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January 22, 2012 - Raven's Debut...

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Ayurveda "H. Luminous"

Just a Memory "Battlefield"
Trillium "Bow to the Ego"
Tornado "Ignorance is Thy Name"
Earthbound "The Slave"

Shining "The Madness and the Damage Done"
Pharoah "The Spider's Thread"
I Exist "Black Unicorn"
Alcest "Autre Temps"
Aborted "Our Father, Who Art of Feces" (R)

Hangman's Heart "The Blame"
The Devil's Blood "Cruel Lover" (R)
77 "Are You Ready for Rock 'n' Roll"
Static People "Bleed You"
Astral Doors "Pearl Harbor"

Worm Quartet "You Were Wrong Cabinet Sanchez"
JBO "Rocker's Creed"
Frank Turner "Nights Become Days"
Combat "This Place of Torn"
Saltillo "A Necessary End"

Drop Head "Drag Me Away"
Liverteer "That which is Not Given but Taken"
Hellcannon "Raiders of the Waste"
Birth AD "Equal Opportunity"
Iron Fire "Dreams of the Dead Moon"

Worm Quartet "Great Idea for a Song"
No Redemption "Kill to Forget"
Vestibules "Joe's Sex Shop"
Chainfist "Edge of the World"
Coldworker "Vacuum Fields"
Riotgod "Slow Death"

Just a Memory "Runaway"
Order of the Dead "What Humans Remain"
Burn Everything "Kenny Jihad"
Alekhine's Gun "Gutwrench"
The Objex "RSVP"

Hangman's Heart "Brody James - Live"
Ebony Sorrow "A Prayer without Faith"
Shear "Someone Else's Eyes"
Dead Icons "The Longer You Wait"
Charetta "Fighting Blind"

Worm Quartet "C is for Lettuce"
Worm Quartet "Getting Shot in the Face Sucks"
Worm Quartet "Dandelions Suck"
Worm Quartet "Wookie Weenie"
Worm Quartet "Yak Aquarium"
Worm Quartet "Corn"
Worm Quartet ""Call Me Jennifer and Steal My Stapler"
God Seed "Wound Upon Wound - Live"
Slasher "Hate"
Sulaco "Dingy Metropolis"
Majestic Downfall "The Blood Dance"

Nekrogoblikon "Bears"
Ana Kefr "In the House of Distorted Mirrors"
Hydrogen Jukebox / David Lawton "American Innovation"
Zeroking "Dead Rock Star"
Drophead "Fighting for Air"

Dead On "Beat a Dead Horse"
Cannibal Corpse "Buried in the Back Yard" (R)
Turbonegro "Hobbit Motherfuckers"
Guillotine "Crucifixion"
Sweet Cheater "Tear Out Your Heart"

Pyogenesis "Still Burn in Fire"
Crumbsuckers "Jimmies Dream"
Phantom "Queen of the Damned"
Jag Panzer "Sworn to Silence"
Deaf Dealer "Tribute to a Madman"

Hanoi Rocks "Up Around the Bend" (R)
Evildead "Sloe-Death"
Oliver Magnum "Silent Scream (Prelude to Death)"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Kal was there. He said he would have been there last week, but someone had stolen the fly wheel out of his car so it wouldn't work. Kal blamed Just Joe for this. Just Joe denied it, but he acted really suspicious, and his protests were not very believable. Azkath gave Just Joe a Joe Challenge. He had to try to get the girl Kal had brought with him into the basement. Just Joe did it easily by saying there was candy in the basement. Turns out, there really was candy in the basement, Just Joe came back extremely hyper active from eating all the candy. Later, Azkath played the music that makes Just Joe think that he's a porn star whenever he hears it. When it stops playing, he snaps out of it, and doesn't remember why he is naked, or why he is molesting people. Kal was dancing to the porn music, too, and was getting waaaay too into it, and he was never hypnotized to do so, so he has no excuse. Kal, you were enjoying, um, getting friendly with a naked Just Joe waaaay too much! What the hell is wrong with you!!?? Just Joe later said that strange things had been happening to him, he said someone kept gluing things to his ceiling, different stuff every day. He blamed Kal for this, seeing as how Kal had once glued all his windows and doors shut. Kal denied this, just as he had denied the doors and windows thing, but his protests don't sound very sincere either, and are not very convincing. There was a segment of Movie Time. Just Joe had actually seen a movie to contribute, but Kal had seen nothing. Why not, Kal, after all, you were stuck at home with a non functioning car, you should have had lots of time to watch movies. Probably he was busy gluing stuff to Just Joe's ceiling. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...