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February 5, 2012 - Schoolgirls and Broken Records

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02-05-12 LE Breaking Records from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.


Last Builders of Empire "Our Gods are Made on Earth"
Cadaveria "Death Vision"
Heidevolk "Wapenbroeders"

Lillian Axe "Death Comes Tomorrow"
The Isotopes "Television Impared"
Static People "Save the Worst"
Amethyst "Time of Slaughters"
Diabulus in Musica "Call from a Rising Memory / Hidden Reality"

Tetrafusion "Stryrafoam Breath"
Motorhead "In the Name of Tragedy - Live"
Bleeding Through "Faith in Fire"
Mother Eel "Your Girlfriend has Low Standards"
Swallow the Sun "Cathedral Walls"
Cattle Decapitation "Unintelligent Design" (R)

Flat 29 "Menfriends"
Killing Machine "Hell Raiser"
Magni Animi Viri "Mai Piu"
Type O Negative "Black Number One" (R)
Orange Goblin "The Filthy and the Few" (R)

Lamb of God "The Undertow" (R)
Hopes Die Last "Unleash Hell"
Cirque Du So What? "How to Write Parodies"
Overkill "Wrecking Crew" (R)
Evildead "Gone Shooting"

Amoral "Silhouette"
Cult of the Fox "The Sea Beneath the Sand"
Careless "Blackend Walls of Freedom"

Blind Illusion "Death Noise"
Seth "Satanik Generation"
Nuclear Assault "New Song"
Civilization One "Life of Agony"
Lord Wind "Signal for Fight"

Arthurian Shield "Arthurian Shield"
Skinny Puppy "Cullorblind"
Xandria "Forevermore"
Hate Squad "Your Rotten Life"
Stonecreep "Cascading Horizons of Black"

Burn Everything "Ghost of the Waves"
Jack Cassady "Nutcase"
Pazz Kluger "Naughty Things"
Illuminata "The Divine Puppet"
Lethian Dreams "White Gold"

Devo Spice "Friday (the 13th)" 
Dead Icons "The Longer You Wait"
Almah "Zombies Dictator"
Dunderbeist "Through the Peephole"
Cirque Du So What? "Salary Review"

Legacy of Disorder "Treading the Tainted Path"
Rising "Cohorts Rise"
Hellsaw "Sorrow is Horror"
Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters "I Hate Every Bone in Your Body Except Mine"
Kobi LaCroix "Look Directly at the Floating Polystyrene Head"

Attack Attack! "The Betryal"
Oxxo Xoox "Terea"
Mortal Sin "Deny"

White Noyze "Mirror Mirror"
Saint Chaos "Come Back Strong"
Diamond Tyr "Electric Mind - Live"
One Man'z Junk "No Holding Back"
Groovy Seeds "Go/Grow"

Sonata Artica "Full Moon" (R)
Leeway "Catholic High School (Girls in Trouble)"
Coffee Inc. "Monsanto"
Shotgun Messiah "I Come in Peace"

Fields of the Nephilim "Wail of Sumer / And There Will Your Heart Be Also"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Just Joe was absent. Azkath said he had gotten a phone call from him earlier in the week, and Just Joe had screamed that there was two of them now, and that was all he said, and then he hung up, so Azkath had no idea what he had been talking about. Keith, from the band Drop Head, was there, as was Kal, and the girl he brings with him, who this week gave us a name to call her, Raven. Azkath accused Kal of being responsible for Just Joe's not being there, and wanted to know what he had done to him this time. Kal denied having anything to do with it, but no one much believed him. Russian Roulette was played. The computer picks a set of music randomly, if a bullet plays, someone has to take a punishment. A bullet is any cheesy glam hair band '80's song, any song that made it to the mainstream and is over played, any weird, bizarre song, or two cover songs. As a result of this one, Raven got to break records over Keith and Kal's heads. Then everyone started breaking records on each other, Azkath stabbed Keith's head with shards of broken record, and everyone got involved in the action. Everyone started compiling a list of all of the things that are wrong with Kal. It's a really long list, Kal is one messed up dude. As he had been last week, he was once again wearing a hat with a big crab on it. He calls the crab Lamar, as in Headie Lamar, the actress, because the crab is on his head, get it, oh, Kal, you are so clever, and he talks to the crab. Azkath told Keith and Raven to hide the crab, and make Kal try to find it. They did, and Kal searched all over, but could not find it, so they did a really good job of hiding it. Kal was quite distraught without Lamar. There was a segment of Movie Time, with everyone participating. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...