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November 18, 2012 - IDiivil Interview and Concrete Slacks Visit

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Download the Concrete Slacks Demo for free off Bandcamp.

Christine "IDiivil" Adams Website
Stand Alone Interview


Sleepytime Gorilla Museum "Sleep is Wrong"
Imp "Onslaught"
Ana Kefr "Avenue of the Queen"
Giant Squid "Neonate"
Sonata Arctica "Destruction Preventor"

CJSS "Ready"
Plutonian Shore "A Thousand Eyes"
Butcher Babies "Mr. Slowdeath"
The Pestilence Choir "Power Trip"
Until We Have Faces "You Should See Her"

Vindicator "Hail to the Thief"
Saltillo "If Wishes Were Catholics"

Concrete Slacks "Blood and Loyalty - Live"
Inviolate "Feast of Ashes"
Circus Grenade "The Lost Ostrich Tragedy"

Concrete Slacks "Mad World"
Aggressor "Justice Lost"
The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones "Someday I Suppose"
The Anti-Nowhere League "We Will Not Remember You"

Concrete Slacks "Away from Here"
Judas Preist "Breaking the Law"
Running Wild "Chains and Leather - Demo Version"
One-Eyed Doll "Liar"

Interview with Christine "IDiivil" Adams

Nevermore "The Heart Collector"
Cobra and the Lotus "Welcome to My Funeral"
Pig Destroyer "Can't Tell No One"
Fear "New York's All Right If you Like Saxaphones"

Concrete Slacks "Bonehead Bastard - Live"
To the Deep "The Choice You Make"
Grim Reaper "Fear No Evil"
Slayer "Ghosts of War"

Concrete Slacks "Young and Pissed"
Mercyful Fate "Black Funeral - Live"
Prototype "Gravity Well"
Discharge "Never Again"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Kali Ma Caibre"

Rabid "The Neverdead"
Concrete Slacks "Backstreet Warriors - Live"
M.D.C. "Dick for Brains"
Kreator "Flag of Hate"
Ire Clad "Force It Down"

Concrete Slacks "Hordes of Horror - Live"
Birth A.D. "Kill Everybody"
Motorhead "Iron Fist"
Lethal Aggression "Free is a Four Letter Word"
Midnight "On the Wings of Satan"

Conrcete Slacks "All the Rage"
Static People "The Late Projectionist"
Sons of Aeon "Seeds of Destruction"
Herder "The Invisible Hand"
Manticore "Abhorent Baptism in the Vestal Cavity"

Soleil Moon "History Repeats It's Pages"
A Transylvanian Funeral "The Supreme Right of Transmutation"
Sticky Boys "Bang That Head"
Uhrrijuhla "Kevaan Airut"
Whispering Tales "Limpieza de Sangre"

The Maine "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
Ashes You Leave "Devil in Disguise"
God Dethroned "Nihilism"
Michael Angelo Batio "Tribute to Randy"
Hanging Garden "Wormwood"

Bio-Hazard "Retribution"
Pro-Pain "Foul Taste of Freedom"
Burnt Offering "Beware the Axe"
Doomsday "Black Judas"
Galerna "Devil's Cross"

Castle "Curses of the Priests"
Incite "Feel the Flames"
Cystic Dysentry "Born of Fire"
Frosthelm "Reaping the Seeds of Corruption"

Seth Faergolzia and the 23 Psaegz "Happened in the Morning"
the great Luke Ski "The Chainsaw Juggler"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
The band Concrete Slacks, which consists of a couple former members of the band Rabid, with a new member and sound, was there for most of the night. They were interviewed about the band, and lots of their music, both studio and live tracks, were played. They rock, you can find them on facebook. At 2:00, there was an extended phone interview with the model Christine "IDiivil" Adams, which ended with a song she requested. You can find her on facebook, and deviantart. Eric, the bass player for the band Ire Clad was there until the last hour. He and Azkath discussed topics like Coast To Coast A.M., a possible pyramid in Alaska, and The temple that was discovered off the coast of Cuba, which is made of brilliant blue stones, and is speculated to be part of Atlantis. There were two segments of Movie Time, one with the band participating, and one with just Eric and Azkath. The last hour was not The Old School Hour, as it usually is, because there had been a lot of old school music played this night, a lot of it requested by the band...