but he eventually did, which meant he won, so he got to hug Black Friday. After Sorrow Of Batavia showed up, records were broken on them, some by Just Joe, and some by some band members on other band members. is Black Friday's website, which I'm sure you could figure out, and, is Sorrow Of Batavia's website, which I'm sure you can also figure out. EVD put tape on Just Joe and Dave...

Pictures from the Show

Listen to the Show

Slayer "World Painted Blood"
Drivin "Biblical Scapegoat"
Graveworm "Message in a Bottle"
Clandestine "Philistine"

Acryptylyse "Red Fog"
Sabaton "Ghost Division"
Ozzy Osbourne "Killer of Giants" (R)
Mater Dea "Below the Mists, Above the Brambles"
Mongrel "Point a Finger"

Procession of Aeons "Particle Explosion"
Nova Orbis "Castle of Exile"
Psyche Corporation "It's All Pretend"
The Resurrection Sorrow "Soul of the Soulless"
Green Jelly "3 Little Pigs" (R)

Black Friday "Fallen Fallacies"
Brainstorm "Nailed Down Dreams"
Taking Dawn "Like a Revolution"
Marduk "This Fleshly Void"

Black Friday "It's Not Worth It"
Motorhead "March or Die" (R)
Nuclear Bubble Wrap "Lesbian"
Orphaned Land "The Warrior"
Julian's Lullabye "Sand on Your Hands"
Bone Jar "Evolution"

Black Friday "Defeated into Change"
Sorrow of Batavia "Witch Cadaver - Live"
The Empire Shall Fall "choir of Angels"
Sulaco "Follow the Cloud"
Warblade "Sirens of Titan"

Sorrow of Batavia "A Hollow So Vapid"
Seven Year Existence "I of God"
Mindeye "Dead Fame Hunter"

Sorrow of Batavia "The Road Yet Traveled - Live"
Tranquilatwist "Intrinsic"
Baroness "Steel That Sleeps the Eye / Swollen and Halo"
The Tangent "The Company Car"

Rusty Eye "At the House by the Cemetery / 11.02 Day of the Dead"
Vreid "Blucher"
Moss Circle "Smoke and Mirrors"
Try.Fail.Repeat "Earth and Sea"
MyFare "Need"

Age of Silence "The Idea of Independence and the Reason Why It's Austere"
Winds "Of Divine Nature"
Woods of Ypres "Shedding the Deadwood"
Agalloch "As Embers Dress the Sky"
Procession of Faith "Others in the Mist"

Psyche Corporation "Medicine Man"
Persephone "Immersion"
Primordial "Dark Song"
Blazing Eternity "Still Lost in the Autumn of Eternity"
In the Woods "(HE)Art of the Ages"

Worm Quartet "Call Me Jenifer and Steal My Stapler"
LAW "Brick"
Gates of Winter "The Wildwood Pariah"
Heaven and Hell "Follow the Tears" (R)
November's Doom "Lazarus Regret"
A'Rebours "Dust"

Psyche Corporation "Institute"
Lake of Tears "Lady Rosenred"
Licorice "Darker"
WASP "Sleeping (In the Fire)"
Lilitu "only the End of the World Again"

Gamma Ray "Heading for Tomorrow"