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August 5, 2012 - Z'Ha'Dum Show

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This was a pre-recorded Z'Ha'Dum Show. This has been waiting to be aired for almost 2 years.

My Dying Bride "The Crown of Sympathy"
Pyogensis "Like Tears (In the Dust)"
Paradise Lost "Shattered"

Morbid Angel "Blessed are the Sick / Leading the Rats"
Anathema "Shroud of False / Fragile Dreams"
Bathory "Holocaust"
Cathedral "Soul Sacrifice"
Celtic Frost "Os Abysmi vel Daath"
Neurosis "The Doorway"

Nightfall "My Red, Red Moon (Emma O)"
Dream into Dust "Sleep in Dead Time"
And Here I Lie "In Coldness"
How Like a Winter "All the Seasons of Madness"
Miranda Sex Garden "A Fairy Tale About Slavery"

Korova "Our Reality Dissolves"
Nothing "Wielding Ockham's Razor"
Fields of the Nephilim "The Tower"
Borgia Popes "Deadsong"
Samael "Ceremony of Opposites"
Skold "All Dies"

Rain Fell Within "Torn Apart"
Eyes of Fire "Anyone"
Lycia "In the Fire and Flames"
Love Like Blood "Walking in Demimondes"
Skinny Puppy "Cult"
Silent Stream of Godless Elegy "Flowers Fade Away"

Drawn "Momento in Slomo"
Chaostar "An Electric Storm of Thoughts"
The Gathering and Wim Kratsborn "Every Day is Like a Thousand Years"
Chorus of Ruin "Headstone"
The 3rd and The Mortal "Shaman"
The God Machine "Pictures of a Bleeding Boy"

Evereve "The Bride Wears Black"
Orphaned Land "Mercy - Live"
November's Doom "A Eulogy for the Living Lost"
Lush "Undertow"
Licorice "Deadgirl"
Cemetary "Last Transmission"

Sonata Nocturna "The Darkest Winter"
Paragon of Beauty "One Step Into Nothingness"
Night in Gales "From Ebony Skies"
Ophelia's Dream "Rise"
Persephone "Immersion"
The Gathering "Travel"

Tristania "The Modern End"
Andra Dare "Swan"
Current 93 "This Autistic Imperium is Nihil Reich"
Cryptic Wintermoon "Darkness Forever"
Faith and the Muse "In Dreams of Mine"
Confession of Faith "Assembly Divide"

Primordial "Dark Song"
Where Echoes End "Only in War"
Virgin Black "Walk Without Limbs"
Tranquilatwist "Collapse"
Fjorgyn "Requiem"
Sopor Aeturnus and the Emsemble of Shadows "Day of the Dead"

Odes of Ecstacy "Deceitful Melody"
Dornenreich "Trauerbrandung"
Sax Myle "iypb"
Dyonisis "Flown"
Sol Invictus "The World Shrugged"
The Sisters of Mercy "Nine While Nine"

Antimatter "Mr. White"
Power Symphony "Never Dream of Goodness (Evillot Pt II)"
Eterne "The Endless"
Opeth "To Bid You Farewell"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Because the Last Exit crew was attending a 2CW wrestling show, this night's program was prerecorded, and brought back something from way back in the day that used to be featured semi regularly, but which hasn't been done in probably a decade if not more... A Z'Ha'Dum Show, which is a program consisting of all very dark music, doom, Goth, black metal, melodic songs, anything in a very dark vain. And, you can thank me, or blame me, depending on whether you like, liked, and/or missed those shows, because Azkath got out of the mood of doing them, and had decided not to do them anymore. When I requested that another one be done sometime, as I had liked them, he made this pre-recorded show, for when, for whatever reason, a live show would not be possible, as a surprise for me, dedicating the whole show to me, which I greatly appreciate! So, Z'Ha'Dum was brought back for one last time, I highly enjoyed it, and hope everyone else did as well...