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March 3, 2013 - 2CW Visits

Background: The Jupiter Menace Soundtrack
Darkthrone "Come Warfare, The Entire Doom"
Hatchet "Silenced by Death"
Cold Steel "Ashes to Ashes"
ASKA "Legion"
Blood Tsunami "In the Dungeon of the Rats"
Finntroll "Nar Jattar Marschera"
Raped Ape "Voice of Reason"
Replacire "Circles"
Six Feet Under "Alive to Kill You"
Necrocurse "The Devil Cobra"
Arkona "Leshiy"
Burden My Surrender "A Mind Invasion"
In Vain "Culmination of the Enigma"
Rotting Christ "Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy"
Vortex "The Illusionists"
Saxon "Sacrifice"
Mourning Beloveth "Theories of Old Bones"
Shadows Past "Cry No More"
My Endless Wishes "Cry for Deliverance"
Mortillery "Seen in Death"
Lord "Betrayal Blind"
Thyrfing "Fordom"
Motorhead "Killed by Death" (R)
Within the Ruins "Solace"
Krokus "Hallelujah Rock n' Roll"
Fabricant "Terror Gland"
Black Sabbath "Children of the Grave" (R)
Exorbitance "Essence of Greed"
Grief of Emerald "Where Tears are Born"
Hemlock "Vendetta"
The Nefilim "Penetration"
Dark Woods My Betrothed "Inside the Circle of Stones"
The Nefilim "Red 777"
Agathodaimon "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
Battlelore "The Great Gathering"
Neaera "Spearheading the Spawn"
Devo Spice "Companion Application"
Stryper "Bleeding from the Inside Out"
October Falls "Snakes of the Old World"
Voodoo Circle "Graveyard City"
Toranaga "Psychotic"
China Town "When We Rock"
Skyclad "Great Blow for a Day Job"
SGM "Blow Job" (R)
Lizzy Borden "Notorius"
Armored Saint "Long Before I Die" (R)
Cities "Burn Forever"
Witching "Let Us Drown" (R)
Cinderella "Night Songs"
Kane Roberts "Rock Doll"
Laaz Rockit "Euroshima"
Peter Buffet "Thunderbird"
Paradise Lost "As I Die"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Some wrestlers and some promotional  people from 2CW, a local, independent wrestling company, were there for about the first half of the program. They were interviewed, and promoted upcoming events. One of the wrestlers chopped Just Joe. They are an awesome company, if you are into wrestling, which, if you aren't, you should be, just not the WWE crap! is their website, and you can find them on facebook and twitter. Present were, Just Joe, as I mentioned, and, Eric, the bass player for the band Ire Clad. Russian Roulette was played. If a bullet played, Just Joe would have to throw Eric in the snow. If no bullet, then he wouldn't have to. No bullet. There were segments of Movie Time. The last hour was The Old School Hour...