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October 7, 2012 - Just Joe's Birthday

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Saltillo "ABEO / Proxy / If Wishes were Catholics"
Eluveite "Spirit / Uis Elveti"
Judgement Day "Demon Fire"
Inviolate "Endgame"

Dethklok "Ghostqueen"
Nuse "C8H18"
This or the Apocalypse "Americans"
Elvenking "We, Animals"
Chasing Valor "Fog Over the Lake - Live"

Dio "Metal will Never Die"
Deep Purple featuring Ronnie James Dio Live with the London Symphony Orchestra "Smoke on the Water"
Glenn Hughes / Steve Vai / Chad Smith "Highway Star"
steve Harris "Lost Worlds"
Kix "Blow My Fuse - Live"

Overkill "Frankenstein"
Loudness "2012 - End of the Age"
Aggressive Betty "Incinerator"
Car Bomb "Recursive Patterns"
Kamakaze Kings "I am the Law"

Holy Terror "Mortal Terror"
Unexpect "Constellation and Mysticism"
Nine Treasures "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
Dust Bolt "Violent Abolition"
Maps of War "Colors"

The Plank Boys "Drinking Song from the Tomb"
VoiVod "Mechanical Mind"
Theatres Des Vampires "Part 1: My Winter Storm"
Winterfylleth "Void of Light"
Charetta "Lights Out"

Dormitory Effect "What Have I Done"
Earthbound "I Declare War"
Engel "Feel Afraid"
The Last Vegas "She's My Confusion"
Texas in July "Bed of Nails"
Beyond All Recognition "True Story"

Saltillo "The Locus Priory"
Sky of Rage "Shape of a Giant"
Therion "Lillith"
To-Mera "Deep Inside"
One-Eyed Doll "Fight"

Max DeGroot "The Halloween Song"
Oceans of Insects "The Next Fall"

Worm Quartet "Vampire Penguins (Re-Penged)"
Our Flaws Remain "Play With Me"
Pandora's Toybox "Boneshaft"
Cirque Du So What? "Shoebox vs The Evil Internet Space Lizards"
Inviolate "Feast of Ashes"

Judgement Day "The Jump"
Access Denied "One Night"
Beastmilk "Children of the Atom Bomb"
Tesseract "Nocturne"
Daylight Dies "Ghosting"
Solisia "I Loose Myself"

The Agonist "Trophy Kill"
Evocation "Divide and Conquer"
Kiss "Back to the Stone Age"
Sci-Fried and Insane Ian "Get Me Outta Retail"
Converge "Aimless Arrows"

Putrescence "The Super Flying Off A Roof Happy Show"
Nubian Rose "Close My Eyes Forever"

** Old School Hour **

Megadeth "Anarchy in the UK"
Manowar "Shell Shock" (R)
Demon "Father of Time"
Ostrogoth "Rock Fever"

Knightmare "Lake of Fire"
The Rejects "Feeling My Way"
Heretic "Riding with the Angels"
Hades "In the Mean Time"

Death Angel "Cold Gin" (R)
Scorcher "More Whiskey"
Sadus "And Then You Die"
Sacrifice "Re-Animation"

Detente "Vultures in the Sky"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
It was Just Joe's birthday, October 7th, Happy Birthday, Just Joe(!), so this LE was Just Joe's Birthday Extravaganza. At first Just Joe seemed ok with that, but as the night wore on, he became more and more convinced that Azkath had some horrible thing in store for him. Even though Azkath had been nothing but nice to him. He let Just Joe pick songs all throughout the night, not sets, but individual songs all night. Then he gave Just Joe a birthday present, wrapped and everything. It was an Ipad. Just Joe stomped on it repeatedly. Now some people may have that reaction to Apple, but Just Joe already has two Iphones, so it was a very logical assumption that he would like an Ipad. Just Joe said he was sure it was full of spiders, or some other trap. Azkath tried to convince him that no, it was just a friendly Ipad, but Just Joe wouldn't believe it. There was an incident where the coffee machine kind of exploded coffee all over Just Joe, but that was purely a coincidence, caused by no one but the machine, but Just Joe became convinced that Azkath had caused that. As the night got closer and closer to the end, Just Joe became more and more paranoid, sure that some really horrible thing was going to happen to him. I wonder where he would ever get such a crazy idea, I mean, it's not like anything bad has ever happened to him here! He got so afraid that he went up on the roof, saying Azkath couldn't get to him up there. I tried to talk him down on the phone, telling him that he was just being paranoid, there was no horrible thing in store for him, and that he should come down from the roof, because, after all, roofs aren't exactly the safest places to hang out, one could fall, and, besides, there were probably spiders up there, I mean there usually are, that was how Randy fell off there a few months back. Azkath added that someone had been throwing jellybeans up on the roof, another thing Just Joe is afraid of for some reason. Just Joe panicked, and fell off the roof. So I got him down, not quite the way I intended to get him down, but, hey, Just Joe loves Super Happy Fun Jumping Off The Roof, he loves that game, I am sure he just wanted to play that on his birthday. Just Joe blamed Azkath for making him fall off the roof, something he had done himself. At the end of the night, nothing had happened to Just Joe, well, nothing that he hadn't caused himself, anyways. Just Joe got so happy and excited that he had made it through his birthday relatively unscathed, that he began running and bouncing all over, and apparently didn't look where he was going, because he fell right down the stairs, which he then blamed on Azkath, saying he had made him fall down the stairs, even though Azkath was nowhere near him. Just Joe said Azkath had caused all the bad things to happen to him that night, but, for once, that was not true, Azkath had really tried to give Just Joe a nice birthday. Azkath still accused Just Joe of building robots, and Just Joe still kept denying it. There were three segments of Movie Time, with both Azkath and Just Joe contributing. Two special birthday songs were played for Just Joe, Insane Ian's "Birthday Boy You Blow", and No FX's "Happy Birthday You're Not Special". The last hour was The Old School Hour... So, once again, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUST JOE!!!