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January 29, 2012 - Hammer Time...

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Earthbound "Heather"
Machine Head "Be Still and Know"
Vektor "Venus Project"

Vektor "Dark Creations, Dead Creators"
Lamb of God "The Number Six" (R)
Nightwish "Turn Loose the Mermaids"
Dunderbeist "Lucifer Eyes"
Leverage "Ribozyme"

Void Moon "The Word and the Abyss"
Dawn of Ashes "Farewell to the Flesh"
Cirque Du So What? "Stupid Cowboy Thing"
Ghoul "Blood Feast"
Oz "Turn the Cross Upside Down"

Drop Head "Inside My Head"
Evildead "Annihilation of Civilization"
Faith or Fear "System is Armed"
Stephan Forte "Spiritual Bliss"
Divot "Ojo Del Avion"

Eluveitie "Prologue / Helvetios"
Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows "The Innocence of Devils"
Oxxo Xoox "Lini"
Nabaath "Blastbirth of the Universe"
Saltillo "Backyard Pond"
Hatriot "The Fear Within"

Amoral "This Never Ending Game"
Cult of the Fox "Letters of the Fire and Sword"
Careless "Curtains"
Pandora's Toybox "Sir Reveberal Cortex"
The Objex "Criminal State"
Static People "You Know It's There"

Legacy "Reign of Terror"
Crisis "Secrets of the Prison House"
One Eyed Doll "Be My Friend"
Clearwater Deathblow "Reduced to Juice"
Avec Tristesse "As Years Pass By"

Panzie "Rock n' Roll Hammer"
The Plankboys "Vulgar"
Alcest "Beings of Light"
Tornado "Priesthood Pedophilia"

Drop Head "Metal Gods"
Devestation "Drink Till We Die"
Hellcannon "Sacrificed by Fire"
Dead "Purfumes of Doom"
The Devil's Blood "Die the Death"

Worm Quartet "Vampire Penguins (Repenged 2011)"
Drakkar "Encounter"
Shining "Gortex Weather Report"
Shear "Crowned by Fools"
Church of Misery "Megalomania"

Black Flag "T.V. Party"
The Vestibules "Bulbous Bouffant"
Warlock "Fight for Rock" (R)
The Misfits "Some Kinda Hate" (R)
Antrax "Capalism is Cannibalism"
Anti-Nowhere League "So What"

Turbonegro "A Dazzling Display of Talent"
Phantom "Bonecrusher"
Mad Max "Never Say Never"
Crimson Glory "Queen of the Masqurade - Live"

Black Task "Sex and Destruction"
7 Seconds "Walk Together, Rock Together"
Circle Jerks "Beat Me Senseless"

DRI "Dead in a Ditch"
Onslaught "Welcome to Dying"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Keith from the band Drop Head was therefor about half of the program. Kal was there, and a girl he brings with him who hasn't given us anything to call her yet so, I will call her, the girl Kal brings with him, because I am truly such a creative and original thinker, she was there as well. Just Joe however, he was not there, or at least not 'til much later than he usually arrives, he didn't get there 'til 2:30, almost half the program was over. Kal was wearing a really weird hat, it had a crab on top of it! He said the crab was named Lamar. Um, Ok, Kal, whatever! Kal kept getting picked on about the crab. When Just Joe finally did arrive, he blamed Kal for his absence. Last week, Kal had accused Just Joe of sabotaging his car so he hadn't been able to get to LE two weeks ago. Just Joe had accused Kal of randomly gluing things to his ceiling, a different thing every day. Just Joe said that was still going on, and he still blamed Kal, but now he also blamed Kal for something else. He said he had been watching TV, and then, suddenly, everything had gotten very blurry. He said his contacts had gone missing, and he blamed Kal. Kal denied it, and, really, it is kind of hard to believe that Just Joe wouldn't notice that Kal was at his house, that he was removing his contacts from his eyes. I mean, really, wouldn't you notice if suddenly someone was there who wasn't before, and they took the contacts right out of your eyes as you were watching TV?! Just Joe said Kal had licked his eyes to remove them. Again, wouldn't you notice if, on top of everything I just said, they were licking your eyeballs?! All this was pointed out to Just Joe, but he said that Kal had licked his eyeballs before, and that, the more you do something, the better you get at it, so Kal could have gotten really good at it. Well, I guess that is true, but still, anyone would notice something like that! Anyone would, but we are talking about Just Joe here, he is not like anyone else, he is truly like no one, so, maybe... Something was done that hadn't been in a long time... They played Russian Roulette. Russian Roulette, is where a set of music is played, and the computer randomly picks the songs. A bullet is any cheesy glam hair band '80's song, any overly played song that made it to the mainstream, or two cover songs. If any of that occurs, a penalty is given to someone. Tonight, the rules were thus... If a bullet played on an even number, Kal would have to take the penalty. If it fell on an odd number, Just Joe would have to take it, which is fitting, because Just Joe is certainly very odd, although, honestly, Kal is, too. If no bullet played, then Keith would get to decide who would take the punishment. And just what was the punishment I'm sure you are all asking? Either Just Joe, or Kal, would have to lie down on the floor, have a DVD player placed on top of them, and the girl Kal brought with him would pound on the DVD player with a giant hammer, and, of course, that means on the person lying under it, until the DVD player was broken. No Bullet. So Keith picked Kal, because of the crab. In fact, he wanted Kal to take off the crab hat, put it under the DVD player, so the crab would get hammered. See, Kal, what wearing stupid head wear can get you, Keith probably would have picked Just Joe, Just Joe has sat on his lap many times, if not for your crab. So the girl Kal brought with him repeatedly whacked the DVD player, the crab, excuse me, Lamar, and Kal, with the giant hammer. It took quite a few whacks to thoroughly break it. Then Just Joe started beating on Kal with the broken DVD player for stealing his contacts, and gluing stuff to his ceiling. Kal fought back with the broken DVD player, and they brawled. The girl Kal brought with him had brought a taser, and Just Joe got zapped with it. For a while, he appeared to be dead. Later on, he got knocked out with it again, and The girl tied his shoe laces together while he was out. There were two segments of Movie Time, with everybody participating at some point, well, everyone except for Just Joe, he hadn't seen any movies. He has now finished viewing the TV series "Lost", but now he is working his way through the TV series "Fringe". The last hour of the program was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...