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November 11, 2012 - Disfigured Dead Visit

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Wintersun "When Time Fades Away / Sons of Winter and Stars"

Disfigured Dead "Punishing Atonement"
Birth A.D. "Failed State"
Death "Defensive Personalities"
Possessed "Pentagram" (R)
Concrete Slacks "Backstreet Warriors - Live"

Disfigured Dead "Death Disguised, Dreams Demise"
Give Zombies the Vote "Corpsicle"
Kobra and the Lotus "Foerver One"
T&N "Tooth and Nail"
Lunar Path "The One Behind the Mirror"
Impaled Nazarene "Ghettoblaster"

Disfigured Death "Deranged Consecration"
Ire Clad "(in my head) Forevermore"
HUmanity Delete "Never Ending Nightmares / The Eight Ice Narakas"
Skinless "The Optimist"

Disfigured Dead "Baneful Barbarity"
Herman Frank "7 Stars"
How to Destroy Angels "The SPace in Between"
Inviolate "Illusion of Mercy"

Disfigured Dead "Summoning Execution"
Megadeth "Tornado of Souls - Live"
The HAARP Machine "Pleiadan Keys"
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats "Curse in the Trees"
Doro "Take No Prisoner"

Asgaard "Cry of the Moribund Butterflies"
Dues Otiosus "Face the Enemy"
One-Eyed Doll "Committed"
Leaving Eden "Execute My Fear"
Upon this Dawning "Call Me Maybe"

Troubled Horse "Bring My Horses Home"
The Pestilence Choir "Timber Maniacs"
Paroxsihzem "Vanya"
Nuse "Cracked Eye Socket"

Pig Destroyer "Depression"
Davey Suicide "Kids of America"
Custard "Death from Above"
Bull-Riff Stampede "Thrashing Machine"
Big Balls Cowgirl "Upon My Oath"

Dark Tribe "Black Meteor"
Desolate Shrine "Pillars of Salvation (The Drowned Prince)"
Demon "Prey"
Legend "Sister"

Nepente "Hell is the Name of this Land"
Malnatt "Ave Discordia"
Osfront "Gang Bang"
Rhyme "Brand New Jesus"
Sacred Reich "Surf Nicaragua - Live"

** Old School Hour **

Sudden Death "My Atari"
Rough "Nightmare"
EXE "Another Chosen Life"
Incubus "Serpent Temptation"

Blood for Blood "Eulogy for a Dream"
Circle Jerks "Wild in the Streets / Operation"
DRI "Probation / IDKY / Suit and Tie Guy"

Badlands "Dreams in the Dark"
Mucky Pup "Laughing in Your Face"
WASP "Kill Your Pretty Face - Live" (R)

Fluttr Effect "Say Goodbye"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Members of the band Disfigured Dead were there for about the first half of the program. They were interviewed about their band, and all five tracks from their demo were played. They rock, you can find them on facebook. Also there were, Just Joe, Kal, who hadn't been there in a few months, and, Eric, the bass player for the band Ire Clad. Azkath still was accusing Just Joe of building robots, and Just Joe was still denying it. Then Azkath asked Just Joe a question... He asked him if he was sure he was not dreaming right now? Just Joe said he was quite sure he wasn't. Azkath asked him how could he really be sure? Just Joe still seemed quite sure, but Azkath persisted, saying how did he know that all of this was not just really a dream, the show, everyone on it? Just Joe started to become confused, it isn't hard to confuse him. Azkath asked him what if everything he thought was real was a dream, maybe he only dreamed that he was married, or had kids? Azkath began introducing more complicated theories, was everyone there fragments of Just Joe, that needed to be integrated? Had the world ended, and Just Joe was the only one left? Was Kal Just Joe, or Just Joe Kal? Just Joe became more and more confused. Eric and Kal joined in on this, posing questions and theories along those lines to Just Joe. Azkath had been telling Just Joe all night that, with his full beard, ponytail, and coffee, he looked like EVD, a used to be regular co-host, who has not been there in well over a year, and was very obnoxious. Azkath called Just Joe EVD, Just Joe took great exception to that, Azkath asked him if he was sure he was not really EVD, and told him to go look in a mirror and see for himself. Just Joe did. Apparently he saw the resemblance, because he became highly distraught, started screaming, very loudly, and fled, not to be seen any more that night. After he was gone, and they were sure he was not listening, because he had been so upset that he had forgotten his keys, so he could not be listening, they all said they had been messing with him, that they really didn't think that we are all just part of Just Joe's dream. Although, one never knows, does one, I mean, we don't know, and can't prove, what reality is, so anything is possible, maybe we all are just a part of Just Joe's dream, I mean, a fire eating wizard, could something/someone like that really exist unless the mind of someone dumb like Just Joe dreamed her up? Just let me state very clearly, for the record, if I am a fragment of Just Joe, I DO NOT WANT TO BE INTEGRATED INTO JUST JOE!!! A fragment is fine, thank you, if that is what is going on, lets keep it that way! *shudder* There was a segment of Movie Time, with the band contributing as well. Topics of the paranormal and out of the mainstream were discussed all throughout the night, like a temple of blue stones being found under water, off the coast of Cuba, which it is believed could be Atlantis, Hurricane Sandy, and the theory that it was man made, Ancient Hopi Indian beliefs, a possible pyramid in Alaska, and people encountering mysterious children with pitch black eyes who seemed to radiate evil and scared anyone who came into contact with them. The last hour was The Old School Hour...