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August 29, 2010 - Just Joe is in Rehab

EVD was there. Dave was not, causing Azkath to claim again that they are the same person, which, EVD, again, denied but could not prove. Shane, who is supposed to produce the proof that they are the same person, and claimed he had it, was still not there either. Just Joe was not there because he was still in rehab for I-dosing, where Azkath had put him after finding him passed out in the ditch, in the rain, shivering, and I-dosing, the week before. Just Joe called in, reporting from rehab, and was not happy to hear that he would be billed for his rehab. So, even though Azkath got him hooked on the I-dosing, he is only staging the intervention, not paying for it. That's evil Demons for you! Tim, formerly of Century Media, and, before that, of Victory Records, was there. He and EVD participated in Movie Time, of which there were two segments. There was a segment of Adventures In Listening, and, the program ended with an hour long Feature Artist, which was Agent Steel, an hour of their music...
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