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January 8, 2012 - What is up with Tim?

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Static People "Save the Worst"
Nightwish "I Want My Tears Back"
Combat "Age of Dischord"
Antropofago "Panic Room"

The YTriple Corporation "Enemy Engagement"
Destroy the Evidence "Emulex / Citadel"
Oxxo Xoox "Ama"
Blood Mortalized "Shadow of the Quarter Sun"

Forgotten Souls "Dustwalker"
Kenos "Lysergic Spyral"
Mike (A)! "Family Tree"
Burn Everything "Because Airports and Hospitals"
11th Hour "Bury Me"

The Dreadnaughts "Knife to the Eye"
Replacire "Price to Pass"
Saltillo "A Necessary End"
Scythe of Dante "Wake Up"
Face to Face "Bombs Away"
The Devil's Blood "The Madness of Serpents"

Nabaath "(Doom to the Darkness)"
Nekromantheon "Coven of the Minotaur"
Nuclear Bubble Wrap "Disney Song"
Reign of Vengeance "As Seen on TV"
We Die Tonight "Best Dressed in Blasphemy"

Where She Wept "A Dangerous Neglect"
Frank Turner "One Foot Before the Other"
Munruthel "The Temple of the Skull"
My Ruin "Highly Explosive"
Disguise "I Am Alone"

Eat a Helicopter "Maggot Mouth"
Hammerhorde "Riders of Annihilation"
Hydrogen Jukebox with the Ne'redowells "Karl Roulston: Dig Me When the Dirt Dies"
Beehler "Organized Mayhem"

Arhideus "Electric Butterflies"
Iron Fire "Enter Oblivion"
Power Salad "Corned Beef and Cabbage"
Immolith "Torch of Baphomet"
Exxplorer "The Vengenace"

Cathedral "Open Mind Surgery"
Iron Maiden "Sanctuary (Friday Rock Show 1979)" (R)
Elitist "Cult Malevolence"
Attitude Adjustment "Satan's God"
Devo Spice "I Am the Doctor"

Joe Thrasher "Out for Blood"
Vore "Throne to the Wolves"
Legions of Crows "Bullshit Acres"
The MFC Dragon Slayer Project "Let's Unite in Rock"
Black Sabbath "Snowblind" (R)
Ookla the Mok "Go to Bed"

Matrikhore "Melting"
Primal Fear "Good Guys Wear Black"
One-Eyed Doll "Syvia"
Metalian "Wasteland"
Mollo / Martin "Cirque Du Freak"

Ritual "Drowning in the Sea"
Spellblast "In the Name of Odin"
The Kandidate "Beyond the Mind, Sleep You'll Find"
Ozzy Osbourne "Diary of a Madman" (R)

Flatbacker "Cut Me Dead"
Watchtower "The Eldritch"
Savage Blade "Silver Ghost"
Vendetta "Brain Damage (Live)
Motorhead "I Ain't No Nice Guy" (R)

Ice Age "Making My Mark"
Salem's Wych "Time Is No More"
Maniac "Bell of Doom"
Dangerous Toys "Demon Bell (The Ballad of Horace Pinker)" (R)
Dagger's Edge "Cloak and Dagger"

Alice Cooper "Gail / Roses on White Lace" (R)

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Tim was there, as was Rick from The Metallic Onslaught, Adam, Nikki, and Kyle. Adam got repeatedly hit in the face with a cookie sheet by Nikki, 'til he was totally down and out, and seeing stars, lots and lots of stars. There were three segments of Movie Time, with everyone participating in various ones. There were some discussions of the paranormal, along with some good suggestions to be checked out if you are interested in it. Azkath had a ton of new music, so much he didn't think he could fit it all in in one show, even a six hour one, so a lot of very cool new music was played. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour, and, for that, Azkath had some really cool, hard to find selections... Also, last week, Lance had been severely traumatized by having Just Joe's scrotum in his face. Then Tim, but not girlie Tim, manly, angry, Jerk Tim had taken him home, as they had driven there together. Tim had said he was going to do more things to please Satan, angry Tim had been brought out because he had also been humped by Just Joe, although Lance had definitely gotten the worst of that experience! Tim had called in again, just like when he had left on Christmas, also saying he was going to please Satan, cackling maniacally, and Lance was screaming for help. Lance was not there tonight, but Azkath said he had spoken with him... He said Lance said Tim had been driving at like a hundred and ten miles an hour, that he was not only texting on his own phone while he was doing that, but that he also grabbed Lance's phone to call in on, so he was on two phones, he was throwing stuff left and right out of the car, and he was trying to throw Lance out of the car. So poor Lance had a really horrible night that night, first getting tea bagged by Just Joe, which is bad enough to scar one for life all on it's own, and then enduring the ride home from hell with angry Tim. When Tim is his girlie self, like he was tonight, he doesn't remember the stuff he does when he is angry Tim. He said he thought he might have possibly been going just a tad, like maybe two miles, if even that over the speed limit, and he speculated that perhaps Lance was only traumatized because of what had happened to him before they left, the Just Joe thing. So Tim is like our version of The Incredible Hulk... Don't make him angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry!