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February 12, 2012 - Interview with The Commander-In-Chief

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Interview with The Commander-In-Chief is at 3am (File 4) with her full EP being played throughout.


02-12-12 LE - Bryan Gets Tazed from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.

Saint Chaos "Nothing is Forever"
Amoral "Things Left Unsaid"
Primal Fear "Where Angels Die"
Just a Memory "Battlefield"

Earthbound "Victim of a Madman"
Shroud of Despondency "New Trees"
Bloodwrath "Persecution"
A Sound of Thunder "A Sound of Thunder"

Lillian Axe "Take the Bullet"
Tetrafusion "Impetus"
Oxxo Xoox "Agorth"
Stonecreep "The Faithful Departed"

Saltillo "Proxy"
Rhope "False Needs"
Prassein Aloga "Inner War"
Vendetta "Lords of Chaos"
Voz "Fires of Hell"

Cult of the Fox "Out of Order"
Asphyx "Of Days When Blades Turned Blunt"
Consortium Project "Exodus"
Citizen Charlie "Out of This World"
Hard Riot "Rock 'n Roll Outlaw"

Goatwhore "Collapse in Eternal Worth"
Walking with Titans "This Fight"
Everybody Panic "When It All Burns"
3 Inches of Blood "Leather Lord"
Alcest "Beings of Light"
The Right Wing Conspiracy "Gimmick"

Lamb of God "The Undertow"
Motorhead "Killed by Death - Live"
The Commander-In-Chief "Evolution / Famous / Thou / Let It Go"

Pilgrim "Astaroth"
Sanjuro Fields "The Beagle and the Bulldog"
Astral Doors "Suicide Rime"
Jenarium "Enter "Sintarium (We Must Engage)"
Andra Dare "Lilith"

Mpire of Evil "Hellspawn"
Panzerbastard "B.L.O.D,"
Mustasch "Your Father Must be Proud"
The Devestated "Roof Top Party Drop"
King "Kill the Posers Like the Fucking Christians"

Dr. Living Dead "World War Nine"
Bejelit "Don't Know What you Need"
Iron Fire "Ten Years in Space"
Citadel Besieged "Fear of the Mountain People"
Cirque Du So What? "Elevator"

Static People "The Late Projectionist"
Meanstreak "Giant Speaks"
White Noyze "Cryin'"
Saint Chaos "Don't Wanna Be Alone"

VoiVod "Psychic Vacuum"
Vio-Lence "Calling in the Coroner"
Coroner "Reborn Through Hate"
Desecrator "Empire of Hate"

Cinderella "Somebody Save Me"
Tesla "Modern Day Cowboy"
Tygers of Pan Tang "Gangland - Live"

Savatage "Alone You Breathe"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Rick from The Metallic Onslaught was there, as was Ken, Adam, Nikki, Kyle, Raven, Bryan from the band Sorrow Of Batavia, and, Just Joe was back after a weeks absence. Just Joe filled us in on why he had been away. Azkath had said that Just Joe had called him, screaming that now there were two of them, but that was all he had said, and he had not heard from him since. So now Just Joe elaborated. It seems he has a wife, and this wife has now popped another spawn, the first one was a girl, this one is a boy. Just Joe said he had had no idea this was going to happen until suddenly there were two spawn instead of just the one. When asked if he hadn't maybe gotten a clue when his wife's belly expanded a lot, he said he hadn't wanted to mention it, because well, people put on weight, and that is not generally a subject you want to broach with a woman, at least not to ask if she has put on weight, to ask if she's lost it, is a different matter, but I digress. He said he was going to find out who was responsible for this new spawn. When they asked if he didn't think it was him, he said possibly, he couldn't remember that far back. You might think it would be really hard to miss something like this, but it is Just Joe we are talking about here, and he is well, a unique individual. Just Joe said he was going to do a full scale investigation into this matter, he would not stop until he had uncovered the culprit. He asked Adam and Bryan if they were responsible, they said not that they knew of. Bryan told us a bunch of stories about stupid stuff he has done that has resulted in his being injured and/or hospitalized, like getting attacked by an ostrich when he was a kid, and pretending he was going to smack his head on a table with a really sharp corner... And then actually accidentally doing it and busting his head open. He also shared with us that he can do a neat trick, he can put his testicles back up inside, so it looks like his sack is empty. Um, Bryan, too much information! No one wanted to see him demonstrate this trick, they all just took his word for it. He also told us how, on New Years, he got really drunk, met two lesbians, they really liked him, so now he is going to be the ring bearer at their upcoming wedding. The artist The Commander-In-Chief phoned in at 3:00 for an extended interview conducted by Azkath and Rick. During this interview all four of the songs on her new EP were played, and she told us a bit about each one of them. She rocks, is her website, and she is also on facebook and youtube. Russian Roulette was played. The computer plays a set of music, picking the songs randomly, and, if a bullet plays, someone has to take a penalty. A bullet is any cheesy glam hair band song, any over played song that made it to the mainstream, any weird, bizarre song, or two cover songs. As a result of this Russian Roulette, Raven got to throw Bryan into a big pile of mousetraps. His screams were quite loud and long. After that, Raven tazed him on each ass cheek. He said that had hurt as much as the mousetraps. For the rest of the night, Raven kept taunting him with the tazer, he would keep freaking out if she came near him with it, making him think she was going to use it, but then not doing it. Well, that is because the anticipation of something can make you freak out just as much as it actually happening to you. He did however give his consent to letting her taze him again the next time he is there, but he didn't want it again this night. He did manage to take it and not pass out, like Just Joe had done, twice, when it had been done to him a couple weeks back. Bryan pointed out that he has a bigger butt than Joe does, more padding to shield him, a little, anyways. Then Azkath chopped Bryan in the chest. Bryan said that that had been as bad as the tazing, in a different way, the tazer hurt more, but the pain was over quicker. He did not however consent to getting chopped again next time, so... So Bryan had quite a night, quite a painful night, getting tossed into a lot of mousetraps, being tazed, and getting chopped. There were two segments of Movie Time, with most everyone contributing, Just Joe had actually seen two movies, and parts of two TV series, despite having two spawn to help look after now. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...