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April 1, 2012 - National Joe Day

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04-01-12 Last Exit - National Joe Day from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.

Cerebral Fix "Unity for Who / Enter the Turmoil"
Holy Terror "No Ressurection"
Metal Church "(My Favorite) Nightmare"
Agent Steel "Still Searchin'"
Seasons of the Wolf "No More Room in Hell"
Black Breath "Endless Corpse"
Iron Maiden "The Wicker Man"
Lord Mantis "Septichrist"
Psyche Corporation "Still Alive"
Ministry "Just One Fix"
7 Horns 7 Eyes "The Falsehood of Affliction"
Gregorian "Bring Me to Life"
A Sound of Thunder "Fight Until the End"
Cyclophonia "Warbird"
Hellcannon "Sacrifice by Fire"
Master's Hammer "Lovecraft"
Aura Noir "Fed to the Flames"
Barren Earth "Vintage Warlords"
Birth A.D. "Kill Everybody"
Panzie "Jezebel"
Jonestown "Bloodless"
Goatwhore "Death to the Architects of Heaven"
Vindicator "Gore Orphanage"
Napalm Death "Protection Racket"
Of the Past "Set Me Free"
Mpire of Evil "All Hail"
Spater "Witch One"
Star Wars Jeapardy
Asphyx "Minefield"
Polution "RIP"
Halloween "Her Ghost Comes Out to Play"
Dirge Within "For My Enemies"
Burn Everything "Hollow Victory"
Another Vendetta "Plastic Makes Perfect"
Blacksoul Seraphim "Alms Avarice"
Revenant Dead "Decay Dance"
Mustasch "Destroyed by Destruction"
Beard without a Mustasche "Lament"
Soulfly "Gladiator"
Break of Reality "Ghosts I"
Citadel Besieged "March of the Black Death"
The Mudersquad T.O. "Wastland"
Others "The Night You Tried to Walk Away"
Jeff Loomis "Surrender"
Martyrd "Separated / Dehumanize"
Furyon "Stand Like Stone"
Persist "No More"
At the SKylines "Hush"
Dragonforce "Fallen World"
Spater "Sucker Punch"
Accept "Flash to Bang Time"
Executioner "Death March"
LLVME "LLVME 1188-1230"
Panychida "Moon Forest, and Blinding Snow"
Lahmia "Nightfall"
Kittie "Never Again" (R)
Paradise Lost "Gothic / One Second"
My Dying Bride "For You"
Pyogenesis "Like Tears (In the Dust)"
Saxon "Play It Loud" (R)
Dirty Looks "Get Off"
Immaculate Mary "Give It All You Got"
Helix "Running Wild in the Streets"
Acid Drinkers "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"
The Sisters of Mercy "Nine While Nine"
Gary Jules "Mad World"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
This LE was a celebration of National Joe Day, which had been the previous Tuesday, March 27th, and is the day when anyone can be named Joe for a day. So it was a celebration for Just Joe and his special day. Just Joe had been absent for the past two weeks, but he was back for his day. He didn't want to say where he had been because he said they would laugh at him. They said they wouldn't, but of course they did. He said his house had been stolen. Not that he had been robbed, all his stuff was still there, but there was nothing around it, it was now all just on the ground, with nothing encasing it. So he said he had spent the last couple weeks carrying all his stuff to a new house. There for this LE were, Raven, Rick from The Metallic Onslaught, Dave from the band Spater, and also founder of The Finger Lakes Metal Fest, Adam, not the Adam who is always with Nikki, but the Adam who lives out of state now, but who used to be a regular co-host, and who visits about once a year, Chris from the band Castle Bravo, and formerly of the bands Lotus Project, and Twilight Kingdom, who is also the master of Handy The Hand Puppet Of Doom, so Handy was present as well, and, Chuck, from The Salt Creek Show, the program which follows LE, who has a history with Just Joe, Just Joe helped him do the weather once. Apparently he didn't do that very well, though, because Chuck gave Just Joe a brutal shot to the head with a baking sheet, knocking him out. Azkath told Just Joe he had gotten him something for his special day, a monkey. Adam was the monkey. What's In Just Joe's Pants was played, and, in his pants was Handy. Handy is there a lot when his master is not there. Handy was not very happy about that tonight. Raven had something for Just Joe, silly string, which she put all over him. Apparently silly string stinks, because everyone agreed it smelled really really rancid. Azkath told Just Joe they were starting a new Just Joe Day tradition this year, the running of the Joe. Rick would play the part of the bull, and Just Joe would have to try and out run him outside, and get back inside. However, guarding the door would be Raven, with a pie full of whip cream. Handy would provide the color commentary for the race. If Just Joe couldn't out run Rick, Rick would splash him, the wrestling move. Just Joe failed miserably. When he got to the door, Raven hit him in the face with the pie, and kicked him in the groin, or maybe the face. That allowed Rick to catch him and splash him. Just Joe, now back inside, was pissed off. He said this was why he hated celebrating National Joe Day here, because they always do crummy things to him. They said they had no idea what he meant, hadn't he liked all the stuff they had done for him. He said no, he had been hit with a pie, kicked in the face, splashed by Rick, covered in foul silly string, and knocked out by Chuck. He also didn't think Adam made a good monkey. But a lot of music Just Joe likes was played for him, Goatwhore, so he and everyone else, could scream that, "Gore Orphanage", and lots of other songs he likes. Spater's music was played. They rock. There were two segments of Movie Time, with everyone participating, Just Joe, having been away for three weeks, despite having had to move, had seen some movies. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour, with some songs in it for Just Joe to finish out his Show. So, Happy National Joe Day, everyone! Enjoy being Joe for a day! Good luck getting your IQ to come back up when the day is over! It always takes mine at least a week!