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February 24, 2013 - Paranormal Conversations and More...



Ancient Wisdom "Lost Civilization"
Raven Lord "Let the Show Go On"
Blackshine "Soul Confusion"
Chambers of Insanity "Blood Stained Land"
Coprofago "The Inborn Mechanics"

Coldsteel "You Lose"
Finntroll "Blodsvept"
Goatcraft "Everything Will Die"
Spiritus Mortis "Leave Me"
Hazy Hamlet "Field of Crosses"

Haiduk "Maelstrom"
Cowardice "23 Towers / I Am Depression"
Darkthrone "Dead Early"
Eye of Solitude "Painstained"
Local H "They Saved Reagan's Brain"

Helloween "Make Fire Catch the Sky"
Hypocrisy "End of Disclosure"
Hatchet "Signals of Infection"
Havenside "Dreamkiller"
Havoc Theory "Out of Exile"
Kix "Midnight Dynamite - Live"

VoiVod "Artefact"
My Endless Wishes "Waiting for a Sign"
Neaera "The Deafening / Ours is the Storm"
Russkaja "Barada"
Seven Year Existence "Day of Black"

The Porridgeface "Fire Fear Flames"
Until We are Ghosts "Never Above, Never Below, Always Beside"
Unbreakable Hatred "Total Chaos"
Twelve Foot Ninja "Coming for You"
Sir Reg "'Til the Dead Come Alive"
Worm Quartet "The Internet is a Big Warm Hug for the World"

Screamer "Slavegrinder"
Out for Revenge "Sacred Ground"
Bloodshoteye "Mourning in Silence"
Brawl "Betrayed"
Trivium "Detonation" (R)

Vindicator "End Dependence / Divided We Stand... United We Fall"

Birth A.D. "No, Man"
Mustache "Morning Star"
Tornado "Massive Extinction Impact"
ASKA "Her Ghost Remains"

Lethal Aggression "We are Disease"
Oceans of Slumber "God in Skin"
Exorbitance "Beneath the Storm"
KMFDM "Quake"
M.O.R.G. "Dark Pain"
Saltillo "Gatekeepers"

Anthrax "Anthem"
Devo Spice "The Geeks Come Out at Night"
Black Mass "Mountain of Skulls"
Beg for Life "Gone"
Blood of God "Tower of Shadows"
HART "Lick You Up"

Surrounded by Monsters "Ask Mr. Owl"

Banshee "We Want You"
Phantom "Dead of Night"
SGM "Blow Job"
The Witching "Rock n' Roll"

Skyclad "Civil War Dance"
The Clan Destined "A Beautiful Start to the End of the World"
Therion "Eye of Shiva"

Oz "Fire in the Brain"
Hear 'n Aid "Stars"
Sacred Child "Chariots of Fire"
Virgin Black "Walk Without Limbs"

The Plankboys "Drinking Song from the Tomb"
Riot "Storming the Gates of Hell"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
On Azkath's interview program, which airs right before LE, at 11:00, P.M., "Where Did The Road Go?", Azkath interviewed Robert Schoch, about ancient lost civilizations, and the sun's effects on psychic phenomena. It was very interesting. It went an extra half hour, which meant that LE began a half an hour late, because there was so much fascinating stuff to talk about. 

Present for LE was, Eric, the bass player for the band Ire Clad. Topics were discussed throughout the night like, Coast To Coast A.M., the Pope's resignation, the LA Pd's former officer who killed people, and then was hunted down and killed by the LA PD. There were several segments of Movie Time. The last hour was The Old School Hour...