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January 15, 2012 - Jeff from Birth A.D.

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For a good portion of the night we had Jeff from Birth AD and Averse Sephira in studio with us...

LAW "Empirical Observations of Human Relationships with Implications for Evolution Theory"
Shear "Scorched"
Kartikeya "Mahayuga"
Careless "Blackened Walls of Freedom"

Drop Head "Fighting for Air"
Wykked Wytch "The Ultimate Deception"
Sodomizer "Let Satan Take Your Soul"
Oxxo Xoox "Lini"

Birth A.D. "This Scene Sucks"
Combat "Blessings from the Death Saint"
Static People "Bleed You"
Everything Went Black "Gods of Atlantis"
Anthrax "Armed and Dangerous"

Drop Head "Come Back to Me"
The YTriple Corporation "NML Dual Interaction"
The Sacrificed "Behold the Power of God"
RAM "Flame of the Tyrants"

Birth A.D. "Kill Everybody"
Temple "The Algol Planet"
Hellcannon "Sacrifice by Fire"
Divot "Amnesia"

Birth A.D. "Cause Problems"
Ava Inferi "The Living End"
Dead Icons "No Pain Goes Unpunished"
Slasher "Pray for the Dead"
The Objex "Retribution"

The Moor "Antikythera"
Thunderkraft "Dance of the Dead"

Earth A.D. "Blew Up the Embassy"
Averse Sefira "Viral Kinesis"
Ignitor "The Last King Tiger"
El Caco "Go Forward"
Consortium Project "The Ark (of the Covenant)"

Blood Ceremony "Into the Coven"
Nabaath "Black Ancient Forces"

Earthbound "Evil Under the Sun"
Charetta "Distraction"
Undergang "Old Man"
Kalibas "On With the Puppet Show"
Plecto Aliquiem Capite "Cemetary of the Deep"
Lay Siege "Glitches"

** Old School Hour **

Malteze "Rain"
Hanker "Far from the Cradle"
Ice Age "Making My Mark"
End of Man "Invocation of the Flesh"

Phantom "Turbocharged / Wolves at the Door"
Judas Priest "Breaking the Law"
Krokus "Long Stick Goes Boom"
Oz "Search Lights"
VoiVod "Blower"

Worm Quartet "Spatula - Live"
Vendetta "On the Road"
Pyogenesis "Lost in Revery"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Keith, the vocalist and bass player for the band Drop Head was there for the first few talk breaks. Tracks from his band's CD were played. They rock, is their website. Jeff, from the band Birth A.D., and Mike, from Pyramid Sound, the studio where Jeff's band is recording, were there for most of the night. This LE resembled more a talk show than a music one, as Jeff proved to be someone with a lot of interesting things to say. He could probably be a stand up comedian, he said a lot of very funny things about metal music, and did a lot of really funny impressions of metal musicians. Also, in the course of his conversation, he got the talk turned to politics and social issues and there were long discussions of those. Then there was a lengthy discussion on the music, and media industry, and their refusal to except the changing landscape for their products, and their trying to stop it, instead of learning to adapt to it and embrace it. And the state of music today was also discussed. Lots of tracks from Birth A.D.'s CD were played. They rock, is their website, and they are on facebook, myspace, and youtube. Also present for this LE were, Tim, Lance, and Rick from The Metallic Onslaught. Lance told us about his nightmare ride home with Tim a couple weeks ago. In their attempts to make Tim more manly, they have apparently broken him, whenever he is angry Tim, he completely changes. Most of the time he is himself, but when he is angry Tim... Lance said he had been driving like a maniac, and had even punched him in the mouth, punched Lance, his best friend, when he told him to take it easy and slow down. Rick said Tim had been fine when he drove him home last week. When Tim is himself, he doesn't remember what angry Tim did, so he denied what Lance was claiming. Lance did have a swollen lip, though, which would suggest that he was telling the truth. Tim said that he was going to warm up the car, he would be driving Lance and Rick home. He went out. Soon an angry sounding Tim kept shouting for them to come on already! Hurry up! Get out here! Now! Lance said that was exactly how he had sounded the night of the ride home from hell, and did not want to get in the car with him. They told him Rick would be there, Rick could take Tim, and protect Lance if need be. So they left, and I guess we shall hear how they fared at some point. There were three segments of Movie Time with Tim, Lance, and Rick participating in the first one. Just Joe had seen no movies this week, he finished watching the TV series "Lost". Foul Mouth Girl contributed two movies to the last segment. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...