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December 30, 2012 - Inviolate Interview

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This night we interviewed Kadria, vocalist, and main member of Altlanta based band, Inviolate. Female fronted, melodic Hard Rock / Metal with some electronic influences.
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Listen to just that interview HERE.

Lunar Path "The Beginning and the End / Promise Me / We'll Be There"
Ashes You Leave "The Ever Changing"
Steve Harris "Judas"
Maiden United "Infinite Dreams"
Cindergarden "Lunar Phases"

VoiVod "Target Earth"
Gregorian "In the Air Tonight - Live"
Nervochaos "To the Death"
Divot "Manual"

Poetry in Black "Black Dawn"
Enemo J "White Noise"
Sonic Reign "The Whisperer in the Dark"
Swarm of Arrows "The Sky Will Save Us All"
AAIMON "Black Cross"

Smashy Claw "Carol of the Meh"
Xanthochroid "Long Live our Lifeless King"
Wolcott Falls "Why Don't You Fucking Like Me"
Convulse "God is Delusion"
Dead When I Found Her "Dry Bed"

Tellus Requiem "Eden Burns"

** Inviolate Interview **
Inviolate "Condemned"
Inviolate "Endgame / Feast of Ashes"

Doomsday "The Punishment"
Grand Supreme Blood Court "Circus of Mass Torment"
Legend "Devil in Me"

Millbastards "Power Struggle"
Cindergarden "Everybody Knows"
Gruesome Stuff Relish "They are the Plague"
Hermina "Haunting Me!"
Psyche Corporation "Strange Machine"

The Commander-in-Chief "Evolution"
Keller "Death Command"
Neurosis "We All Rage in Gold"
Overtorture "The Outer Limits"
Gamma Ray "Future World - Live"

Horseface "The Nile"
The Project Hate MCMXCIX "We Watch in Silence as the Earth Turns to Blood"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Machine Gun"
Celtachor "The Battle of Tailtin"
Hellcannon "The Nightrider"

Millbastards "Arsenic"
Jorn "Rock and Roll Children"
Gregorian "Kashmir - Live"
Andra Dare "Fury"

Scorpions "Make It Real / In Trance - Live"
Queensryche "Deliverance"
Flotsam and Jetsam "I Live, You Die"

Guns N' Roses "Used to Love Her" (R)
Suicidal Tendencies "Burn the Constitution - Demo / Wake the Dead - Live"
Sacred Reich "The American Way - Live"
Cycle Sluts from Hell "By the Balls"

Savatage "24 Hours Ago" (R)
Death Angel "Disturbing the Peace" (R)
Jingo De Lunch "Cowboy Song"
Rough "This World is on Fire"

Iron Maiden "Only the Good Die Young"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
This was the last LE of 2012. Either we are living in a post apocalypse world, or The Sloth Of The Apocalypse's declaration two weeks ago that The Apocalypse wouldn't happen, was right. Present for this night were, Rick, from The Metallic Onslaught, and, Tim. At 2:00 A.M., Kadria, the vocalist for the band Inviolate called in for an extended interview, preceded by one of her bands songs, and followed by one, with a third one in a break in the middle. Her band is very cool. Topics were discussed throughout the night, like Coast To Coast A.M., Jesse Ventura's TV show, The Skinwalker Ranch, wrestling. There were two segments of Movie Time, Rick hadn't seen anything, but talked about stuff he wants to see. The last hour was The Old School Hour... And so thus went the last LE of 2012. Next week, we begin the New Year...