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April 22, 2012 - DAVE RETURNS!

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Background: Raison D'etre "Enthralled by the Wind of Lonelienes"
Fates Warning "Without a Trace"
Faith or Fear "Punishment Area"
Banshee "Running Wild"
C.I.A. "N.A.S.A."
Prong "Keep on Living the Pain"
Voice of Addiction "Wrecking Ball"
Psycroptic "Become the Cult"
Furyon "Fear Alone"
Sledge Leather "Imagine Me Alive"
Agiel "Seprent Masquerade"
Cyclophonia "Warbird"
Undivided "The Rebirth of the Rightous"
Obsidian Tongue "Hyper-Dimensional Blood Lotus"
Primal Rock Revolution "Savage World"
Millbastards "Tranny - Live" (R)
Paradise Lost "Fear of Impending Hell"
Mpire of Evil "God of Thunder"
Pyramada "Madman"
W.A.S.P. "Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)" (R)
Rainbow "Kill the King" (R)
Obituary "Chopped in Half" (R)
Lakei "Lakei"
Bleed the Freaks "All is Lost"
Jonestown "Who the Fuck Chose Grape?"
Eluveitie "Neverland"
Birth A.D. "Failed State"
Pinwheel "Orgone"
Laura Wilde "Anything Goes"
Unleashed "Gathering the Battalions"
Arthurian Sheild "Battle of Camlann"
High on Fire "Madness of an Architect"
Allegaeon "From the Stars Death Came"
Martyrd "Avarice"
Municiple Waste "Repossession"
Anthrax "Fight Em Till You can't"
Overkill "Old Wounds, New Scars"
Pasadena Napalm Division "Speaking in Tongues"
Accept "Against the World"
Torche "Letting Go"
Emmure "I Am Onslaught"
Iron Maiden "Running Free - Live"
Weedeater "Turkey Warlock"
Empires of Eden "As Flames Scorch the Ground"
Beyond Dishonor "Otis"
Old English "Particles"
Opera Diabolicus "Forbidden"
Domination "Lifetime of Suffering"
Give Em Hell "The Answer"
Crazy Lixx "Riot Avenue"
The Gloria Story "Tennis is Nice"
Jeff Loomis "Tragedy and Harmony"
H2O "Someday I Suppose"
Sledge Leather "The Guy Upstairs Lied"
It Bites "Man in the Photograph"
Hammerhorde "Riders of Annihilation"
Mares of Thrace "The Pragmatist"
Black Spiders "Just Like a Woman"
Natron "Leechlord"
Revenant Dead "Shallow Grave"
Halloween "Images Quite Horrible"
Devo Spice featuring Worm Quartet "Devo, are you Shoebox?"
** Old School Hour **
Detente "Shattered Illusions" (R)
Fear of God "Coming Down - Demo" (R)
Wendy O. Williams "Fight for the Right"
Lita Ford "Black Widow - Live"
Chastain "When the Battle's Over"
Wicked Maraya "Alone"
Hallows Eve "Eighteen (Rehearsal May 1984)"
Faith No More "Chinese Arithmetic / As the Worm Turns"
Death Angel "Thrashers" (R)
King Diamond "Digging Graves"
Fates Warning "Epitaph"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Just Joe was back, after a weeks absence, but he didn't want to talk about where he had been. Every time Azkath asked him, which he did a lot of times, Just Joe would either ignore the question, change the subject, or say he didn't want to talk about it. Then Azkath and Just Joe both started screaming. Because DAVE WAS THERE!!! Yes, that's right, the absolute worst co-host in the world ever, was finally here, after not having been for ten months. However, Dave didn't seem to know what they were talking about, he insisted he had only been gone a week. They showed him the date on the computer, but he still wouldn't believe them. So they showed him video recaps of all the things he had missed in almost a year. He finally became distraught, wanting to know what had happened to him, where he had been. The last time we had seen Dave, they had sent him off to look for the aliens that Just Joe had kept insisting he was seeing. But it had turned out that the alien thing had all been a hoax, a trick made up by Just Joe. So, as to where Dave has been, and why he has no memory of the past almost year, who knows? Dave became more and more agitated and confused. He didn't stay too long, he said he needed to go find people he knew and find out where he had been, or something. So he rushed out, oddly, ripping off his clothes as he went, don't know what that was all about, and that is probably the last we will see of him for another year, he does live up to his title of worst co-host in the world so well! In fact, Azkath and Just Joe, once Dave had gone, began to question if Dave had even really been there at all, or if it had been a mass hallucination. Actually, that probably is more likely than that Dave was really there. Who knows? Mark Anbinder, long time WVBR personality, was there for one break, he told us what movies he has seen recently, and talked about movies in general for a bit, some soon coming out ones and such. There were two other official segments of Movie Time. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...