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August 19, 2012 - Making Adam Invisible

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The Agonist "You're Coming With Me"
Baroness "Mtns. (The Crown and Anchor)"
Silencer "I am Thunder! / 1969 / Great Bear"
Locrian "Coprolite"

Dublin Death Patrol "Blood Sirens"
Jess and the Ancient Ones "Twilight Witchcraft"
Concrete Slacks "Away from Here"
Essenz "Sea of Light - Pleroma"

Inviolate "Condemned"
Ad Patres "Scars of Compromise"
A Forest of Stars "The Blight of God's Acre"
Tantara "Killing of Mother Earth"
Psyche Corporation "Jewels"

Crazy Lixx "Riot Avenue"
Laestrygonia "Io"
Xibalba "No Serenity"
Vore "Throne to the WOlves"
St. Madness "70's Porno"

ASKA "Legion"
Banshee "Legend Lost"
Loudness "Gonna Do It My Way"
Kaipa "Treasure-House"
Chaosweaver "A Requiem for a Lost Universe"

One-Eyed Doll "Envy"
Ashent "Spider's Nest"
Helllander "Trip in Fire"
Death of Centuries "Sad Revolution"
Autumn's End "Cold Winter of Time"

Enochian Threory "The Motives of the Machine"
Widow Sunday "Faces in Glass"
Cryptopsy "Amputated Enigma"
Vorpal Nomad "The Brotherhood"
The Samans "Moths to the Flames We Are"

Diablo Swing Orchestra "Kali Ma Calibre"
Liv Kristine "Panic"
Silent Auction "Heart Attack"
Munreuthel "In Leaves' Whisper Or In Bursts Of The Thunder..."
Iron Maiden "Running Free - Live"

Semargl "Suck My Dick"
The Commander-In-Chief "Evolution"
Static People "You Know It's There"
Careless "Contend in Vein"

Muckraker "Kingmaker"
Eat My Fuk "Tear It Down"
Lethal Aggression "Free is a 4 Letter Word"
Malevolent Patricide "Skeletal SPectre"
Ex Deo "Pollice Verso (Damnatio Ad Bestia)"

Tom Smith and the Great Luke Ski "Cthulhu Ftagn"
The Ziggurat "Nyarlathotep"
HPLHS "Shogoth Prayer"
Dublin Death Patrol "Death Toll Rising"
Obey the Brave "It Starts Today"

** Old School Hour **
The God Machine "I've Seen the Man"
Pyogenesis "Sacrificious Profanity"
Twisted Cross "Blow Up God (Eat His Heart)"
Amulance "Feel the Pain"
Minor Threat "Small Man, Big Mouth"
Blood for Blood "Eulogy for a Dream"

Current 93 "Crowleymass Unveiled"
Fields of the Nephilim "Love Under Will"
Bruce Dickinson "Man of Sorrows - Orchestral Version"

Missing Marcus "So Much for Goodbye - Live on The Last Exit 2005"
Harley Poe "It's Only the End of the World"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Adam and Nikki were there,as were, Eric the bass player for the band Ire Clad, Kal, who hadn't been there in a little while, Tim, and, for one talk break, in the middle of the program, Mark Anbinder, long time WVBR personality. The week before, Adam had removed Dave, the worst co-host in the world's beard, because Dave had said that his beard was making him smart. Now Adam was without his beard, and he said it had made him smarter. Somehow, they convinced Adam, that, if he removed all of his body hair, he would be invisible. So Adam was eager to become hairless. They told him Kal could help him out with that, even though there was a lot of body hair. Kal wrapped Adam up completely in duct tape. then started ripping away all the strips one at a time. It took a long time. There were a lot of strips of duct tape, and Kal had been very thorough, covering every inch of Adam's body. Adam's screams of agony as the tape was ripped away were quite something. They told him that although all the blood was visible, that he would soon be completely invisible. After a while, all the tape was finally off. There was a lot of blood. Also, Kal seemed to be enjoying stripping all that tape off a whole lot, he has quite the sadistic streak, if the government needs any extra people to help waterboard suspects, Kal would fit in nicely. They told Adam that all that pain had paid off, he was now completely invisible. Adam said that now he was going to drive home. Nikki told him that, no he was not, not until he put some clothes on! But Adam insisted that he didn't need to, since no one could see him. Everyone else, except Nikki, because she had to go home with him, assured Adam that he would be fine, he was invisible! So a naked Adam left. I guess losing his beard really did make him stupid. Have fun in jail, Adam! Throughout the night there were discussions of out of the mainstream and paranormal topics, like UFOs, and the program "UFO Hunters", and people like H.P. Lovecraft, Anton Levay, and Alister Crowley. There were some segments of Movie Time, with everyone participating, including Mark Anbinder, on that one break I mentioned. And we saw further proof that Tim just does not get the point of movies, any more than he gets the point of porn. There was still a lot of cool new music, as there had been so much of it last week, after LE had been prerecorded for a week, that it could not all be fit into one program. The last hour was The Old School Hour...