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June 6, 2010 - Mongrel and Thirteen South CD Debut

The entire band Thirteen South was there for the first two hours of the program. They were interviewed about what's been/will be going on with the band, promoted upcoming shows they'll be participating in, and the songs from their brand new EP were played. Just Joe played balloon baseball on all of the band members except Dustin, who, for some strange reason, didn't want to participate in this fun, so band member Matty broke the final balloon on Just Joe's face. Adam Savage, the guitarist for the band Mongrel, called in for an extended phone interview. He talked about his band, and his band's upcoming performance at the next The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show, which would be on the following Friday night. A song from his bands CD was played. They are cool. Show Listings had brand new theme music this week, the theme from "Star Wars", which Just Joe enjoyed, he made lots of laser and light saber noises. Two segments of Adventures In Listening happened, and Movie Time was interspersed throughout the night. And two people who haven't been there for a while were there this night, in the first portion of the program, Shane, and Ria...
-Fire Eater Wizard