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October 28, 2012 - Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes

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Dark Moor "Halloween"

King Diamond "Halloween"
Others "Incantation / So Comes the Darkness"
Hour of 13 "Rite of Samhain"
One-Eyed Doll "Committed"
Gojira "Backbone" (R)

Gehenna "The Shivering Voice of the Ghost"
Alice Cooper "Keepin' Halloween Alive"
Lamb of God "11th Hour" (R)
Ozzy Osbourne "Mr. Crowley - Live" (R)
Judgement Day "Ghost Hunt"

Testament "The Haunting"
Stephen Lynch "Halloweeen"
Hysterica "Halloween"
Doro "Rock Till Death"
Drachen " A Tale that Wasn't Right"

King Diamond "The Family Ghost"
Devo Spice "PC Halloween"
The Bleeding Light "Halloween III"
Gang Green "Haunted House"
Welten Brand "The Ghost Without a Head"
Chrome Division "Ghost Rider in the SKy"
Dead Kennedy's "Halloween"

The Other "Talk to the Dead"
While She Sleeps "Dead Behind the Eyes"
Neurosis "At the Well"
Metal Church "Watch the Children Pray" (R)

Cradle of Filth "Her Ghost in the Fog"
Queensryche "The Lady Wore Black" (R)
Misfits "Halloween / Halloween II"
Baha Man "It's SPooky in Here"
Human Flesh "Two Little Ghosts (On a Bridge Over the Highway)
Acaro "Forever is Temporary"

King Snyder "Calling for the Head of a Tyrant" (R)
Exodus "The Toxic Waltz" (R)
Overkill "Hello from the Gutter" (R)
Alice Cooper "Gail / Roses on White Lace"
Toy Dolls "Poltergiest in the Pantry"

The Sword "The Hidden Masters"

Carach Angren "Lingering in an Imprint Haunting"
Soulfallen "Ghosts"
The Equinox Ov The Gods "The Boy Who Dances with Ghosts"
Stories from the Moon "Ghost House"
Michael Whittaker "Halloween Overture"

Piano Magic "Theory of Ghosts"
King Diamond "Dressed in White"
Forests of Forgotten Faith "Samhain Ritual (Excerpt)"
The Renfields "Halloween"
Dino-Mike "Halloween Night"

Superdude "Monster Mosh"
Ancient "Halloween"
UDO "Balls to the Wall"

Hallows Eve "Hallows Eve"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
It was the LE before Halloween, and, though we normally don't do Halloween shows, in fact have never done one, this was the first official Halloween Show. The Ghost Hunters Of The Finger Lakes were there for most of the night. They were interviewed, sharing lots of stories of their ghost investigating. They also brought lots of EVPs, electronic voice phenomenon recordings they had taken. is their website, and they also have a facebook page, and some stuff on youtube. Also present were, Just Joe, Eric the bass player from the band Ire Clad, who came in later in the night because his band had been performing at a show that night, and, Rick, Randy, and, Ken from The Metallic Onslaught. Ken kept being a jerk to Azkath, being obnoxious and throwing pens at him all night. Azkath and Ken brawled a couple times. Right before Rick, Randy, and, Ken were leaving, they drove there together, Azkath hypnotized Randy to think that Ken was a gorgeous girl again, Ken, who is over three hundred pounds, bald, and has a goatee. Azkath told Randy to molest Ken aggressively on the way home. There were three segments of Movie Time, with everyone there participating, except for Eric, who hadn't seen anything. The last hour was not, The Old School Hour, as it normally is, but an hour of Halloween music, as the rest of the music that night had been, Halloween metal, and Halloween comedy songs...