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March 4, 2012 - Just a Memory Live in Studio

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Barbed Wire Board - March 4, 2012 from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.

Just a Memory - March 4, 2012 from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.


Napalm Death "Circumspect / Errors in the Signals / Everyday Pox / Protection Racket"
Cyclophonia "Hand of the Righteous"
Lullacry "Thousand Suns"
Hammer Horde "The Curse of Andvari"
Just a Memory "To the Limit - Live in Studio"
Epica "Karma -Prelude - / Monopoly on the Truth"
Arrayan Path "Ira Imperium (The Damned)"
Goatwhore "Death to the Architects of Heaven"
Just a Memory "I'll Wait for You - Live in Studio"
Michael Monroe "Later Won't Wait"
Break of Reality "B.Y.O.B."
Faith No More "Everything's Ruined" (R)
The Commander-In-Chief "Famous"
Jenarium "Rise of the New Sun"
Just a Memory "No Turning Back - Live in Studio"
Just a Memory "Battlefield"
Castle Bravo "TMI"
Sanjuro Fields "The River's Edge"
Stonecreep "Brainstar / The Glorious Deathmarch"
Mustasch "It's Never Too Late"
PanzerBastard "The Last Bullet is Mine"
Static People "American Robot Mother"
Pilgrim "Adventurer"
12 Oz Muzzle "Gravity" (R)
Diabulus in Musica "Blazing a Trail"
Rage "Destiny"
Semargl "Drag Me to Hell"
Slartibartfass "Kapitel IV: Angst"
Psyche Corporation "Portal: Still Alive"
Sigh "Amnesia"
Cannibal Corpse "Intestinal Crank"
ASphyx "Deathhammer"
Xandria "Soulcrusher"
Tetrafusion "Look Away"
Trippin on Sunday "Stock"
Walking with Titans "This Fight"
Neon Guillotine "Our Last Effort"
Oxymor "Derniere Transe"
The Jerk Boys "Spider Monkey"
Fields of the Nephilim "Slow Kill"
Sepultura "The Hunt"
Crisis "Captain Howdy"
Earthbound "I Declare War"
Opera Diabolicus "The 13th Guest"
Oxxo Xoox "Noc Sae"
Napalm Death "Quarantined"
Ookla the Mok "Tantric Yoda"
Neotheist "Darkness Remains"
Illuminata "Dead Warden Dreamer"
Angel Witch "Geburah"
Astra "Drift"
Doomsday Mourning "Legends are Made Not Broken"
Careless "Curtains"
Saltillo "Remember Me?"
** Old School Hour **
Helloween "Invitation / I'm Alive"
Metal Church "Waiting for a Savior"
Dead Kennedy's "Let's Lynch the Landlord"
Hades "Face the Fat Reality"
Hydra Vein "Rather Death than False of Faith"
Harter Attack "Death Bells of the Apocalypse"
Sepultura "Slaves of Pain" (R)
Kreator "Gangland"
Sabbat "Hosanna in Excelsis"
Samael "The Ones Who Came Before"
Mercyful Fate "Doomed by the Living Dead"
Suicidal Tendencies "One Too Many Times"
Heretic "Time Runs Short"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;The band Just A Memory was there in the first portion of the program. They promoted their upcoming participation in the next The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show. They performed three songs live and acoustic on the air, and their music was played from CD as well. They are very cool, you can find them on facebook and youtube. Kal was there, but only for a little while, then he disappeared, and no one knew where he had gone. It was speculated that perhaps he left with the band, since, after they were gone, so was he, but who knows, it is Kal, after all, with him, anything is possible. Two people were there who had not been in a long time. No, if you guessed Dave, he is still living up to his so richly deserved title of worst co-host ever in the world, and was not present. But Shane and Gorgar were, neither of them had been there in quite some time. Also there were, Rick and Ken from The Metallic Onslaught, Adam and Nikki, and Raven. Russian Roulette was played. If a bullet played, Raven would get to pick whom she would body slam onto a board that was covered in barbed wire, and then she would electrify the barbed wire board with the tazer. If no bullet played, then Raven would have to go into the basement and listen to the Metallica with Lou Reed album, a fate no one deserves. Two cover songs played, which is a bullet, so Raven would get to pick who would go into the electrified barbed wire. She chose Azkath, so that is what happened, making the first time Azkath has ever taken the penalty for a bullet. There were two segments of Movie Time, about half the people were able to contribute, including Just Joe, who, for once, had actually seen movies, like four of them. And Mark Anbinder, a long time WVBR personality, participated in one of the segments. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...