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October 14, 2012 - Genitor Live in Studio

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Kartikeya "Sarva Manglam / He Who Carries the Head of Brahma / The Path"
Nile "The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased"
Grand Magus "Draksadd"

Genitor "Matt's Lament - Live"
Concrete Slacks "Away from Here - Live"
VoiVod "Mechanical Mind"

Genitor "Pass It By - Live Acoustic in Studio"

Genitor "When to Quit - Live"
Monsterworks "Taste of Doom"
Until We Have Faces "Voice"
TV's Kyle "Eduardo O'Lantern"
Abiotic "A Universal Plague"

Genitor "Matt's Lament - Live Acoustic in Studio"

Genitor "Bad Decisions - Live"
Torn the Fuck Apart "Dead Religion"
Saltillo "The Locus Priory"
Judgement Day "The Treachery of Kyodia Ken"

Genitor "Slave to Fate - Live Acoustic in Studio"

Genitor "8/11 - Live"
Advent Sorrow "The Wraith in Silence"
Incantation "The Hellions Genesis"
Maps of War "Charon's Dance"

Motorhead "Iron Fist - Live"
Cemetery Lust "Sexual Maniac"
Vindicator "Bastards of Noise and Aggression"
Mongrel "More I Bleed"
Yurei "Cranial Echoes"

Pantera "Cowboys from Hell / Fucking Hostile" (R)
The Premenishen "Mangina Envy"

Current 93 "Crowleymass Unveiled"
Yngwie Malmsteen and Ripper Owens "Mr. Crowley"
Exhorder "The Law"
Bruce Dickinson "Man of Sorrows (Orchestral Version)"
Love Like Blood "Love Under Will"

Ministry "Psalm 69"
In Slaughter Natives "To Mega Therion"
Fields of the Nephilim "Moonchild"

Early Graves "Skinwalker"
Anthropomorphia "Fleisch"
Ashes You Leave "For the Heart, Soul, and Mind"
Beyond Threshold "Bloodthirst"
Steve Goodie "Before He Speaks"

Pig Destroyer "White Lady"
Nuse "Free Tattoos"
Inviolate "Endgame"

** Old School Set **
Rage "Hatred / In the Darkest Hour"
Phantom "The Stand / Metal Heart / Queen of the Damned"

Blind Justice "Why Should We Care?"
Warrior Soul "The Answer" (R)
Ostrogoth "Sign of Life"
End of Man "Power, Corruption, and Lies"

Psychometry "Beeping Blue Skies"
Delusion "Rain"
Hanker "Hail to You"
Hitman "Mercy"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
The band Genitor was there for a bit more than the first two hours of the program. They were interviewed about themselves, live tracks of theirs were played, and they played some songs live and acoustic on the air. They rock, you can find them on facebook, reverbnation, and, youtube. Eric, the bass player from the band Ire Clad, was there for most of the night, 'til 5:00. Topics were discussed, like Coast To Coast A.M., skin walkers, cattle mutilations, and alternate theories of how some planets may have come to be. As the day before, October 14th, would have been Aleister Crowley's birthday, there was a discussion of him, who he was, what his ideas were, and two sets of songs about him were played. There was a segment of Movie Time, with everyone there contributing, including Arydaea, who had seen several. The last hour was The Old School Hour...