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March 25, 2012 - Poor, Poor Randy...

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03-25-12 LE Rick is Tough from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.

Kreator "Karmic Wheel / Realitatskontrolle / Zero to None"
Motorhead "Killed by Death - Live"
Kartikeya "The Path"
Ana Kefr "Emago"
3 Inches of Blood "My Sword Will Not Sleep"
Overkill "Wish You Were Dead"
Exumer "Vermin of the SKy"
Shok Paris "Those Eyes"
Revenant Dead "Decay Dance"
Picture It in Ruins "Chain Dragon"
Jeff Loomis "The Ultimatum"
Napalm Death "Collision Course"
Mustasch "Speed Metal"
Aura Noir "Priest's Hellish Fiend"
Burn Everything "Vengeance and the Night Sky"
Meshuggah "The Demon's Name is Surveillance"
God Forbid "A Few Good Men"
Wretched "Dreams of Chaos"
Tom Smith "I Had a Shoggoth"
Stone "Get Stoned"
Juggernaut "Cut Throat"
Laibach "In the Army Now"
WASP "Sleeping in the Fire (Acoustic Version)"
Dismal Euphony "Days of Sodom"
Goatwhore "In Deathless Tradition"
The Kandidate "Dommedag"
Therapy? "Get Your Dead Hand Off My Shoulder"
Hour of Penance "Sedition Through Scorn"
OSI "For Nothing"
Revilers "Frustration"
Panychida "Bachorka"
Anhedonist "Carne Liberatus"
Emptiness "Not Enough"
Martyrd "Pain of Reason"
Been Through Fire "Before I Pump Your Guts Full of Lead"
Soulfly "Chains"
Hammerhorde "Hero's Heart"
Xandria "When the Mirror Cracks"
Behold the Monolith "We are the Worm"
Job for a Cowboy "The Deity Misconception"
Cyclophonia "Hand of the Rightous"
Another Vendetta "Plastic Makes Perfect"
Beard without a Mustache "Human Nothing"
From Astral Planes "Lazy Pond"
Abdicate "Thoughtless Rapture"
General Surgery "Foetal Mush"
Llvme Yia Fatu a Tierra"
Cirque Du So What? "Faullux"
J.B.O. "Ace of Spades"
A Sound of Thunder "Out of the Darkness"
Hemia "Haunting Me!"
Dark Empire "Dark Seeds of Depravity"
Diabulus in Musica "Hidden Reality"
Arrayan Path "77 Days Til Doomsday"
Asphyx "Into the Timewastes"
Barren Earth "Oriental Pyre"
Mongrel "Stillborn Savior"
** Old School Hour **
Leatherwolf "Thunder"
L.A. Guns "Long Time Dead"
Carcass "Incarnated Solvent Abuse"
Crypt Kicker "Everything Suffering"
Cryptic Wintermoon "Darkness Forever"
Oz "Turn the Cross Upside Down" (R)
Cathedral "Autumn Twilight"
White Lion "All the Fallen Men"
Lion "Powerlove"
Elvenking "Seasonspeech"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Present were, Raven, Kal, and Rick, Randy, and, Ken from The Metallic Onslaught. Just Joe was absent for the second week in a row. Kal said he had him "snoveling his show", whatever the hell that means, it is Kal. As a result of Russian Roulette, and Rick volunteering, Raven was supposed to give Rick three whacks with the cane, but she hit him so hard on the first one that she broke the cane. Rick did say that he had felt that, and it did make an impressive sound, but Rick made no reaction sound wise at all, he is tough. So now both the cane, and The Boomstick, are broken, both broken on Rick, so I guess something new will have to be made to smack people with. As a result of that same Russian Roulette, Raven had to go down into the basement, and listen to some of "Lulu", the Metallica with Lou Reed album, a fate no one should have to endure. Randy said he would go with her, because no one should have to go through that alone, but that was just his cover reason, his real reason, which he doesn't want to admit, because it exposes what truly horrible taste he has in things, and just how screwed up he is, is that he really likes Lulu. Azkath decided to have some fun with Randy. Azkath can very easily hypnotize Randy, but Randy refuses to believe that he can be hypnotized, so Azkath decided to mess with him. He got him to believe that Ken, who weighs over three hundred pounds, and is bald, was a gorgeous woman, and that Randy was going to pursue her aggressively. Randy started giving Ken a back rub, and then started undressing him. Azkath snapped him out of it, and a shocked and horrified Randy ran away screaming. Apparently Ken was now in the mood, because he now kept molesting Randy with an old balloon that looked unsettlingly like a condom, Ken kept putting that in Randy's face, to Randy's great discomfort. Then Azkath made Randy think other things, that Kal was his dad, and that he was extremely upset with him for groping a big bald dude. That Raven was his mom, and that she, too, was extremely upset with her son. That Kal was his adopted father, Rick was his biological father, and that all of his parents were extremely upset and disappointed with him. Randy kept insisting to all of his parents that he swore there had been a beautiful girl there, and that that was who he thought he had been getting it on with, and his parents kept yelling at him, telling him that he was a major disappointment, and that he was grounded for life. Then Azkath made Randy believe that there was a shoggoth in the basement, and that he needed to go remove it. Randy came back upset, he said he was dead, that the shoggoth had eaten him. They tried to tell him he was alive, but he insisted that he couldn't be, because the shoggoth had eaten him. He also believed at one time that he was insane. Then Azkath snapped him out of it, making him believe that none of it had happened. But he got bored with a sane Randy, and made him believe that every single thing had really happened. Randy was back to being insane, and broken. Rick and Ken took him home, Rick telling Randy that father said it was time to go home. They led a rambling Randy away. Kal had a new hat with a big crab on it, as he never found the one that they had hidden from him a few weeks back. They took this one, too, Rick, Randy, and, Ken, kept it away from him. Azkath handed it back to him, but Kal flipped him off, prompting Azkath to call Kal a jerk. There were two segments of Movie Time, with everyone there participating. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour... Kal was warned that he better have Just Joe back next week, because then they would be celebrating National Joe Day, and they needed Just Joe for that, so, if he was not there, they would beat him out of Kal...