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September 30, 2012 - Walter Cruttenden Interview

The feature of this show was an extended interview with Author Walter Cruttenden. The interview went a little longer than planned, but for those of you interested in an alternative view of Ancient History and Cosmology, it was a very good interview. Walter is the head of The Binary Research Institute and we discussed his book, The Lost Star of Myth and Time and the theories within. We talked about evidence of the cyclic nature of time, the possibilities of our solar system actually be a binary star system and how that explains precession. We talked about ancient artifacts that should not be, what one may call Out of Place artifacts, and evidence for advanced cultures in great antiquity. Alse check out

Listen to just the Interview with Walter Cruttenden


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** Walter Cruttenden Interview **

Therion "Kali Yuga Part 2"

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** End of Interview **

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** Old School Hour **

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Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Present were, Just Joe, Rick and Ken from The Metallic Onslaught, and, later in the program, Eric, from the band Ire Clad, he was there later because Ire Clad had been performing at a concert. The worst co-host in the world, Dave, actually showed up too. At 2am, Walter Cruttenden called in for an extended interview, it lasted over an hour. He is an author, and he has a radio show podcast. He talked about the binary star theory, that earth has a second sun, and that that sun may be the star Sirius, and the cyclic nature of time and consciousness, that time and consciousness go in cycles, dark ages, and golden ages, and that the cycles last about twenty four thousand years, and that it may have something to do with earth's journey around it's second sun. Also discussed, were ancient cultures, and how the many artifacts we are now finding would point to the fact that they were much smarter than we ever knew, smarter than we are now. Speculation on where they may have obtained such knowledge was also discussed, perhaps with contact from other dimensions, or other consciousness's. It was said that the binary star theory would better explain the procession of the equinox, than the current theory that it is caused by the earth wobbling on it's axis. It was a very deep, thought provoking conversation. If you are interested in these kinds of things, you should check him out. Interspersed throughout the interview were songs that talked about the topics being discussed. Later, Ken was being obnoxious, so he and Azkath brawled with hammers. Ken keeps saying Azkath's name in a really annoying way, interrupting him when he is talking by doing that, which is what caused Azkath to break Ken's knee the last time he was on LE. Apparently Ken enjoyed having his knee broken, because he was doing the exact same thing tonight. Later Azkath asked where Ken was, saying he didn't like not being able to see where he was. And that turned out to be smart, because, just as he was saying that, Ken knocked him out. Just Joe took over the board. Rick and Ken told Just Joe to play some Metallica, because Azkath loved Metallica. The opposite is true, Azkath loathes Metallica, and had vowed that they would never be played during LE, but Just Joe is apparently too dumb to know or remember that, so he played it. Azkath woke up, and wondered what was going on. They told him all of it, that Ken had knocked him out, Just Joe had taken over, and played Metallica, to which Just Joe added that they told him to play Metallica because it was Azkath's favorite. Azkath said he would get back at Ken. Ken and Rick were leaving, but Azkath threatened to do something to Ken if he was at The Metallic Onslaught next week. Just Joe has been absent a lot lately, and Azkath thinks that it is because he is building robots, which would be a very bad thing. He kept accusing Just Joe of making robots, which Just Joe kept denying, but Azkath never believed him. It also was hypothesized that Just Joe and Dave have either switched places, or, could be the same person, as Just Joe said. If that were true, how they were both there now was not explained, but it was Just Joe who was claiming that, and, well, he is not too bright. There were some segments of Movie Time. Azkath, Just Joe, and, Eric contributed, everyone else had not seen anything. The last hour was The Old School Hour...