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October 10, 2010 - The Return of Erica

CollageIt had been Just Joe's birthday sometime in the week preceding this LE. Now, I always give the exact day, but, as of last year, some dispute has arisen about when the exact date is, as ridiculous as that sounds, but remember it's Just Joe we're talking about here. First facebook gave the wrong date, October 9th, then that confused Just Joe, I actually got into the dispute with him last year, he said his birthday was October 6th, but I told him he was wrong, it had always been on October 7th, ever since he's been here 'til last year, but he wouldn't believe me. I know it is his birthday, but he's dumb, and I have a super memory, where he has no memory, so I still say it's the 7th, he never said it was the 6th, 'til facebook screwed it up, and, this year, he didn't even give a date, just said it was sometime this past week, he wasn't sure when, so I am insisting on the 7th. Well, Happy Birthday Just Joe, whenever it was, or, I hope you had a happy day the 6th, 7th and, the 9th, all three dates, whichever is your birthday! Erica, a former host of Ithaska, the program which used to precede LE, but which has been gone for a long time now, was there for about the first hour. She hasn't been on the air here, for about eight years. They told Just Joe to take her down to the basement for his birthday. He tried, but she got away. Then she threw him down the stairs, twice, when they told her to. She was very good at it. Just Joe's Hugging Music played, and he hugged Erica, and EVD. Ian, from the band A'Rebours, was there for a couple hours. He updated us on things. Music from his CD was played. There were three segments of Adventures In Listening, and three segments of Movie Time, one of which, the second, Ian participated in as well. There was a segment of Anomaly Corner...

-Fire Eater Wizard