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January 1, 2012 - Russian Roulette

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This show was mostly random, the computer picked the songs...  When certain songs happened, bad things happened to various people on the show.

Waltari "Move"
Forgotten Silence "Chapter II: The White Oceans (Days, Weeks, Months...)"
Ava Inferni "((ghostlights))"
End of Man "Blood Betrayal"

Exodus "Brain Dead"
Pretty Maids "We Came to Rock"
Cauldron "Rapid City, Unchained Assault"
Skinny Puppy "Worlock"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Lucy Fears the Morning Star"

Ghoul "Metallicus Ex Mortis"
Fight "Nailed to the Gun"
Integrity "Vocal Test"
Bloodbath "Breeding Death"
Nitro "Cat Scratch Fever"

Oz "Turn the Cross Upside Down"
Black Labeled "Miserable Rotting Corporate Fucks"
VoiVod "Fuck Off and Die"
Blood Feast "Face Fate"
The Great Kat "Hungarian Rhapsody #2"

Sound Barrier "Gladiator"
Dufus "Monkey Crusader"
Vader "Hell Awaits - Live"

Black Sabbath "Iron Man" (R)

Master "Brain Dead"
Dr. Know "War Theater"
Masada "Self Destruct"
Bassinvaders "Eagle Fly Free"

Divot "Second Opinion"
Hitman "Metal Sport"
The Rods "Too Hot to Stop" (R)
The Quiet Room "Your Hate"
The Great Kat "Flight of the Bumblebee"

Shotgun Messiah "Rain"
Extremetory Grindfuckers "Metal"
The great Luke Ski "Bacon"

Disillusion "Alone I Stand in Fire"
Avenged Sevenfold "Eternal Rest"
Persephone "Immersion"
Viking "Hell is for Children"

Insane Clown Posse "Another Love Song"
The Lobster Quadrille "Heavenly Host - Live"
Lullabye Arkestra "Euroshima"
The Iron Maidens "Wasted Years" (R)

Rota Temporis "In Incipit"

The Gathering "Third Chance"
Eisegen "Fahles Rob"
The Exploited "Jesus is Dead" (R)
Anvil "Forged in Fire - Live" (R)
Hypocrisy "Evil Invaders"(R)

Lake of Tears "Headstones" (R)
Overkill "Electro-Violence"
Pus "Bouncing Scrotums"
Faster Pussycat "You're So Vain" (R)
Manowar "Blood of the Kings"

Anacrusis "Vital"
Death Angel "Mistress of Pain" (R)
Ratt "Lay It Down"
Crappy the Clown "Closing Time"

Queensryche "Roads to Madness"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Once again, something happened that only occurs every 5 or 6 years. Last week, LE, and Christmas Day both began at midnight, and so now, New Years Day and LE did the same. It was a Russian Roulette Show. All night the computer would randomly pick songs, and, every time a bullet, that is, a cheesy '80's song, any over played song, covers, Christmas songs, or weird songs, played, The Wheel Of Satan would be spun, and it would command that something be done to someone. And then it would pick to whom it would happen, and who would get to do it... Rick, Randy, and Lance, all from The Metallic Onslaught, were there, as were Little Gorgar, Adam, and, Kal. Tim got to hammer Lance with The Giant Hammer, only he wasn't very good at it, so Azkath took the hammer and beat the crap out of Lance to show Tim how it should be done. Tim and Randy went into the basement, and got Idosed, which meant they listened to sounds for a long time, that alter your brain waves, and make you do strange things. Randy came back screaming that there were spiders all over him, so they hit him with stuff, to knock them off, of course. Tim was just acting kind of loopy, and he finally told us what had happened the week before, when he had rushed out, saying he was going to please Satan, and then had called in screaming and cackling maniacally. He said he had done some truly evil stuff, he had gone 30 miles an hour in a school zone. Of course, school was closed and there were no children, it being 3:00 on Christmas Day. He also said he had broken the top off of a soda can, so it could not be recycled, and torn the "Do Not Remove" tags off the mattress on his bed, and he had rolled into a handicapped parking space, and sat there for a whole minute, and had seriously considered going into the store and making his purchase, while still parked there, and, he had done 30 miles an hour through a yellow light. There was probably more, but Azkath told him to stop, that he didn't think Tim was helping himself at all here. Tim said that he just hoped he could be forgiven. Adam got a lap dance on the barbed wire board from Just Joe. The screams were quite something. After, when asked which was worse, the barbed wire, or Just Joe, he said definitely Just Joe. Then Adam got the belly crunch, he got crushed between Randy's and Rick's bellies. Adam said he thought a few ribs had been broken. There was a lift the anvil contest, among Rick, Randy, and, Just Joe. Amazingly, Just Joe won that, although, he kind of impaled himself on the anvil, so he got to pick a song, after he had recovered sufficiently  enough to do so. Then it was Just Joe humps everyone. Just Joe's Hugging Music played, only now it was his Humping Music, and it was much faster for some reason, and he humped everyone. He Humped Tim and Lance together, and Lance got Just Joe's scrotum in his face. Lance was severely traumatized, quite understandably, and was curled up in the corner crying. Tim was now manly Tim again, and was furious that he had had to endure such treatment. he said he was leaving, that he was going to do more things to please Satan. He took the still traumatized Lance with him. A while later, they called in, and Tim was cackling maniacally again, and Lance was screaming for help. Azkath hung up on them, saying that, after last week, he knew there was nothing anyone could do. Poor Lance hadn't been there in at least a year, and I am sure he is sorry he didn't just keep it that way. The wheel said Demon's pick. Azkath picked Kal to get his hand shut in a rat trap. Kal's screams were also quite something. Just Joe made the mistake of saying something about Kal's hat helping, so Azkath put Kal's hat on Just Joe, and slammed his fingers in the trap. The hat was no help, Just Joe screamed in agony. There was a chop contest, Azkath and Foul Mouth Girl each chopped Rick to see who did it better. Rick was asked to pick. It was tough, he said they were about the same, but finally he went with Foul Mouth Girl, her chop made more noise, so she got to pick a song. Once again, tough Rick did not make a sound, or react, to the chops. Then it was everybody dance. Everyone danced to what sounded like Viking music. It inspired violence, Just Joe and Randy were fighting with the hammer and a sign. Then it was catch the anvil, Azkath threw it to Just Joe, who didn't want to, but caught it, sort of, and then it fell on him. Just Joe said he thought he had a few broken ribs, and needed to go to the hospital. Azkath told him he would be fine. Mark Anbinder, a long time WVBR personality, was there for a little while. His name was not in the bullet list, but he did do some unintentional gymnastics with the anvil. Azkath shut Kal's fingers in the rat trap again, because Kal used the expression "sending a shout out", and Azkath said there was no shouting, but that he knew how to fix that. Since the shout out was to me, sorry, Kal, and thank you. There were three segments of Movie Time throughout the night, with everyone participating in different ones... And thus went The New Years Show. It was a night filled with mayhem, brutality, hilarity, and, disgusting and disturbing stuff...