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September 2, 2012 - Shoebox and Devo Spice

This show marks the return of Shoebox of Worm Quartet and Devo Spice. It has been probably 7 years since the last time Shoebox graced us with his presence. The first couple of hours we talk to them a lot and play a lot of material from their various projects. It's a pretty crazy time...

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Alice Cooper "Caught in a Dream"
Judas Priest "The Hellion / Electric Eye"
Crimson Glory "Touch the Sun"
Loudness "Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!"

Devo Spice "Earworm"
Worm Quartet "The Ballad of Dr. Stopp / Kim Kardashian"

Cirque Du So What? "Let's Do Improv"

Devo Spice "Weird Al Didn't Write This Song"
Worm Quartet "On the Shoulders of Freaks"
Trollfest "Finsken, Norsken og Presten"
I Spit Ashes "My Ulysses"
Castle "Corpse Candles"

Worm Quartet "The Laundromat Of Sin"
Devo Spice "The Dumbest Song On Rock Band"
The Agonist "Revenge Of The Dadaists"
The Commander-In-Chief "Great Expectations"
Queensryche "Queen Of The Reich"

Worm Quartet "A Song for Worm Quartet to sing with TV's Kyle"
Devo Spice "Platform Wars"
Cirque Du So What? "Abortions and Guns"
Lethal Aggression "Stupidity"
The Snips "Better Part of Never"
Razorwyre "Fight or be Fucked"

Abhor "Trifecta"
Doomed to Obscurity "I Don't Care"
The Glory Stompers "Money in the Bag"
Fisthammer "Kull the Conqueror"
Dublin Death Patrol "My Riot"

Devo Spice "In the 80's"
Heavy Cross "Red Light Woman"
For Sleeping or Jumping "Beardrops"
Anatomia "Turbo Lover"
Cryptopsy "Red-Skinned Scapegoat"
Tankard "Witch Hunt 2.0"

Autumn's End "Arise from Slumber"
Nova Art "Black Harmony"
Thy Will Be Done "In the Ways of the Old"
Ex Deo "Burned to Serve as Nocturnal Light"
Tracer "Louder than This"

ASKA "Freedom"
Nuse "C8CH18"
Dust Bolt "Into Madness"
Striker "Let It Burn"
Chaosweaver "Infected"

Saturnian "Shadow of Prophecy"
Watain "Reaping Death"
A Forest of Stars "Left Behind as Static"

** Old School Hour **
Deceased "The Cemetary's Full"
Def Leppard "Getcha Rocks Off - Demo Version"
Ice Age "A Case of Cerebral Death"
Mezzrow "Then Came the Killing"

Drive "Kamikaze"
Vain "Beat the Bullet" (R)

Alice Cooper "Hallowed Be My Name / Second Coming / Ballad of Dwight Fry"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; 
For about the first two hours of the night, there were like a million people there. Someone who has not been there in a long while, Shoebox(!), he brought Devo Spice with him. They talked about their comedy music and lots of songs from both of them were played. While they were there, also present were, the worst co-host in the world Dave, yes, he was actually there, Adam and Nikki, Just Joe, Kal, Rick from The Metallic Onslaught, Tim. There was a lot of very funny conversation, with the two comedic musicians there, and Just Joe and Dave asking them questions. and are the websites where you can find Shoebox and Devo respectively. Also present was Shoebox's wife, Kim. Around 2:00, a lot of people left, leaving Rick, Tim, Just Joe, and, Kal. They were going to fix Tim, make him more of a man, and less of a wussy girl. So they had him watch a mix tape called "The Whore Church". By the time Tim was done with it, he said he felt like hitting the open road and speeding. He had enjoyed it. So it seemed to have helped him. There were some segments of Movie Time, with everyone left after 2:00 participating. In a reversal of how things usually are, Azkath had only seen one movie, and Just Joe had seen five. Azkath talked about a book he had just finished, about the way some of the planets may have come to be, an alternate view. And there were discussions of politics, what with the Republican convention having been the past week, and some news items, a man getting run down and killed while trying to perpetrate a Bigfoot hoax, and a school who wants a three year old deaf boy to change his name because the sign language for it could look like a gun. The last hour was The Old School Hour...