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May 6, 2012 - Mike from PhotoReal

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Sanctuary "Taste Revenge / Long Since Dark"
Overkill "Thanx for Nothin' / Feel the Fire"
Candlemass "The Sound of Dying Demons"
Birth A.D. "Cause Problems"
The Pushrods "Liar" (R)
Prong "Revenge... Best Served Cold"
Cirque Du So What? "Green Eggs and Peas"
Hung "Matter of the Blood"
Nachblut "Dogma"
Iron Maiden "Dance of Death - Live"
Line of Fire "I Will Remember"
Municipal Waste "Authority Complex"
Matt Skiba nd the Sekrets "All Fall Down"
Sledge Leather "Illusions: Opus 1 / Her Fathers Daughter / Her Fathers Daughter - Reprise"
Ihsahn "The Paranoid"
Catamenia "The Day When the Sun Faded Away"
Ghoul "Suspicious Chunks"
Hirax "Hate, Fear, and Power - Live"
Huntress "Sleep and Death"
Jeff Loomis "Rapture"
Meliah Rage "Time Won't Let Me Breathe"
Misery Index "Outsourcing Jehova"
Photoreal "7Haus"
At War "At War"
Mustasch "Destroyed by Destruction"
Necromicon "Upon Black Wings"
Before the Dawn "Perfect Storm"
Photoreal "Something in the Sky"
Furyon "New Way of Living"
Cirque DU So What? "Tech Support"
Diabulus in Musica "Blazing a Trail"
Ayurveda "Planck Time"
Iron Maiden "Run to the Hills - Live" (R)
Soulfly "World Scum"
Cattle Decapitation "The Monolith"
Sepultura "Nomad" (R)
Consortium of Genius "They Said I was Mad"
Jenarium "Enter Sinturian (We Must Engage)"
Oxxo Xoox "Agorth"
Saltillo "A Necessary End"
Dyonisis "Eve's Song"
Crazy Lixx "Riot Avenue"
L.A.W. "Chris Farley or the Untimely Death of a Fallen Starlet"
Order of the Dead "You First"
Diatribe "Sanctuary"
Raven's Moreland "Bring the Darkest Night"
Martyrd "Separated / Dehumanized"
Earthbound "Victim of a Madman"
Cirque Du So What? "CdSW?"
Mekong Delta "Memories of Tomorrow"
Cirque Du So What? "Anti-Bullying PSA"
** Old School Hour **
White Lion "All the Fallen Men"
Skid Row "Sweet Little Sister"
Europe "Stormwind"
Dokken "Will the Sun Rise?"
Kinetic Dissent "I Will Fight No More Forever"
Prong "Prove You Wrong"
Slayer "Aggressive Perfector"
Phantom "No Evil on My Mind"
Ironchrist "World War Three (Crack Party Weekend)"
Deathwish "Carrion"
Confessor "Condemned"
Fly Machine "Becoming"
Distant Thunder "Beyond the Black Field of Stars"
Sanctuary "Eden Lies Obscured"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Just Joe was back, after a weeks absence, and he still will not say where he was when he was not there. Dave, the worst co-host in the world, after being there a whole two weeks in a row, was not there. Well, he did set a record there, three weeks in a row I guess was just too much to expect. Rick, from The Metallic Onslaught, was there. Mike, formerly of that great band Ayurveda, dropped by to talk about his new project. It is a band that features three out of the five members of Ayurveda, but has a very different sound and style. The band is called Photoreal. LE had two songs of their's, and they both were played. Mike talked about the band, how it came to be, and what it will be doing in the near future. It is a cool band. There was a segment of Movie Time, Just Joe only had one movie to contribute, despite having had two weeks to watch stuff. Maybe if we knew why he is absent when he is, we could excuse this, since he won't tell us, we will just go with it is because he sucks. Azkath reviewed a book he had read, About the author, John Keel's trip through India, and that region. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour... And Just Joe showed off his injuries he had received on The Metallic Onslaught the night before, celebrating No Pants Day there, when Jeffie had shaved Just Joe's ass... With a weed whacker... Just Joe showed everyone at LE how his injury looked a day later...